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 :[ i hurt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! can you help?
i have a huge canker sore in my mouth under my tongue [[ idk how to spell]] how did i get it and how do i make it go away??? :[


 Have you ever tried washing painkillers down with?
alcohol? It nearly made me gag

Please, save the ...

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A few months ago I noticed a lump on my right hand, and I was told it was a ganglion cyst by my Biology Teacher and my Mom. It hurt for a little while when I bent it, and then stopped. Well now, it�...

 my body is super sore need help!?
ok so yesterday i did a marine workout and the proctor(teacher) told us that we had to do 50 push ups and 50 sit ups and some other stuff... so i did all of that, felt no pain, the next day i wake up ...

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I am looking for alternative treatment for my migraines. Right now I take Maxalt for them, which does work, but seems to make me so sleepy. Would like to hear from other people with migraines to ...

 Medication problems?
i have had back spasms for the last 18 months...the doctor gave me cocodeine (otherwise known as kapake) to help with the pain.
The doctor said take 1 or 2 every 4 to 6 hours. i take 1 every 6 ...

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I have a sore throat and it feels like is swollen?
What can i do?
besides going to the ...

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I don't want to see all the side effects, please dont post them. Just a yes or no. Thanks....

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Currently having one and it is real hard to look at the screen :( I'm having sensitivity to light/sound and a throbbing pain on one side of my head...I have all the common pain relievers at my ...

 What's up with this?
What's up with this?
The glands in my throat have been hurting up into my ears lately. One side will hurt one day then two days later the other side will hurt. What's up? It also ...

 Help, health deteriorating (headaches, fatigue, muscle pain) and I don't know why...27 year old woman?
I have recently been diagnosed with having migraines and Irritable bowel syndrome. The medication for the IBS has made me feel a lot better, but, my headaches are driving me crazy! I would say I ...

 is it bad to work out when im sore?
i worked out on saturday and my muscles are still extremely sore when i move them(arms and deltoid) is it bad to work it out again today (monday) even though it hurts? or should i not work out until ...

 Please Help! 10 points!.....................?
I woke up this morning, and tried to move my neck, but it hurts so bad when I move it. I think I twisted it, and right now I have a heating pad on it. So, now all day, I have been looking to my right,...

 My stomach hurts allll the time?
when i eat, when i don't eat, when i drink any liquid. it only feels fine when i eat something dry like crackers. does anybody know what it could be or a diet that would stop makin it hurt???...

 If my Dr. only gave me a 3 month refill how do I get a new prescription?

Stephanie S
Why do all of my joints hurt all of a sudden?
I have had ankle problems for several years, where my ankle does not have full range of motion and is constantly swollen. However, I have been able to walk normally, only sometimes when stiff like in early morning, do I limp. This weekend, my ankle, knees, wrists, fingers and back all started really hurting. Every step I took, my ankle and knees would pop and I was walking with a severe limp because my ankle was SO sore! I could not even make a full tight fist because my joints in my hands were so sore. What could be going on??

Jack W
I don't think you're going to make it. Amputate.

Miss Q
do the Seven Seas twist!

Start by seeing a doctor, it could be arthritis. But as well as seeing a doctor I would see a nutritionist because by chancing your diet you can help your self a lot. Make sure you drink plenty of water during the day to flush out toxins!
Hope this helps and good luck.

time to see a doctor

nickname? uh...lol
I think you might have arthritis? I don't know much about it, but I think it's seriously time to see a doctor. It could get worse.

as weird as thisd sounds it ma be youre bed, my mother had similiar problems and spent a night on the couch and woke up fine the next morning.
could also be where you live, the higher the altitude, the more problems it could cause for people.

I would m,aybe try flipping youre mattress, if this doesnt help than see A doctor.

it has to do with the bones, take ssome medicine for joints
or consult a doctor!

You did not mention your age, but it could be arthritis.

i would go see a docter.

Arthritis maybe. Seek a doctor's help and request physical therapy prescription.

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