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 if you drink a lot of city water can it be bad for you?
when i am at work i drink a lot of water. sometimes my stomach cramps (not real bad) and people say it's because of the chlorine in it. i have well water at home and never noticed this there. ...

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 How do you fix the itchy skin after a mosquito bite ?
Don't want to scratch them since It might bleed if I scratch it too hard....

 why is it everything that tastes good or feels good?
is illigal ,immoral, or fatting?...

 an open wound in which tissue is separated from the body is an; abrasion or laceration or puncture or?
avulsion? what is a jarring to the brain,which affects normal function; concussion or unconsciousness or fainting or rabies?...

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 What is the worlds healthiest foods?
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 how can I tell if my physiology makes me liable to become a drug addict if I ever tried dugs?
Straightforward question. I am not saying I plan to do drugs, so no preaching....

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 Does any one know how far back a blood drug test goes?

 what is a person called when they always think something is wrong with them?

 what are Gabapentin used for?

 What is AcipHex?
What are it's uses, side effects, directions for use?...

 do kids with club feet eventually walk normal??

 Is this normal ?
I had hernia repairs done almost a year ago and the only way to fix this was to get a tummy tuck which ever since have had discharge from my navel. Has this happen to anyone? I have gone to the ...

 can a urinary tract infection kill you?

Black Princess
can sesame seeds effect a drug test?

poppy seed bread can

I am not a doctor.. but I had a friend who tested positive for opiates and he does not do drugs... a second-level test determined the amount of opiate found was enough to test positive but did not indicate drug use.. he beleives the poppy seeds on his burger bun was the culprit

yes...but there are different levels of drug tests, usually you only get tested for Marijuana, the higher the level the more intense kinds of drugs oh...i was thinking poppy seeds, not sesame seeds!

nope to dope

no i think you mean poppy seeds which can give a false positive for opium

No...and you mean poppy seeds not sesame. Sesame seeds cannot.

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