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 My ankles are kinda...sore lately?
So this has been going on for about a week now. I don't really know how to describe it. They don't exactly...hurt, but they feel like I need to be stretching them constantly. If that makes ...

 my big toe hurts.help!?
my big toe started hurt a few days ago.it hurts alittle bit.it hurts at the edge of the big toe.i think it is sore but i don't know.it is not swellion (sp).it doesn't hurt when i walk.it ...

 what can you use to stop a headache?

 how long should a cold last for?
i have a running nose and a cough and my throat hurt a lil bit can i take robitussin diphedryl and motion together or wait 10 Min's after each ...

 i just pierced the top of my ear today....?
i pierced the top of my ear myself, and have read that alot of stuff that can go wrong like your face can get paralised :S it was fine doing it and i heated the needle with a lighter. i also put some ...

 Why do I have back pain @ 13?
When I bend down(like to touch my toes) my back hurts.... I have not been in any accidents. The pain comes and goes..... help!!!!!!!...

 My head hurts when I shake it?
On Saturday I hit my head really hard when I was tubing. I sorta blacked out for like a second but I didn't really think much of it. I'm only 15 and I didn't really have any memory ...


 Nose pericing care and pain wise?
I want to get a nose percing when Im 14 but Im not sure the care and if its hard. Would it be hard to take care of, and does it hurt?...

 ummm...some problem with my hand?
ok yesterday i was practicing violin and my wrist suddenly hurt so bad i couldnt move it for like an hour or so....wuts wrong?????????...

 I think i might have broken a bone.?
well i went roller blading at this place, but i fell. on my knee. not my knee cap but right below that like the top of the shin bone. very tippy top where when you bend your knee you can touch it. it ...

 What time do you go to bed & wake up?

 How is a headache caused?
Is it caused because of something going on in your brain like with your brain cells or is it something else?...

 can i help ease the pain in a cats menstrural cycle?

 I feel dizzy when I stand up?
Everytime I stand up I get really dizzy. My vision gets all blurry and I feel like I'm going to fall. After it passes I feel like I'm going to puke. What's wrong with me?...

 Chronic severe back and leg pain? I dont do any strenuouse activities, It gets so bad i cry at night.?
The right side of my upper back gets a severe burning sensation, my neck gets the same feeling to, my lower and mid back feels like i have knives going in and out of my back. At the same time my legs ...

 Pain in Lower back??
Ok my lower back has been hurting n its worse today whats wrong. on vacation two weeks ago it was hurting. what is wrong??...

 Some mornings, I feel like I've been punched in the chin?
As far as I know, I'm not a restless sleeper but there have been mornings when I feel like I had been in a fight the night before. This morning I woke up and my chin, jaw, neck and side hurt. I ...

 My mom stabbed me in the back with a fork! Help?
Im 16 and my mom and i argue everyday. Today i was cooking lunch and we were arguing so she got really mad. Out of nowhere she takes a fork and stabs me in the back of my shoulder. It went in about 4 ...

 Can a Pharmacist deny you, your prescription?
Well let me start by saying I live in the state of FLORIDA, ust incase in varies in each state.

Anyhow, in May I found out that i had a blocked tube in my kidney which lead to a ...

it feels like there is something stuck in my throat?
i have no problem swallowing and i am in no pain, on the left side of my throat it just feels like something is stuck there, when i eat or drink the irritation goes away then after i have eaten it comes back,if i clear my throat it relieves it for a bit but then the feeling comes back, it is so annoying, i have a hospital appointment in 5 weeks, they are going to look down my throat, i am very worried, apart from this i am in good health and i don't feel unwell. does any one have any ideas what this could be.

SORRY I DONT KNOW.............

I have the same thing. It's like a pimple on my tonsil that my Dr. tells me it nothing to worry about. It comes and goes, opens up I guess, (yuck, I know.) If you're worried about the test procedure let the technicians know, if you're worried about the test results talk to your Dr. Maybe they'll give you something to calm you down.

yeah it's good that u've made an appointment, well that happens to my brother, n my mom (she's a doctor) looked thru it, and guess what? it's just some food stuck in there. he was eatin a prawn so yeah, that happens. but yeah, just go check up with a doctor. :)

You could tell them that your scared, and they might provied you med whcih makes you loopy, the dentise provided me that med and it worked like a charm

I think it mignht b ur adams apple...not shure tho

I had this not long ago. Doctor said that it was just a sore lump which has accumulated in my throat, due to not chewing my food properly lol. Anyway, after a while it should go away, just drink plenty of warm water. x

could be a little cyst or just inflamation. but you will get yr answer in 5 weeks i guess. if it gets painful you will be seen quicker i guess, good luck :)

I had the same thing and had to have an endoscopy,through which they discovered i have acid reflux.The acid actually scars the throat and you do feel like there's a lump that you want physically pull out.I,m on tablets now and the problem has gone,but have to avoid ,acid or fatty foods.Hope this helps

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