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Migraines! What is the best thing to take for them?




migraleve is the current favoured treatment that you can get over the counter at the chemists

mySelf & I
I like Excederine. Spelling error there! It works great though and fast.

Holy Solphadeine :) (I may of spelt it wrong)

Badger G
For milder ones, Solpadine Soluable Plus.
But for goodness sake don't get addicted like me! It's not exactly heroin, but if you over-do it it can end up causing migranes!

If it's a BAD one, and so long as you've stopped being sick (Mine make me sick), then Imigran is the best. It's the brand name for the drug
"Sumatriptain" from the "triptain" family of drugs.

If you go to the Docs, it's the first "triptain" type he'll likely perscribe to see if it works. though you can buy Imigran over the counter if you fill in a questionnaire form.

It's not the same for everyone, but for Mum and I, We take it, feel really drowsy, fall asleep for two hours and wake up feeling even better than a "Normal" day!

It's not a painkiller, it actually helps change the chemicals in your body that make your blood vessels contract (making it hurt!).
You can take some painkillers with them as well.

Though I find it also makes me feel heavy, with a teensy sore throat. Worth it for getting rid of the godawful thumping!

You may also want to ask in Holland and Barrat about Feverfew as a daily preventative. Check with your Doc as well, but I found it's amazing.

As much as it pains me to do so, I have cut out Bananas. I traced a whole summer's worth of miganes to My Banana breakfast.
Cadbury's chocolate is also a no no. One bite of most brands of Chocolate gives mum a Migrane, but Cadbury's will have her in bed for 3 days.

Oh, and not that I'm encouraging this sort of thing here in the UK, where it's illegal...but if you crossed the channel to the wonderful country of The Netherlands, you can get hold of a herbal painkiller called Cannabis!
Wonderful stuff, (But only when you really do feel as if a herd of elephants have moved in upstairs!)

coke, or ibuprofen. But it will pass. It usually lasts a day.

Hi. Hope some info will help present migraine and other will help prevent future ones, their severity & frequency.

Depends on your age, health condition and if you are taking medication(s). If migraine is debilitating, severe pain, accompanying nausea, vomitting, light, sound and smells unbearable, difficulty lifting your head because of pain.
If you have a doctor, ask if possible to prescribe (depending on symptoms) :

1. INDOMETHICIN to relieve migraine pain now
- Taken when migraine moderate stage (pain is so bad that nausea is an added symptom) or
- Taken when migraine is nearing acute stage (pain so bad that vomitting is an added symptom) but you can still take capsule with enough water for it to dissolve and stay in stomach to relieve pain level.

- If migraine in acute stage, unbearable pain, nonstop vomitting, anything you drink or eat gets thrown up immediately, oral meds obviously will get thrown up right away with the water.
- Someone needs to drive you to and drive you home.
to adult urgent care if you have HMO coverage or to an emergency ward if you don't. If they're familiar with acute migraines, most likely they'd give a shot of Demerol (on your butt). You'll get very drowsy so that you can go into deep sleep at home for several hours. Hopefully when you awake, you are no longer in acute stage.
You might be given a prescription for home such as Indomethicin (will make you drowsy, you won't be able to function normally, but you don't get knocked out as quickly and deeply like Demerol).

You take asap when bad migraine starting or when it's already developed. (You might not carry this med around with you to have access to it asap or, you might go to bed fine but wake up with a full blown migraine.)

This prescription is taken daily before bedtime, on long term basis (months even years) to prevent migraines altogether or to reduce their frequency and severity.

Except for the emergency Demerol shot, a doctor or nurse practitioner would have to be knowledgeable on diagnosing migraines and treatment for them. A neurologist usually takes care of a patient with migraines or other headaches.
There are many types of headaches so it's very helpful to have a neurologist explain the symptoms of each type so you can recognize the difference (stress headaches, cluster headaches, eyestrain headaches, sinus headaches, several other causes for headaches).

If you've been suffering too often from them and they've debilitated you, request a referral from your primary care physician to a neurologist ASAP. Don't allow them to brush you off, misdiagnose you, not treat the incident (rarely intimidation that it's psychological, no problem...usually ignorance, lack of knowledge in with this and they don't want to admit it).

Females are more prone to migraines because of hormonal changes during ovulation and periods in addition to other causes so migraines might start at a young age. Males also suffer from migraines, various reasons but genetics might be a cause.
Until you get proper help, a few suggestions that could help reduce frequency and severity asap:

1. CAFFEINE intake (coffee, soda, those notorious energy drinks!) Reduce caffeine use as much possible. If you need caffeine to function, hold down your job...then use over the counter caffeine tablets, yellow 200mg ea. You can cut them in 1/2 or in 1/4s. You can better monitor the amounts you use and you can space evenly small amounts, reduces nervous jitters, tired crashing. If Walmart, Walgreens, CVS or other generic brands very cheap. Also easy to carry 1 or 2 tablets with you. Using smaller amounts more often avoids painful caffeine withdrawal headaches, nausea, possible vomitting. It's important that you know and tell your use amounts to doctor.

2. Get PROPER SLEEP nightly and regularly! Depending on your age min. 8-10 hrs., if older min. 7-9. If you need more do whatever you can to get it. Don't allow bionic humans to intimidate you with their survival stories on less and advice to you to get less than more. Sleep deprivation causes an endless list of havoc in our society. If you go out on weekend nights, try to catch up on missed sleep in same weekend (Don't accumulate a sleep debt hoping you'll catch up later in life, it ain't gonna happen.)

3. STRESS, too much stress everywhere for everything and anything, most of it created and unnecessary. Do whatever possible to reduce stress in your life, read self help books to improve coping skills, attitude adjustments for people & situations beyond your control. Focus on positive thinking, doing, persons, environments if you can. Make well thought out, good responsible decisions so you don't create additional problems. Choose to use your time wisely, take care of your health.

4. PERFUME, cleaning odors and chemicals (even in carpeting) can cause migraines. Women and men should perfume lightly. It's supposed to create interest passing by/within a 3ft radius. When perfume is used for our own appreciation/form of aromatherapy/relaxation applying too much could cause oneself a migraine.

If you can smell it beyond 3ft, it's too much. Working with overperfumed staff, exposure to overperfumed public can quickly trigger a bad migraine and cause someone several days of debilitating suffering, physical, emotional, family, income, job instability & more.

5. NOISE excess and makes migraines alot worse! Loud televisions, music, traffic, loud talkers everywhere, including cell phone use. Whew, what a difference lowered volume, more relaxed environment makes can prevent headaches.

6. ALCOHOL! Drinking can cause migraines (not just hangovers and worse). If with friends, family, a celebration, enjoy the moments, have a drink then switch to nonalcohol beverages.

Try to be aware of what occured before a migraine attack and keep a list. You might see a pattern develop (stress,noise,smells,hormonal causes) and be able to adjust something to prevent them or reduce. Your note can help doctor better evaluate, choose more suitable treatment to get you well sooner.

Males suffer migraines but females are more prone just because of fluctuating hormonal changes monthly during ovulation and period.

Having gingerale, Saltine crackers, Pepsi, plain potato chips on hand might settle your upset stomach before you get to vomitting stage.

Read the labels of nonprescription meds.
(Aspirin containing meds shouldn't be used in combination with upset stomach relievers such as antacids, Pepto Bismol...(? liver damage & worse for children).

Some over counter shouldn't be combined either. Examples: (Tylenol + Advil) (Advil + Aleve) (Tylenol + Aleve) for a few reasons. Check webmd.com or ask the pharmacist 1st if you're considering.

Hope you feel better soon.

Migraleve available from the chemist is very good.

Amy G
I take Nurofen Maximum Strength Migraine Pain tablets. They seem to work when combined with sleep in a very dark and quiet room.

Ibuprofen & then go for a lie-down
That's my cure :)
Last time i went for a lie-down and slept all evening/night lol :)

Excedrin migraine works well for me.

I REALLY like excedrin tension headache. I thinks it works better that the migraine kind.

for me personaly, Marijuana

it helps everytime

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