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 My lungs hurt after I smoke?
I am not a smoker but I do have 2 or 3 when I go to parties etc I've only been doing this for a year and last night i went to a gig and had 3 cigs. That night when I layed down to sleep my lungs ...

 What is the best OTC pain killer to take for a toothache?

Sorry for the too many question marks...I needed 20 characters)
My friend has recently started having headaches almost everyday, and sometimes it's just a 'heavy head' feeling, ...

 is there a cure for flat feet?
I dance and do a lot of ballet, but i have flat feet, which means i get a splitting pain in my soles when i walk for too long. my feet have an arch when i point them in ballet, but otherwise they are ...

 ive had trapped neck nerve for 5 weeks ,physio tramadol ,codydramol ,diclofenac dont help ,please help, thanks
pain is absoloutely excrutiating , my gp isnt much ...

 Why do i have chest pain?
i have a dull ache in right side of chest and sometimes a sharp pain in the middle. i have seen the doc today and he couldnt tell me the cause. has referred me for an e.c.g. what could it be?...

 how long does it last?
Woke this morning and i was fine, then 2hours later i rubbed my should and BANG! i was in agony. Went back to bed because of pain with movent from neck to shoulder, Woke 6 hrs later and BANG! again. P...

 my brother says hes dizzy, he has a headache, and is nausea, any ideas as of what to do?

 Pins and Needles in arm at night?
When I go to bed at night my right arm is fine but after a few hours asleep I wake and from my inner elbow down to my fingertips I have intense pins and needles and my vains in my arm are really ...

 my ear is not right?
my ear is clogged and I am unable to hear out of itbut is doesnt hurt what might ge wrong?...

 How can I make Tylenol work faster???
Caffine? Already tried that. And I can't add any Motrin as it hasn't been 2 hours since I took the Tylenol....

 When DR's. ask you to rate your pain from 1 being the best to 10 the worst.?
How can a person "rate" pain?...

 what is this??
I have a weird pain below my chest to above my stomach. at first it hurt for a little while every now and then, but today its been hurting all day. i feel sick and like I’m going to throw up....

 I have trouble with taking things too personally, what's the best way to toughen up?
Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I've had this problem for years and I'm having trouble not being so sensitive all the time....

 My elderly mother can not stand up on her feet. Her legs are in pain. What do I do?
I came home for lunch today from work and found my mother on the bathroom floor. Her knees stared to shake while she was washing her face in the sink. She fell to the floor. After calling paramedics, ...

 Scared to death?
I have to have my hip replaced in Nov,and I am in so much pain but the Doctors will not give me any thing for it,I thought I might try a cortizone shot first but they said it wont work.I am getting ...

 i just gauged my ears and there infected and i was wondering how to get rid of it ?
okay well i just stretched my ears to an 8 and they got infected and this green and white liquid is coming out both sides of the plug and they are a little red around the gauge and i don't want ...

 IN PAIN help how do i stop my leg from hurting?
Im 13 and my coach told me that i have this thing where my lower leg bone is growing faster than muscle (or vice versa )and its pulling on my knee cap. when i put presure on it or use my muscle in my ...

 Help, how do I stop my back pain?
I was in a car accident when I was 18 (I wasn't even driving) and my upper back and neck ALWAYS hurt. Everyday. It's like there is a spasm that just sits on the top of the muscle in my ...

 Left Shoulder Blade Pain?
I have a dull aching pain in my left shoulder blade
Its hard to explain the aching
It doesn't move around or anything just aches in one part of my blade
It feels like its really ...

I hurt my knee when I landed wrong and now it collapses about once a week. Will this ever stop?
After collapse(ing) it hurts for about five minutes and then goes away... I can usually run on it afterwards with little pain. I was told to ice it, stay off of it, and take two benedrill a day... but It's hard to stay off of it, especially cause it feels perfectly fine... until I collpase again. What did I do to it? How can it be fixed?

It will stop until you get older . then it will return with a vengeance .

Bill R
Go to the doctor.

Rob McG
Your ligaments are weak. Stay off it, as every time it 'collapses' you're doing more damage to it, and one day you'll do some irreversible damage to it. Stop thinking about the short-term - just because it feels safe to walk/run on doesn't mean it is.

I'd go to your Hospital or your Doctor and get it checked out

Douglas B
I have a knee the same way, it will make me stop what I am doing because I will be limping around it hurts so bad. Then I do a release on the ligaments and I am good to go again until the next time. My times vary depending upon what I am doing, but the real cause of what is happening is because I did some trauma to them a number of years ago and they just kind of give up now and then. Here is how I get mine to release:
While sitting wrap both hands around one leg right behind the knee. With your fingers find the ligaments behind the knee, two on the inside and two on the outside, only one of them is part way up the outside of your leg. (About one inch or less from the one found inside the knee) Press into them with a good amount of pressure and hold tight. Now relax, take a deep breath and exhale and don’t tense up any part of your body. After on minute slowly slide that foot forward until your leg is fully extended. Remove the pressure but rest your leg there for one minute longer.

i had that long time ago when i was in the track in field team you should not run very fast. i just remember it was Friday the 13 my knee collapsed. now i have fear to run very fast.

go see a doctor, dont take any chances

It will stop with proper physical therapy. You need to strengthen your surrounding knee muscles.

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