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 I sort of took 8 ibuprofen... and then I read the bottle and it syas not to take more then 6?
Am I gonna die?...

 I got in an accident on Monday, would it hurt me if I did some exercise tonight?
Like step machine etc for 30-45mins? my upper back is little sore, but I can bend etc fine....

 How is a tooth ache cured with a home rememedy?
Can an in the tooth infection affect a heart murmer?...

 i'm 13, with chest pains, what is it?
I've been experiencing pains in the chest, and I have no clue what it is.
Sometimes it is after I eat, sometimes its not.
It usually starts in the front right, and the pain moves

 my six year old has a fever and ive given him tylenol twice today even rub him down with a cold rag,whatto do?
hes been giving cold water, ice, and a cold rag to wipe down but i still cant break his fever so is any other things i can ...

I am on my second day of being constapated and I am in alot of pain,I asked my parents what to do, and they gave me exlax and Fiber powder, I've taken both, and I am still in pain help!...

 My Dr wants me to get a cortisone shot in my shoulder, does it hurt?

 How can I get rid of my canker sores?

 Can you list some migraine headache medications?
like as many as you can. thanks so ...

 do doctor's have to write "prn"(as needed) on a prescription for narcotics?

 I dont know where to go from here, I've been to the emergency room 3 times in 1 week...?
I went to the emergency room with really bad back pain, and burning while I was urinating, and a LOT of blood in my urine. They sent me home, and said I had a bladder infection, that my kidneys ...

 What can I take to stop leg cramps? Charley horses? Whatever you call them?

 There's a knot on my wrist...?
I have this knot where my right hand meets my right wrist. It hurts somethin terrible when anything touches it. What might be the cause? And how to either get rid of it or help it?

I ...

 what causes tingling and numbness in the inner left hand from ring finger to pinkie finger?

 my right hip hurt?
i was working out then my right hip hurt it like a painful cramp when i walk and put weigh to the right side it hurt what shall i do i 15 and i dont want ...

 On the scale of 1 to ten, how much would getting your ears pierced hurt?
I might get my ears pierced and I want to know how much it hurts. I have sensitive ears so where would the pain fit in?
1=you barely can feel anything
10= it hurts like ...

 All the sudden when I drink liquids the right side of my lungs get a sharp pain after I swallow.?
This only happens when I drink liquids. It is like a stabbing pain only on the right side and it feels like it is in my lung. Does anyone know what this could be?...

 Is it okay to take expired aspirins?
For instance, someone gave me a bottle of Bayer aspirins that expired in February, 2007. Should I throw them out? If I take them are they still effective?...

 SORE MUSCLES = a hot shower or a cold bath?!
i'm really sore. should i take a hot shower or a cold bath with ice cubes?...

 i have this constant low thumping noise in my ear?
like the sound of a car with really high bass from far away. anybody else experience this?...

Body hurts, tender to the touch, tired all the time?
For atleast a year I have felt sore all over my body pretty much. When someone touches me it hurts, I feel like I am bruised or something but I'm not. Also, I am so tired all the time. I can sleep for 9 hours and still wake up tired. What could be wrong

It's not chronic fatigue syndrome... it doesn't exist.

The amazing dude not named Aaron
you need vitamin B

lyme, mono, fibermialsia, idk but you sound a bit like the commercial...depression can hurt, cymbalta can help search on webmd.com and go see a doctor

Barbie Doll Tilly
i dont know but i know that feeling. i was worried but nobody cared so i try ignore it

Believe it or not, that could actually just be depression. However, I would recommend a checkup at a regular doctor to make sure there is not some physical issue. If not, I would recommend finding a good psychiatrist as you may benefit from medication or counseling, if that is the case.

Also, you should make sure you eat three healthy meals a day, with snacks in between if necessary, drink plenty of water, and get some exercise.

Your Most Likely Lacking In Vitamins..If Your Not Getting Enough..Buy Vitimin Water, Vitiman Bars Etc And Eat Lots Of Fruit And Veg..It May Take A While But Your Body Will Change However If You Still Feel Bad After A Couple Of Weeks Consult A Doctor. Also Choose A Time To Go To Bed And Wake Up, Dont Take Daytime Naps Try And Get 8-10 Hours A Night

Have you been tested for Lupus? From all the Signs and Symptoms you have presented with it sounds like an Immune System problem or Hematological problem. Here is the website for Lupus:


It sounds like Fibromyalgia to me, which is often connected to chronic fatigue. The CF virus can be tested for. There is no definitive test for fibromyalgia, but it's a real condition even if some Doctors refuse to talk about it.
Chiropractic care can do a lot to help you feel better, with light exercise, stress control, QUITTING SMOKING (how did I know that?), and taking multivitamins with minerals and fish oil capsules.

It could be fibromyalgia, but it can be frustrating getting a diagnosis. I don't share your symptoms, but I do suffer an autoimmune disease. I kept track of my symptoms (even if they seem strange or unrelated) and kept searching on the internet for others who shared those symptoms. My advice would be to do that first for a few weeks and check out your local rheumatologists and set up an appointment. Having gone through a similar scenario of unexplained pain and fatigue, I know you're wanting a definitive diagnosis, but don't expect too much in the way of answers.

Your rheumatologist (if he knows what he's doing) will order bloodwork and urine sample, testing for various markers. He should run an ANA profile on your blood which will tell him whether your body is producing specific autoantibody markers that may indicate the presence of an autoimmune disease. Although, there is no blood test for fibromyalgia--it's essentially just a diagnosis of symptoms, but an ANA could help rule out other possibilities. And always remember that you have the right to a second opinion. I went to the Cleveland Clinic and really loved the doctor that I saw, if I didn't live in Madison, WI, I would have made him my primary Rheumatologist.

I hope you find a diagnosis, good luck!

@future (the guy who answered above):

I knew the second you recommended chiropractic treatment, that you WERE one! Why do you all do that? More than anything, it's just entertaining to me. And I'm not bashing your specialty, I bounced back and forth between PT and chiropractors all through my athletic career and you guys talk so much smack about one another, it's hilarious! Though, I must say, it does come across a bit like you Chiropractors suffer the "Napoleon Complex" of the medical world (of which you aren't included), with your bold claims of healing... it's not hard to understand why people consider you quacks. I personally, have nothing against you, just sayin'... don't try so hard. Also, unless you went to medical school and then, for unknown reasons, decided to drop out and take up chiropractic, I would hold back on advising others to seek non-medical help as a first step. To your credit though, you guys give THE BEST back massages! :)

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