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 What is a cocaine "crash" or "come down" like?
First of all, I am NOT even considering doing it. I am writing a story about a teenage drug user for Teen Ink and I want to as accurate as possible. I want answers from people who have down cocaine, ...

 Why do I sleep so much?
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 Most of my joints click and im only 19? help?
Its been like this for years i cant even remember when it started and the worst of them all are my knees.
Everytime i climb up stares you can actually hear my knees cracking loudly its just ...

 I put Converse shoes on my baby, but I don't know how to undo shoelaces. What do?

 Can i die from anxiety?
I get anxiety really bad when i'm at work. I'm a CNA and i get them most when i have to drive a resident to the hospital and it a good ways from the Nursing home and i start to freak out ...

 What is the average cost of an x-ray at a hospital?
Yesterday I was playing basketball and tripped, and I guess I put a lot of pressure on my finger, and when I got up, it was hurting me. When I got home, it started swelling, I thought it was nothing, ...

 worry and panic is this normal?
when i get really worried and panicky etc i sometimes feel as though i am choking and feel really claustrophobic and aware of how close others are to me and sometimes i feel dizzy and a bit out of it ...

 Whats wrong with my stomach?
its been like this on and off for a couple of days.. cramps , nuasea when i eat sometimes, not being able to go to the bathroom. i have been drinking alot of water and gatordae, some ginger ale. any ...

 can drinking one glass of wine a night cause chronic dizziness?
I have been lightheaded, dizzy for over a year. My doc thinks i may have a migraine problem. ( though I don't have headaches. Do you think my daily glass of wine before dinner is the root of my ...

 is it normal to still feel weird the day after a panic attack?
Yesterday I was just feeling kind of depressed all day and then I tried to fall asleep while listening to music last night, still feeling kind of depressed. I guess I started thinking about death ...

 does working out really relieve soreness?
I am very sore and stiff from working out, should I workout, or not? Will working out help ...

 At what age did you smoke your first and last cigarettes?
1. At what age did you smoke your first cigarette?
2. At what age did you smoke your last cigarette (or current age if you still smoke)?
3. How many cigarettes would you guess you have ...

 Has anyone ever forgot how to talk while high on weed?
I was extermely high and i think i got green fever. Then when i tried to talk to someone i forgot how to talk! lol it was kinda weird.
Has this happened to anyone else???...

 if you grind up 800 mg ibrubrofen, and smoke it will it get you high? Also will decongestant perscriptions?

basically i feel really ill and last time i felt like this i was sick and felt so much better afterwards, i dont want any answers like 'don't do that its so unhealthy' i just wanna ...

 How to get help with addictions?
My friend is addicted to Oxy cotin. He used to be addicted to coke a long time ago. It just seems like he goes to one thing to another. He is right now with me detoxing from the oxy. Its horrible ...

 Tender when cleaning?
Okay so im 17 and male.
When im cleaning down there...I can manage with water...yet using soap or a cloth causes a tender pain? Any ideas? Thanks ^^...

 What is wrong with me?
I have been feeling really strange lately. I have been more hungry, tired, and emotional. I cry at tv shows and songs and my own thoughts that I usually don't. I feel like I eat constantly and I ...

 Can anybody tell me what's wrong with me? and what are these symptoms?
I have no idea what is wrong with me i have been feeling down and ill for a long time...

i started feeling down and upset about 2 months ago for no apparent reason (please dno't say ...

 Whats wrong with my stomach?
My middle left ab just started like flinching randomly it like pinchs or something its weird what could this be?...

why do my hands always hurt?
not painful but stiff, and no i dont play online for hours.

Mrs. E
Probably some form of arthritis, contact your doctor to find out for sure.

Sounds like some kind of arthritis.Or maybe a circulation problem.You should go to the doctor.

It may be carple tunnel. People who are constantly on the computer typing away get this. I have it too. You should go to the doctor and get your hands checked out.

They might just be cold and dry they might make them feel stiff, or it could be more serious like artritis?

they may be dry and you need to use some lotion therapy..... or a good manicure would help a lot...and if your hands are like that then your feet may be the same way....

Yea i think that it might be arthritis. Not sure you should go to a doctore and find out though just to be safe and all.

do u wear gloves n the winter if not thats probably one reason why

see a doctor asap, probably nothing serious but do not let it go without checking.. you don't want to be acquainted with joint aches on regular basis, and take my word in this regard.

arthritis?go see a dr

It sounds like you might have arthritis.

Do you have a job that requires repetitive motion? That might be a culprit too.

artritis,or carbotunnel

Richard D
You could have a calcium deficiency, sometimes taking too much calcium in a capsule or vitamin tab can make your hands hurt.

If you are taking calcium in a tablet form, stop taking them and see if this helps.

Eating cereal fortified with calcium is the best method of taking calcium. Cereals such as, Cheerios, vanilla yogurt or honey nut Cheerios will work well for calcium absorption. This cereal is also good for your bones.

Try eating beans too, the oil in these vegetables helps ligaments in the hands to stay viable.


Growing pains or arthritis. It is winter and you also may be cold. Warm up and see if the pain goes away.

Sounds like it could be the start of some arthritis. I would take something like ibuprofen or naproxen to see if that helps but do consider having your doc check it the next time you see him.

Daisy S
Hi, do you work with your hands alot, if so its possible that you have carpal tunnel sydrome, you could look that up online and find out more about it...

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