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 What are good stretches for upper back pain ?
For about a few weeks I've been experiencing strong upper back pains. At nights it is so difficult to sleep cuz it feels like a have a needle stabbed. I've googled solutions, but tutorials ...

 aspirin can cause stomache upset. what about low dose chewable childrens aspirin?
if you take low dose chewable aspirin right after a full meal will it cause stomache problems like regular aspirin?...

 I took pain killers for three months and didn't get addicted, why not?
I have always been told that these pills are highly addictive, but i just stopped taking them. I had to have them for a surgery. Even though i was still in a little bit of pain, I noticed after a ...

 Chest Pain Issues at age of 18?
I have been sick for almost week, which includes vommiting and sore throat as main symptoms of this sickness.. Now I woke from my sleep with sharp pains in the middle of my chest. It hurts so bad to ...

 How to rid of chest pain?
I get it mostly in the mornings, but mostly whenever I stretch. I'm having conditioning this semester and I really don't want it to bother me. It makes things hard =/ Taking deep breaths ...

 i need help, my head hurts?
Ok i narrowed it down i think! I am a 28 year old male who gets these dull pains in the back of my head and when i make love (* this is the 2nd time this has happen*) when i climax i get a migrane, ...

 is it natural to feel sick if your appendix are inflamed ?
yesterday morning around 7 i woke up with sharp pains in my lower right side of my stomach and it hurt to move and it put me in tears,but it settled down but it still hurts when i move around or move ...

 Does anyone know if rubbing alcohol,or peroxide helps With ear drainage and pain?
I't was very painful other day day I felt a huge pain then it popped and yellowish/slightly red liquid came out I was like agh felt a little better,but having trouble hearing,so I'put ...

 My calve hurts really bad for no reason?
It just hurts so much on the inner part and I don't think I strained it. The only thing I could think of that hurt it was going to the mall for an hour or so yesterday walking in uggs. But I'...

 Height increase after scoliosis correction?
I am male, 20 years old and I have just been x-rayed confirming I have scoliosis. I currently stand at 5'4". I've had scoliosis for about 5 years now and I just started correcting it. <...

 what could be causing these pains in my head?
i keep getting these pains in my head, its always a sharp pain behind my right eye, i only get any pain on the right side, NEVER the left, it also causes nausea, but that only lasts a few hours,while ...

 My right tricep hurts? 5 POINTS!?
I have been doing pushups every night for 3 months. I usually do a minimum of around 60-80, but if i really push myself until i collapse, I can do 100. Ive done 100 pushups twice thus far, the first ...

 why is my right side around the lower rib cages hurt so bad?
i've had really bad stomach pains before but this seems new. it only hurts on my right side.

all i can think of that may have caused this pain all i had to eat yesterday was angel ...

 How do I get over this biggest feeling in my heart once a girl hurt me? Im done feeling pain.?
Heres the story... Im now 17 and last year i feel absouletly in love with a girl that I have never felt with any other girl. This was the first girl I felt without saying to my friend "Dude I ...

 lower right stomach pain!?!?
Okay, when I look down it's on my right. I have this sharp pain in my right lower stomach/abdominal area. Starting an hour ago. I don't think it has anything to do with period. (I'm 15 ...

 I have pain where my liver is located. What could be wrong?
I've had pain in my right side for a long time. It's sharp pain. I looked it up, and it's exactly where my liver is. I overdosed on meds when I was 14 and never got it checked out, and ...

 Does anyone know the names of some common prescription painkillers in the 1980's?
Just doing some research and surprisingly, wikipedia had nothing to say!...

 Can you overdose on just one extra sleeping pill?
I took one unisom sleeping pill about an hour ago.. still cant sleep... So i took an extra half pill. You dont think thats too bad right? Weight 160...

 Sore throat, ear hurts, tounge feels like its burning? help please im in pain!?
So i got sick about a week ago and my throat hurted so bad to swallow, chew, talk, breathe, spit. I went to the doctors they told me to buy halls, so i did, and the halls didn't help, then my ...

 Bleeding when i urinate and having BAD pain in abdoman area?
Yeah got up this morning with a really bad pain in my Lower Stomach thought maybe i was going to start my period but when i added my days up that wouldnt be right time for my period to be here so i ...

what is stronger tramadol er or Tylenol 3?

Tramadol is probably a lot stronger. Tramadol also has a lot less acetaminophen and is a synthetic opiate. Tramadol will also be a lot easier on your stomach. If you have to eat 3 or 4 tylenol 3's it's going to eat your stomach up because of all of the acetaminophen...but eating 3 or 4 tramadol will help you to feel good and take the pain away. Although one of the side effects of tramadol is nausea it is very mild though and goes away. Tramadol will definitely help you with whatever your pain is an relax you for a good night sleep. Tramadol is an synthetic opiate so of course its going to be stronger.

Deep Thinker
Tramadol is a synthetic analog of codeine and Tylenol 3 actually contains codeine.

Eric G
Tramadol is stronger but that doesn't mean it will be more effective for you. I found a very helpful article about Tramadol here... http://chronicpainfacts.com/tramadol.html

Good luck to you!

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