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Haley f
What happens at a 12 year old check up?

i dont know,but ur avatar is cute!!1my avatar wants ur avatars number!!!lol!!

Dont they have get shots, i just took my daughter to her her first school shots and they told me that she was done till she wasw 12

the same as any checkup youve ever been to. Didnt you ever have to have checkups as a kid??? like when you were in elementry school??/ cuz i did

as far as shots go....
um.. tetnus shot... and for me they updated some type of hepititus shot i think...

If you're going into 7th grade, you get a tetanus shot, sorry.
Other than that, nother different from other visits unless you have any health problems.

They do a check up?


i didn't go in for that check up.

Drink wine and eat pie

physical!!!! it sux

mickey g
booster shots, eye check, then the usual stuff

Sometimes booster shots and if you didn't have them Chicken pox shots

I missed mine... sorry!

i told you already look at the other one.

they take blood

shove this thing in your butt and take your height and weight

It's a chance for the doctor to see that you're growing and developing normally. It's also a chance for your parents to talk with the doctor about any issues, such as safety or nutrition, so they can help you stay healthy. And it gives you a chance to ask any questions you might have about your health. You might wonder when you will grow taller, for instance, or if you weigh the right amount.

The nurse might start by checking your weight and height, temperature, blood pressure and maybe collect a urine sample.

The doctor will come in and say hello. He or she will probably ask you some questions, like how you're doing and if you have any problems or concerns. The doctor wants to make sure your body is working just like it should. To do this, he or she will use equipment, such as a stethoscope (to listen to your lungs and heart), an otoscope (to look inside your ears, nose, and throat), and an ophthalmoscope (to look inside your eyes).

Your doctor might check the reflexes in your knee with a rubber hammer. He or she also will probably feel around your belly, and examine your spine.

Don't worry, it's just a check-up to make sure that all is well with you.

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