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Hey!...... Ok here's the problem.. It feels like a pill is stuck in my throat.. I feel fine.. It's not effecting my breathing or anything it just feels like it's physicaly there! It's very annoying!!!! I want it to go away!!! ASAP!!!! it comes and goes.. It's not there 24/7 but it just gets annoying! So it's feels like a pill is stuck in my lower throat! it won't go away!!! ANY OPTIONS!!!! IS IT WORTH GOING TO THE DOCTOR N JUST LET IT PASS!?!?! PLEASE HELP!!! THANKX!!!! :)

If it last for another week, I would most likely want to talk to a doctor.

That use to happen to me. It's like there's a lump in your throat. It doesn't effect you but it's SO annoying. You don't need to go see a doctor. It will go away soon enough. Usually when I drink water or something thick like smoothies it feels a little better.

Did you sleep when you took a pill----this will happen because when you sleep and you just took a pill will go all through your body not to your stomach.


Drink some water. If it doesn't clear it, eat an apple or some solid fruit. And it should help push the pill along..

Daniel Park
It's not really still there, that's just soreness left over (I'm assuming it wasn't pleasant when you swallowed it). No need to worry, it happens from time to time.

-this is the reason that Nigel Power's joke in Goldmember doesn't make practical sense; he said he took a viagra but it got stuck in his throat so he'd have a stiff neck for hours...it doesn't actually work like that.

Douglas B
You have a muscle under your chin that when it gets tight it narrows the passageway in your throat as well. Once that muscle is release you will find it easier to breath and swallow again. Here is how to release it:
Under your chin:
Place your thumbs up under your chin near the front. Feel the muscle between them for as tight as it can be. Press on it and hold. Relax, take a deep breath and exhale and don’t tense up any part of your body. When the muscle starts to release, slowly look upward until your neck is fully extended. Then release the pressure but hold your head there for one minute longer.

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