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 Why does the left side of my throat feel bruised when I swallow a mouth full of food hard?
I don't know, I remember I felt like this a couple of times in the past but it lasted a couple of days and went away. I've got this for a couple of days so far and I was wondering what it ...

 Does Dove White bar soap kill bacteria??
I've heard that it's not a good soap to buy because it doesn't actually kill the bacteria on your hands-etc....

 Quit smoking 3 1/2 weeks ago---can nicotine withdrawal cause ear / nose congestion at this point?
also slightly tight throat, mucus etc....

 What should I do, I'm always sick...?
Not a month goes by where something is not happening to me. Even right now, I feel really sick and have been feeling sick for weeks. Could it be that I'm allergic to something and don't ...

 What steroids/supplements do I have to take to help me grow taller?
I'm 17, will be 18 in a month. Asian (chinese) and im only 5'6. I would really like to grow to 5'10" or taller. Exercise, stretching, etc dont seem to help. Havent hit a growth ...

 What food makes you gasiest?
Just wondering! ...

 is anorexia a mental illness or a low self esteem issue?

 i feel really sick..whats wrong with me?
My throat is sore and itchy. My nose is runny stuffed and it burns. My head hurts. My eyes wont stop tearing. My ears hurt and feel like they're bleedin and when i lay down it feels like my ...

 Is Ibupfrofen dangerous?
I just heard that it can mess your stomach up...and that makes me nervous cause last month I had a horrible tooth ache and i took it for like a week straight. sometimes twice a day!!!! so is this ...

 **REPOST** How can I feel better before school/during school?
I have been sick all weekend and I have decided to go to school. I have too many things I have to do in school. I did not go to school on Friday. I have: -cough drops -Hand sanatizer -Tissues ...

 Throat burns on only left side?
I have had a burning feeling on only the left side of my throat for a while now. It seems to radiate into my left ear as well? I feel more or less normal for the most part but it concerns me because ...

 if you are sick how do you get better fast?
i am sick and i need to go somewhere so how do i get better fast?...

 I faint really easily if I don't eat A LOT?
I'm underweight - 117 lbs and I'm 5'8. I eat a lottt of food, I just have a fast metabolism. Sometimes, if I don't have time to eat a huge meal, or if I don't eat every ...

 Please help! my dog ate chocolate!!?
okay so i kept a bar of Dark chocolate next to be last night that my mom got at the store and i never ate it, but when i woke up it was ripped into the shreds and one of my dogs ate it, if it was my ...

 What causes stiff neck?
I've been having stiff neck and I just wanted to know what causes it or is it a side affect b/c of medication... Thank u all!...

 Why do i continually have headache's every day i'm a vegetarian could that be it?
i'm a vegetarian could that be the reason i have headache's everyday of the week or could i need to go get my eye's checked please no rude comments. just trying to figure out this. ...

 Why are some people worried out about cell phone radiation?
When there is no scientific evidence it is bad for you, the sun produces more radiation! I just found a recent article saying that cell phone radiation is actually good for you, check it out: ...

 what happens if you may have accidentally taken too much mucinex D? please help, i'm scared?!?
ok so i've been taking mucinex D for a sinus infection i've been fighting. about 2am i took a 12 hr pill, thinking that i hadn't taken any mucinex tonight. right after i swallowed the ...

 I woke up with a sharp pain in my right chest only that hurt only when I breathed in and out. what's wrong?
It was like this for 10 or 15 minutes and then absolutely out of the blue the pain totally disappeared. I'm 23 years old what could this be? At first I thought heart attack, but I always thought ...

 Is there any ways of getting chubbier really fast ?
Any shakes? Fast food doesnt work for me. Any Pills OTHER then birth control? Anything i can buy? ( Canada )...

Can you fail a hair follicle drug test if you experienced second hand marijuana smoke?
Hey, I have recently turned my life around and quit using any controlled substance completely. My friends who still smoke marijuana regularly, tend to smoke around me. Most of the time they are good about smoking outside and such, but occasionally they'll want to smoke while driving. I always crack the window on my side at least three inches to avoid "Hot Boxing" but it seems when I had to take my drug test for my PO I managed to fail. He told me if I really didn't smoke then I will have to prove it by paying for my own hair follicle test which I have no problem with because I didn't smoke. I am just worried that the test won't be able to tell the difference because I don't know if I was exposed to too much smoke. Please someone who has actual knowledge of this comment. I don't want opinions, I want facts. Also people please refrain from being "Captain Hindsight." I don't want any, "Well you should have done This."

No way man. Possibly if you second handed every day a coulple times a day. If stuff like that were possible then kidswho live in smoking familys who have been second handed all their lives would have a nicotene addiction and not even have to first hand to accomplish that.

Jake Lynn
if its on a regular basis, if all the smoke and thc left in the air that you inhale over 2 weeks adds up to be one small smoke session for you (THC wise) you will fail. avoid all marijuana smoke possible. the thc will add up from the secondhand smoke, and cause u to fail. hope i helped.

cosimo lomyo
thc stays in your hair follicles for 3 years but no you wouldnt get a positive from second hand smoke

Daniel Smith
not sure

Do Martel
no, you can't. smoke can't get to your follicles.

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