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 help with ingrown toenail?
okay so i cut my toenail..
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i use hot water. but is there a better way..cause it gets cold and burns ...

 Do injections hurt????
Ive got one next week and Im petrified!!!...

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 headache- cant get rid of it?
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 Is this normal? Toes very often are uncontrollable?
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 i have a dull aching pain in between my breast almost constantly any ideas?

 What should I do-my arm hurts?
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 Got arthritis's in my hand,?
Very bad pain at times going down into my thumb,
Any cure for such pain, it effects my ...

 i was doing the worm the other day, now my arms and shoulders hurt really badly. why?

 If someone's jaw clicks, make clicking sounds what is it??
If jaw is clicking, and when the person opens the mouth to eat, ou could hear click sound in the jaw.The person open the mouth wide and you hear a click sound on the right with a slight ear ache on ...

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 why does this happen to me?!?!?
everytime i walk down stairs, ofcourse my knees have to bend to walk down, but everytime i bend my knee, it cracks! its been happening for about 2 years! please tell me whats wrong!=[...

 How do I make the pain go away?
I slept on my arm wrong, Pinched a nerve and now I have this really annoying, dull aching pain in my left arm. How can I make this go away? Its the reason why im having trouble sleeping at night....

 I get little pains in my heads frequently is something wrong?
If i get up fast, or start running really quickly, my head hurts for a short period of time. Is something wrong?...

 Is What I'm Experiencing 'Restless Leg Syndrome'?
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 i think i pulled a muscle in the back of my thy.?
what muscle could it be? how can it be mended?...

Pedro C
I have a pain in the ear, what does this mean?
i randomly got pains in my ears moments ago, i touch some bone and it hurts, is this something bad? am i going deaf?

Cool heads prevail
are you listening to kid rock?

in all actuality it sounds like an ear infection... need to go and see the doctor!

but listening to crappy music will do it too...

So far it simply means you got transient pains in your ear. Take two aspirins and ask again in three days if the pains return or if your hearing is impaired.

Do you or have you had a sore throat, they are linked and it could be a cold virus. Go to see your Doctor. It could be tinnitus or a start of it! This is linked to stress. Are you stressed?

King Chaos
Do u have a cold? You synesis gets blocked up creating pressure on in your ear which can hurt. Or it could be ear ache from cold wind. I dont think your going deff mate.

Vicenta Downs
Hello, I'm a doctor. Use Tramadol. I think that you want to get more info about it. Please go to ----> http://webmd82.notlong.com/AAZmFAY

maybe its just an earache?

you might have an ear infection. make sure you clean your ears out every day with a cotton swab. but dont swab too deep. If your ear continues to hurt you may need to see a doctor if it is an ear infection.

no, its called a pain.

it means your ear hearts..

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