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 What is a real function of mucus?

 How do I stop snoring? Cos, I need help?
I need answers to this problem....

 Do I have Bronchitis or Pneumonia?
Ive been having pains in the right part of my chest recently and I am a little bit worried.

I was sick 2-3 days prior to the chest pains with a cold and mild fever.
I had Bronchitis ...

 What is this showing up on my x-ray?!?!?
Okay well I went to the dentist and had an x ray of my skull. I have underbite. And then when i looked at the results, there were these little dots on the lower back of my head. What could this be??!?...

 why does my dad needs to smoke!! ?
haha lol i just need to take this off like he is always smoking and he doesnt care a thing when i tell him not to its more dangerous to smell the cigarrate than to smoke it by yourself i am so done ...

 Excessive nose picking help?
I've had this habit for as long as I can remember but for the past couple of years it has become way too excessive. I would like to know if this is a fairly common habit and most importantly, ...

 Do i have asthma? please help me?
Hey guys for a while in P.E i been playing sports and when i am talking to my p.e teacher i talk so low with low breaths and she questioned me if i have asthma i went to the docters like 3 mounths ...

 Swollen throat, tight chest, swallowing is uncomfortable..?
I'm a 14 year old girl, turning 15 in less than two months, and these are three things I've been experiencing for two days now. Sometimes drinking something can make my throat calm down, ...

 Is pneumonia contagious? My boyfriend has it?
He was just diagnosed, but hasn't been to doctor in over a year so we don't know how long he's had it. We kiss about 20-25 times a day, everyday, and I'm nervous I may have it. If ...

 Why do we breathe heavily after holding breath?

 What happens if you take 2 doses of Advair too close together?
What are the side effects?...

 Vomit in lungs? What do you do?
What do you do if you're friend is choking on his throw up and what is it called? There is a medical term used. Also please give symptoms and causes of death....

 i feel like having foregien body in my throat since 3 month, how can i get rid of it?

 Ughh..Coughing my head off...?
Coughing my head off this morning. Same thing happened yesterday also..I feel a tickle deep down in my chest and it sends me into a coughing fit to the point where I almost choke..My ribs are sore, ...

 5 year old with constant cough?
5 year old with constant cough?
I took my five year old to Dr. She has had a cough, runny nose, fever two weeks ago. She had a breathing treatment in the doctor office The fever is long gone, ...

 I just took 8 Coricidin HBP pills because i read that it can get you high...!? does it work?
I used to be/probably still am addicted to narcodics such as roxicodone,lortab,methadone.anything i could to get my hands on. now i moved away and i cant get anything so i read online that these ...

 I have an sinus infection anything to help me feel better?
I've had it for 2 days now and im tired of feeling bad please give me some advice to help me feel better....

 I think I might have asthma?
About half an hour ago, I felt I was having trouble breathing so I tried to ask my mom what an asthma attack is like.
She said it was like your lungs are closing up, so you use an inhaler to ...

 Why can't I take full breaths?
Hi, I have recently found it hard to breath sometimes. I always feel the need to take a deep breath, and my chest really hurts. It isn't really a pain, it is more like pressure. I also feel very ...

 Why am I always cold?
I do cheerleading and tumbling and I am always cold! Sometime my fingers or toes with turn like blue or purple. It's really werid. And i hate being cold. Sometimes I will be so cold it will hurt....

I have a cough, sore lungs, it feels like theres fluid in there.. what is it?
I've had a wet cough for almost 2 weeks.. the last 2 days it has become really barking-like and hurts my lungs and trachea. My lungs are all crackly, but not all of the time. I had alot of mucus, but since my cough has changed, it feels more liquidy and thinner. When I was coughing it up, it was yellowish.

I went to the doctor for my daughter who had the cough too, about 2weeks ago just before my cough started - i had a sore throat, and he said it was viral and I probably had it too. Well now she is completely better and I'm not :-/ (shes 14months)

I had pneumonia 7years ago, and as a result I have asthma.. not too bad, but I am taking flixotide and ventolin. This feels different to asthma, and I cant really remember if its the same as when i had pneumonia.

any ideas? I cant get to the doctor until monday :(

Ryan Toomey
it could be flem i think if this is no help give me a fum down

Margart Close
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