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 My feet and hands are freezing but my torso is hot, is that strange?

 What cracks when you crack your fingers?
Like what exactly is making the sound? A diagram would be nice as I know nothing about the human body :]...

 Why does my upper body randomly shake?
I can't remember not shaking to be honest so I don't know when it started, but every now and then my upper body shakes and I can't do anything to stop it. It only lasts a second but it&...

 Am I to late to change my health?
I'm around 14-17.
I'm overweight.
I never exercise only now and again!
I'm depressed.
I have no friends.
No motivation.
I'm a fussy eater.


 I have brown discharge under my pot where i broke my leg?
I have wound from when i broke my leg under my full leg pot. i felt a moist area near the swelling and put some tissue down, which when brought up had LOTS of brown fluid on it. I had an infection ...

 i blacked out at school?
Last night i had a head ache, but i felt fine this morning. I ate breakfast. Then 2nd period i had gym..we were weight lifting..easy stuff and i didn't try very hard anyways. Then 3rd period I ...

 Cold but only on one side of my nose?
I have a really runny nose but only on my right side and my throat is kind of sore what could this be? The other side of my nose is normal im quite worried....

 How do you clean yourself after using the toilet?
Some people use water and others use just toilet paper but:

1)When using toilet paper, won't there be some left on your bottom?(Sorry if this sounds sick)
2)When using just ...

 how to get a good night sleep and not be tired in morning to?
umm i go to bed about 10-10:30 and up for 7.
it takes me till about 12 to get to sleep and then im so tired in morning ho do i not be tired and go to sleep faster and have a good sleep


 Help. I Have Green Veins. Don't Know What To Do.?
I have green veins on the back of my hands and the top of my feet, and they won't go away. i've had this for a few months now, and i was just wondering if someone can help me figure out ...

 After a TONSILLECTOMY will i gain back the 10 pounds i lost when i start eating?
Did you gain back all the weight or know if you do??...

 Any miracle remedies for lack of energy and motivation?
I have a serious lack of energy and motivation and i have a lot of work deadlines coming up that I need to get through. Can anyone recommend anything that can help? I have tried some weird herbal ...

 Can somebody help me?
i feel i have the symptoms that would describe diabetes. I feel tired, hungry all the time, dizzy and i just cabn't be bothered.
i went to the doctors 6 moths ago for a diabetes test and ...

 Stuffy nose only when I lay down (to seep at night)?
This happens only at night. I have no radiator or air conditioner on. My sister sleeps in same room, and she sees to sleep well.

It only happens when I get ready to fall asleep, it gets ...

 Sharp pain under back of left shoulder blade when inhaling?
Since I got up this morning, every time I try to take a decent breath I get a stabbing pain under the bottom of my left shoulder blade on my back. It really hurts whenever I move my torso and leaning ...

 Can you recover from cigarette damage?
I smoked "socially", and even though I didn't feel addicted, I liked doing it. However, I recently thought I was becoming addicted and so I have decided to stop. Today, I played ...

 why Am i so tired all the time?
I am always so tired at work. To the point where I could fall asleep and am actually fighting to stay awake. My head is literally nodding and my whole body keeps jolting me awake. I drink plenty of ...

 How to stop feeling sick?
I've been feeling sick for 3 days now and it's just constant torture. I haven't been sick today yet but I feel awful and I can't eat much because it makes me feel worse. Is there ...

 Can you get tinnitus at your first time in a night club?
I went out on the Saturday night round my local town, in a night club called empire in Middlesbrough, I was in there from 12 till roughly about 4. Since then I have ringing in my ears and it is now W...

 Why do I feel this way?
Lately I have been getting headaches every single day, i feel tired alot and today at work my stomach starting hurting? What is going on with me??...

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