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 How can I deal with this situation. I am about to have a Total Hip Replacement Operation.?
I live on the 6th floor of an apartment building ...there is no lift.How difficult is it going to be for me to
negotiate those 77 steps. Will I be able eventually to get up there using only a ...

 why are both of my knees hurting from walking or standing on them.?
i just got diagnosed with lupus that affects your joints and i work as a cashier standing on my feet 8 hours a day. From the moment i wake up till the time i go to bed my knees hurt. Sometimes my ...

 Did or does any of u had or has scoliosis?
How do u deal with it, how did it feel and was ur family supportive?what type of treatment did u opt4?surgery?braces?...

 Whats the difference between Tylenol and Ibruprofen?

 is liquid hydrocodene APAP safe to take ~10 years past expiration?
SWIM is in pain and needs painkillers but can't afford a doctor visit right now....

 Shoulder/upper back pain, feels like burning?
I've been a cashier at a grocery store for over 2 years now, a lot of repetition throughout the day. My lower back used to kill during and after my shifts, now it's my shoulders and upper ...

 I just had my baby 3 days ago and my legs ache?
I had my baby girl 3 days ago and now my legs ache really bad. Nothing I do helps get rid of the pain. Would anyone have any idea why my legs hurt so much....

 Sharp chest pain won't go away?
I had sharp chest pain fir years now it last for 30 to 60 sec and I could hardly breath when it happens. What to do and what could it be?...

 I haven't eaten anything weird so why does my tummy hurt so bad?
I'm a 26 year old guy, and my stomach is super achy right now. Is something going around? I'm in pretty good shape, heavy smoker, but overall pretty healthy. Oh and I live in Alaska so ...

 my eyes hurt when i blink or rub them, any ideas on whats wrong?
for about two days now
my eyes really hurt when i rub them or blink ..
i cant figure out whats wrong..
any ideas?...

 serious head concern. i want to know whaat it could possibly be?
-Ok, I've had this bad headache for at least 5 months, and it's been getting increasingly worse. I read that if you take too much pain killers then they can give you headaches, so I stopped ...

 What causes migraines?

 back pain? need help...?
well today i was with my grandparents in there house and they have a small thing of steps which is only like about 3 steps. well im very clumsy and happened 2 trip on my shoe and fall down the 3 ...

 Sore Throat!!! Need Help!! in pain :(?
does anyone have any tips on how to help a slight sore throat?? pleasee!!! ive been in pain for the wholee day :(...

 Pain and popping while doing push ups?
Hi, I am wanting to build muscle by doing push ups. Any time I do push ups My shoulders and elbows pop real loud and hurt real bad. Can you please tell me why they do that. And also how to get rid of ...

 I need to help my mom, she has chronic back pain.?
She endured and injury at work. She's been to about 6 doctors, back specialists, pain specialists, surgeons. I'm a doctor, though I'm a dentist, I specialize in everything from the ...

 Why wont my head ache go away and being dizzy?
Iam 21, I have been having head aches for the past month. Went to the Er on Tuesday they did a Cat scan and said everything is fine take fioricet and you will be fine. The head aches are still here ...

 What's the best way to get rid of an ear-ache?
I've had one for 3 days):...

 Sudden pounding headache and nausea....help?!?
I've had a headache all day, but as the day went on it got increasingly worse. My head is now THROBBING, I just got sudden nausea (but I haven't thrown up), I'm getting hot and cold, ...

 Kink in my neck for over 10 hours?
I woke up this morning with a horrible Kink in my neck it hurts really badley and its been past 10 hours and it hasnt gone away i tried

1.Putting a neck massager on it
2.Heat on it

I have a small round pink pill, no imprints, just a line down one side...any idea what it could be?
I was told it is a 10 mg percocet...but without an imprint i have no way of knowing. Has anyone ever seen a percocet like that before? or know what else it could be?

Percocets are not pink, they are white! Don't take anything that ur unsure of what it is, look it up on drugs.com

Maria, The Maid.
What are you doing with my east infection medication?

Try it and give us the details later.
Tell us how messed up you got.

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