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 I get an immediate head rush during an awesomely evil thought.. why?
Ok, it sounds bad, but when I think of a good comeback, insult, prank or anything, at the very initial thought of it I get an instant head rush, my site blurs and it just feels like a buzz that lasts ...

 i got out of the tub hours ago and im still way hot and have a lil head ache is that bad?
my mom feels the same way and were a little ...

 HELP! I get sick to my stomach after eating anything!?
After I eat, whether it's a little or alot (past three days) I get REALLY sick to my stomach. Each time, I can feel the vomit about to come up (sorry, I couldn't think of another way to put ...

 eyes exploding during a sneeze?
so ive heard that if you keep you eyes open during a sneeze that they'll explode. does anyone know if this is true?!?! its a reflex for your eyes to close while you sneeze so how would anyone ...

 Female with a deep voice..?
I'm 14 and have a really deep voice. I hate it. I even have a friend who has too much testosterone in her body (she's still a girl) and her voice, while not girly-girl, is still higher than ...

 What do i have based on these symptoms?
I have a major headache, i'm always tired, my stomach hurts sometimes, and sometimes i get chest pains. What's wrong with me ?...

 Why was my vomit white?
I went to a party and drank to much beer. When I got sick my vomit was white. Why is this?? I also dont really remeber anything that happened that night... i 4-5 beers...which isnt really alot but ...

 why is that my ear is clogged?
my right ear is ear is clogged up and I cant hear out of it. this happened after i attended a college probate. Does anyone know why or what I should do?...

 What are some tips to gain more confidence?
I think I am pretty confident, but I am really shy and find it hard to talk to people whom I know on some basis, but not really well. With my real friends I am booming with confidence and so excited ...

 I have really bad anxiety problems....?
I have major anxiety problems, and I get really nervous and have panic attacks. I've also gotten really depressed, but I'm only 15. Will the doctor be able to give me anxiety medicine, or ...

 Ladies, Should I get my jaw reduced with botox surgery?

 OK how tall will i be?
Im a guy im 12 turning 13. I was 4,7 but grew to 5,0 this summer in 2 weeks my moms 5,5 and my dads 6,4 and a half. Can you estimate how tall i will be....

 Is there really a 500 mg Vicoden?
I know that there are 5-500 5-325 7.5-500 and so on , but my sister in law swears she was prescribed 500 mg vicoden and her friend says there are higher compounds that do not have acetaminophen. I ...

 I want to smoke weed again?
I am 18 years old and I have tried weed about 5 or 6 times but every time I have done it, i have tripped out really bad. My friends keep asking me to take a toke, not peer pressuring me or anything, ...

 how long are you high after 1 joint of weed?
okayy so i am gunna get high today but it'll be my first time and i wanna know how long I'll be high after just 1 joint and tell me everything i need to know please! and please dont try to ...

 Is it normal to hiccup alot?
I've been hiccuping so much lately, up to five times a day. It hurts my lungs (chest area) really badly. It's painful, and I can't get it to go away. Help! I'm going to make a ...

 why do bed wetting happens in in adults?
why do bed wettings happens even in adults? what may be the cause? any treatments?...

 How long will marijuana stay in my urine?!?!?
I smoked on friday and had 3, maybe 4 hits at the most and werent too big. I'm 16, 5'5" and weigh 110 and I need to know when it will be out of my system if im drinking water ...

 Need help to diagnosis a back problem?
So back in August or September of 2008, my husband hurt his back. Well, he's in the military and he sort of fainted from the heat but when he was going down, instead of catching him, the person ...

 Should I go to the Doctor?
So yesterday, about noon i started to feel dizzy. Then a couple of hours later my glands in the throat swelled up pretty bad. As the day went on my balance was off and I continued to become more ...

Jake SD
Why is my vision blurry one day and then not blurry the next?

dry eyes probley. my vision gets blurry when my eyes are dry

I think there could be some other reasons why this happens. I have heard that if you have trouble with your blood sugar (low blood sugar or diabetic), it can affect your eyesight. I think fatigue could also influence your eyesight. Do you spend alot of time reading, or on the computer? That could make your eyes tired. Good luck!

Steven P nb tx
It could be a buildup of protein gunk on your eye. The other possibility is that your brain isn't burning enough glucose in your vision centers: like when you drink booze. (Heard it on Spike TV)

Conor M
don't know but my vision does this sometimes as well. but it can just happen to me all of a sudden but only lass for a wee while.:P

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