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 same girl wit left foot hurting problem!!?
it hurts on the left edge of my left foot and its a little ...

 sciatica or not??
iam told its sciatica. I have pain down my right leg,sometimes my knee feels like it might explode when I stand, and my lower back is sore, they have done no x rays so I am wondering what is causing ...

 Your body's natural painkiller?
What is it that we release in our body when we break something that acts as a painkiller when it first happens....

 why dose my right side hurt?

 Really, really, really, really, really, really, really bad heartburn?
This morning I woke up at 5:30-ish with some heartburn. I immediately took a zantac 75 and went back to sleep. I woke up maybe an hour later, and the heartburn was back, so I took another zantac... ...

 I am having knee replacement soon and am wonderiing exactly what is done? Is it a long procedure?

 What is this tremendous pain in the right side of my neck, just below the base of my skull?
Over the last weekend, I noticed a pain in my neck. I thought I had slept in a weird position and that the pain would go away.

Unfortunately, it hasn't. It has been hard to turn my ...

 Hamstring Problem?
My husband has a sore muscle (hamstring). We saw a specialist already and they prescribed him steroids..The pain has not gone away..How long does it usual last. He has another appointment with the ...

 A friend of mine who is 80 years old has a right hand that is constantly cold.?
His arm has a lot of pain and the doctors can't figure out why . He has seen doctors, chiropractors, and has had two carpal tunnel surgeries, but the pain still persists. What is your opinion ...

 my girlfriend has long term abdominal problems?
she gets very bad stomoch cramps that arnt related to period pains there making her vomit feel very weak and she sometimes faints she went to the doctors and they gave her tablets to stop cramps and ...

 What was the name of the second non-narcotic prescription pain reliever mentioned in House?
A couple of weeks ago, On the Fox Show House, while house was in rehab, he was given Tramadol and another medication for his pain. What is the name of that please so that I can properly discuss with ...

 What is a wick that is used in a medical procedure?

 What may cause small hard subtances, and slime in stool? There's been bouts of diarrehia, constipation, cramps

 I have had this pain in my stomach for a few days - it is like a sharp stabbing pain - What is it?
It started after i was scuba diving and that was on friday. I don't know if it has something to do with that or not. I was also drinking that night but it was way after that....

 need to find a store that sales massager for back & neck?

 sore and stiff neck -it hutrs?

 not sure about migraine headaches???
can a migraine feel like a pressure on your eye? I don't think I have had a migraine before, so I don't know, any info!!!!...

 What's the best way to deal with carpal tunnel syndrome? (no health insurance to goto the Dr.)?

 Dose any one know of any stretches?
For relieving stress in the neck and upper back? Everything feels kind of tight. I appreciate your help....

 Chest Pain?
I am a high school baseball pitcher. I am righthanded and sometimes while I pitch, especially when I throw hard, I get sharp pains on my left side up and to the left of my heart. It hurts to breathe ...

How can I stop my feet from hurting at work?
I work at Cold Stone, and I have to stand up for about 7 hours at a time. By about hour 3, my feet hurt so badly that I can hardly move. I wear expensive Nikes with gel inserts and this still happens. I've never felt anything like it! How can I make them stop hurting THAT BADLY?? Is there any way?

Well, I think you should get some more cream. You should try to wear comfortable shoes too. And you need to come down.Try to call a massager.

Besides arch supports
A chiropractor and
Read The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook by Davies.
Trigger points are knots in the muscles making them tight which in turn causes them to apply pressure to nerves and other places.

Roberto B
It sounds like you may have a condition called fascites, if the pain is in the middle of the foot.
A podiatrist may help by building a special support that you use inside your Snickers.
Until then, try to move around, to keep the circulation going, it may help a bit. When you get home take your shoes off and role a bottle with your feet, one at at time to increase the circulation at the plant of your feet. Good blood circulation tends to improve many conditions.


Have someone massage those hurting feet daily!! You will be in heaven.

do you want to hear something really strange?.........my sister-in-laws husband had the same problem and you use to put kotex in the insides of his shoes and he said it worked great and his feet didnt hurt after standing at work all day.
i know it sounds weird.........but give it a shot!!!

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