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 Why muscle cramps happen .and what is the prevention.?
i had a muscle in thigh area which was very sevear it took half hour to normalize .but i still feel pain after 8hours ....

 I got gout ! hurt so much ! what is the best cure it fast?

 Reducing surgery pain?
I've recently had laproscopic surgery to repair an inguinal hernia, and I was given Percocets to relieve the pain, however, it is still mildly painful. I was wondering if anyone had any advice ...

 Any Positive Results from Inderal For Headaches??
I have had an on going headache for 5 weeks now.
Been to eye Dr., Chiropractor, Dentist, Mri, Ct Scan, Ended up in E.R. Still no relief. Finally today went to Nuroligist and he perscribed I...

 My ribs are killing me!!!?
I don't know what is causing the pains but it feels like the is huge pressure pushing down on them. Anyone willing to put in any insight?...

 why can't I wake up in the morning?
I can not wake up in the morning. I sleep through forty missed phone calls, and people trying to wake me, and my alarm clock...how can I help myself?...

 sharp pain in head when coughing?
whenever i cough the top and back of my head has a sharp pain. it goes away instantly and whenever i get up from laying down my whole head hurts and i feel dizzy?
any help?...

 what are some good fact about physical therapy ?

 is hydrocodone (500mg) stronger than acetaminophen (500mg)?

 I have a cold and whenever i swallow a drink my ears hurt.i also have a headache.?
what can i do for this?i've takin ibuprofen its not helping....

 Why do i get pains in my...?
chest. it randomly occurs sometimes and when these pains occur, when i try to breath it hurts, so i have to resort to taking small breaths quickly. it eventually goes away but am a bit curious.

 Severe Neck pain but doctors cant find anything?
For like 5 months now ive been having severe lower back pain where bruises even started to appear in the spots with the most pain. A few weeks ago ive developed really painful neck pains that feel ...

 i put icy hot on my eyebrows and my face has been burning for three days???????
I put the icy hot on my eyebrows and my face has been burning for three days. my aunt jessica told me to use salt to soak up the icy hot but the salt just makes my eyes burn worse. I need help of ...

 swollen finger tips, thumb and pointer finger. throbbing pain.They also feel hot. any answers? thank-you!?

 What's the closest thing to a cortisone injection that I can take w/o going to doctor?
What's the closest thing to a cortisone injection that I can take w/o going to a doctor?
My shoulder pain goes away immediately when I'm injected with cortisone.

I'm in ...

 Do your eyes ever hurt from looking at the monitor wayyy too long? I mean hours?

 What's wrong with my mom? PLEASE HELP ME!!!!?
My mom's been having ear trouble for about 3 months now. She couldn't hear well, she heard a beep. She finally got the courage to go to a ear doctor. He said she had liquid in her ears, so ...

 Stopping some upper neck pain?
My upper neck has been very stiff lately. Up at the top where the spine meets the skull, especially.

My posture isn't that great, although I've been working on it all summer.

 Ear lobe piercing pain?
So I'm getting my ear lobes pierced for my first time today in a few hours at a reputable tattoo shop in my area...and I'm 17 years old. The only reason I haven't gotten them pierced ...

 Sever Charlie Horse pain in both legs and 1 foot.?
I'm 27 & I have been taking Birth Control pills for 4 months now. For the past month I noticed weakness in my left arm and stiffness in left foot. Also I have SEVERE leg cramps I could be ...

Can sciatica cripple you. The pain is terrible?
The pain has gotten worse in the last month. The sciatic nerve runs from my lower right back down my leg. Now my other leg is getting involved with over compensating. Should I seek medical help? I've taken almost 200 tylonel pm's in a month to help with the pain

Yes its terrible,

you should see an orthopaedic MD

PS Tylenol PM's are addictive.

take Advil or Aleve they work as anti inflamatory's and are NON addictive. and NON drowsy.

sciatica, painfull, i would seek medical help, try lieing on the floor, or you could see a chiropracter,they can help.

Sciatica pain is really bad. I have had it several times. If I were you I would see a Dr. Too much tylonel is bad for you. Sciatica pain is crippling in itself. Keep you leg elevated when you can. For instance put you leg up on a small footstool when washing dishes or standing at the stove, etc. At one time when I had it really bad acupuncture solved the problem. Other times I went to a chiropractor and that helped. You Dr. may suggest a limited amount of pain medication to control the amount of tylenol you absorb and to help you get through the times you have the pain. If you are having it on a regular basis, I would definetly suggest a chiropractor first since the pain is being caused by pressure on a nerve. I have a wonderful one and he has really helped me on many occasions. Good luck.

Reva P
Yes, see your doctor.

Sciatica may not cripple you directly, but the pain most certainly can and does.

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