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 5 weeks ago i sprang my ankle, now the doc says the MRI told him its fractures]d;, what will they do to it?
now that i know it fractured and we thought it was sprang the whole time; what do you think they will do to it?...

So here it goes?... I have the weirdest arm pits ever... After using pespire X (deodrant) my arm pits went really lumpy! I stoped using the stuff aabout a year and a half ago but the havn't ...

 what is the best thing to do for a stiff neck?
the right side of my neck is so stiff i cant look to the right , from painting all day yesterday . whats the best thing to do for a stiff neck ?...


 What could be causing this pain?!?
im only 14 and have extreme chest pain that comes in cycles. it happens about every 30 seconds and its from the bottom of my chest to about my throat. it only lasts a few seconds but hurts very bad. ...

 what is the difference in hydrocodone 7.5-325 and 7.5-750?

 How can I stop this pain?
I've had an ingrown toenail before on the big toe of my left foot, and had an operation where the doctor removed the sides of the nail. That operation cost $225 and wasn't covered by health ...

 Should i hurt myself??
I am mad at the world and want to know if i should turn emo....

 my chest hurts when i brethe in and my upper back is killing me?
my chest hurts when i brethe in and my upper back is killing me can you tell me what it is i am 13 and i am like a lil overweight but i hounestly dont think that is what it is i need help :( haha i ...

 HELPPP!!! I cant move my neck in any direction!?
if i do it is the most pain i have ever felt in my life. I just woke up and started screaming from the pain, it's been 2 hours and i want to cry, and i never cry....

 Why is my back hurting me?
i have pain in my lower back when i walk and bend. also when i lay down and get up it hurts worse! i've never had back problems before, im 14. so whats wrong with it?...

 my bones hurt all over?

 What can i do to relive arthritis in the wrist?
What could i do without using medication? my hands aren't stiff but they hurt.? BTW i'm 12. I DO have it. doctor. no lotions or creams just like home ...

 I just took like 10 ibuprofen pills?
what could happen??? i took em like 2 hours ago btw!!...

 What piercing hurts more?
I was just wondering what hurts more when you first get it done: Snake bites or Angle bites? thanks....

 Is my headache just tension or a migraine? Does anyone have any quick fixes for a headache?
Before bed I got a really bad headache which hurt mostly in the front of my head i decided to go to bed then I got horrible belly aches....I don't know if it is just stress/tension or migraines, ...

 Legs hurt after working out?
I had gym yesterday and we did leg work-outs for 2 hours straight,non-stop. My legs are killing me right now,and I can barely sit down and stand up. Do I need to work out and loosen the muscles or ...

 i ate a mcdonalds biscet & my stomach started hurting SO bad?
why?! :( it felt like it somebody got my stomach and twisted it for a sec....

 I have a faint chest pain and a faint pain in my left shoulder almost like in the bone itself, when I inhale?
I kinda feel like when I take a deep breath that I almost come short of breath. What could this bee?...

 What are some home remedies for treating a canker sore?
I've had one on my tongue since Monday or Tuesday and it still isn't gone. It hurts like crazy too. I can't even eat or talk without it hurting. Does anyone know what are good ways to ...

Maritza G
Why does the back of my head hurt, and neck and shoulders?
what do u think helps more hot or cold bag on my head? i'm 24...... i'm 24......

REASON: may be due to less sleep, sometime cervical rib too causes this pain but it is associated, with numbness in finger during sleep, but in your case, anxiety and tension looks more logical. try to sleep peacefully and if you wake up early in the morning as a routine then tension is the underlying cause. Remember pain at the base of skull and associated with pain in neck and pain on both sides of neck or shoulder with stiffness is due to tension and anxiety. TREATMENT: any off the counter muscle relaxant, good night sleep will help, or try Tylenol. any pain medicine should always be taken with food. aspirin is a good choice but i never recommends this, but the choice is yours. Sometime a slow massage along with hot or cold packs is recommended, sometime its soothing, always consult your family physician,or you pharmacist who have all your record of drug allergies. NOTE: please always consult your doctor who can check you physically, and since i have not examined you physically i have given you bookish knowledge.

Dumb ass
looks like your exposed to radio wave a lot back of head usually function in vision and neck and shoulder happen because of sitting down one place without stretch everyone hour of sitting down front of computer please look far away and stretch if that dosen't work you have spine cord misplace you need to go see doctor for that x.x you have to careful if your going to use hot pad incase if you get infected it going to cause huge problem usually hot pad is for bones cold pad is for muscle so you don't want to risk using hot pad before talk to doctor just keep in mind that there is more than 3000000 of virus and bacteria that doctor can't cure and every year there is 80 000 people die in north america because of infection

HIHI karin =] no duh
warm bag. you didnt not give me a clue how old you are. but in your periods. you will have unexpected pains also when you sleep. i HIGHLY suggest a foam matress. also when you sleep. make your your pillow is nice and comporting if you crack your back and fingers. i suggest your STOP. and u.. if you are a side sleeper. make sure you have a pillow that mets from your shouldter to head perfectly you should also exercise more =P and yoga might be good

Catherine Someone
Hot relaxs. Cold tenses. So hot. I have been having the same problems. take a hot shower and use a heating pad or blanket on your back

Hot bag deffo. Cold will just tense your muscles up and make things worse. Not too hot though just nice and warm like a hot water bottle.

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