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 What vitamins can I take to get more energy?
I have been off of drugs and alcohol for 8 months. I have felt great up until now. I get the correct amount of sleep, but I have no energy and have this overwhelming feeling of tired. I am not ...

 How exactly should I meditate?
I am intrested in meditation,but I don't know exactly what I should do,I know in what possition I should be,but I don't know what to think while meditating!Please help,thanks!...

 Has anyone had a MRI done?
I'm having one on to check my head tonight... is it any big deal? I've had headaches for a month now, and can't figure out a cause......

 My 11 year old is just starting to get foot odor. Is there a way to control the odor?

 My toe nail keeps falling off - why?
Im a 29 year old female. I bumped my toe months ago, and it got bruised, and my nail fell off.

Then it grew back, and then yesterday it fell off for no reason. This is the 3rd time.

 why do my eyes do this?
Any time I cry in the evening, when I wake up the next morning, my eyes are so puffy I can barely open them. It doesn't happen if I cry earlier in the day.....just within the last few hours ...

 What could help me fall asleep faster?
It's Christmas eve and when I go to bed tonight I won't be able to sleep because I'll be too excited to. And that just makes the night longer, and I really don't want to have to ...

 Experiencing horrible insomnia for that past few weeks?
It has progressively getting worse and worse.

This Thursday night, i never went to sleep.

Friday night i finally fell asleep around 11PM but awoke at 2 AM wide awake.


 i have heartburn 24/7??
since i was a small child i have always had heartburn and i was wondoring if i should see a doc for it?...

 what are foot cramps caused by?
what can I do to get rid of ...

 Hi I have early edaculation problem, does any one have good advice how to solve this problem? Thanks?

 When are you going to bed?
poker after dark is on soon, then I'm goin to sleep! Night ...

 how do you minimize stretchmarks..i've tried aloe based creams....doesn't seem to be working?

 Can I become a doctor even if I make b's, a's and the occasional c?
My dream has been to become a doctor. I need to know if i REALLY want to or if i am just saying it becuase it sounds cool. I make A's, B's, and rarely C's. But i have heard thats not ...

 Is the length of your hand exactly equal to the length of your face?
Apparently this is a scientific law that holds true in all people!
Apparently the length of your hand (measured from the tip of your middle fingertip to the point where your hand meets your ...

 OMG. Having Blood Test & Injections tomorrow. NEEDLE PHOBIC PLZ HELP? I'm 14?
Omg omg. Please help me. I'm soo scared & panicking & crying

Tomorrow i gotta have a Blood Test & 4 injections !!! arghhhhhhh


 I just slept 18 hours, Is that healthy?
But I haven't slept for about 28 hours.

One of the reasons that I can't get up is my dreams. My dreams are always so movie like and engaging. Last night I was dreaming up a plot ...

 What is this and why is my foot in so much pain?
When I woke up this morning, my right foot was aching so badly. It's like this throbbing pain between my big toe and the second toe. I wasn't wearing flip flops yesterday or anything that ...

 Itch and Red bumps. What is happening to me?
Since yesterday afternoon i started to itch all over my body after bathing....and i scratched and red bumps appeared...i had a hard time trying to fall asleep last night. It's morning now and ...

 What are the signs a person needs glasses?
I've been getting headaches atleast once a day for almost a week now,and it usually makes my eyes hurt,too.Sometimes my eyes hurt even when I don't have a headache.And they're watery ...

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How to get rid of a cold?
I'm sick and o just got my cold today out of nowhere in like the middle of the day and it's getting worse and worse and I can't even STAND being sick it drives me insane. Is ther... Read More


Not feeling Well...please help?
When you dont feel well and feel like your going to through-up....what should you do?... Read More


Bill Joe
Why am I tired at like 7:00PM but not at 3:00AM?
So over the holidays I would stay up until like 3:00AM but I would be extremely tired between like 7:00PM-10:00PM. Why is that?... Read More


On what basis do we choose the size and length of a syringe?
Why I'm asking this question is my Grandpa takes vitamin b complex injections. So I want to know the specifications of the needle that would minimize the pain and give maximum effect.
Thanks... Read More


Yellowish poo, is this bad?
Every so often I have a yellowish color to my poo, although it's a much brighter color of yellow when it's diarrhea and on the paper, as apposed to when it's just in the toilet, and not... Read More


Please Help! What are the chances of this being something bad?
I had a bad one sided headache about two-three weeks ago. Never had one like this before, it was so odd and it scared me a lot! Finally it sent me to the ER as I was having vision disturbances. Ever s... Read More


Vomiting questions!!!!!?
Ive been vomiting and have diarrhea since 3:30 this morning. What can I do to make them go away or at least not be so bad???... Read More


Best way to give up smoking....?
I have tried all sorts of things to give up smoking including patches,gum and hypnosis. Nothing works....
Even tried cold turkey... I really want to give up but don't have the willpower alone to... Read More


Craig Roberts
Does flouride hurt kids?
... Read More


what do you do or take to get rid of to much iron in your blood?
... Read More


question on headaches after I eat?
the last 2 days after i eat i have a headache ate different stuff each day with Water i dont think i am sick but why is this happening?
i dont eat a ton of bread very rarely to be honest but I will wa... Read More


Help!! I have three marks on my chin that appear to be hickeys..any ideas?
I have three marks on my chin that look exactly like hickeys...they do not itch or burn, they just appeared on my chin. My bf thinks that it's ridiculous to say that they just appeared on my chin... Read More


I can't eat I can't sleep and I feel nauseous?
For the past four days I've felt like I can't eat anything, the only way that I can force myself to eat is, honestly, if I get high. I haven't been able to sleep much, and I've bee... Read More


Health Care Insurance question, need 10 people to answer?
1. How do you like the health care you receive?

2. Do you have insurance?

3. Is it expensive?

4. Is it worth the cost?

5. What do you wish was different? (1 or 2 specific deatails)

6. Y... Read More


football beast
i have trouble waking up in the morning and i get tired again at noon and also i get hugry allot?
ok i just turned 14 and i went to my Doctor for a check up and nothing was wrong. i forgot to tell him that i get hungry allot and i am tired allot. i am 5 6 150. i go to the gym 5-6 times a week and ... Read More


On average, once the sleep cycle begins, how long does it take to fall asleep?
What triggers a person into falling asleep. Your laying in bed for 30 mins and then fall asleep, why? Why is it that no one remembers falling asleep, you only remember closing your eyes?... Read More


please help!! my baby girls is poorly!!!!!!!!?
my little girl who will be two at the end of this month is really poorly, she was sick twice yesterday, and 2day all she has done is cry and whinge, i took her temp with a digital thermometer and plac... Read More


I think I'm sick but i don't know what it is, what is it?
My symptoms are:

-not bad at all, but a slight headache at times.
-stuffy nose.... Read More


i'm a 21 yr old girl, little overweight, not obese..just not skinny. had heartburn/indigestion since christmas?
i've had it mildly though...like the pain isn't that bad its just a little uncomfortable. what does this mean? is this bad? does this mean i may have high cholesterol? i've drank a lot ... Read More


why do my hands get numb?
whenever i lay on my ahnds after 2 minutes it gets numb and i cant feel them.. could i have a blood problem?... Read More


How do i get more sleep at night?
I'm 16 years old, on average i get 6 hours of sleep per night and that's not enough. I always feel tired, and I'm a fit kid. I exercise 1-2 a day, but they are not near bed time. Sugges... Read More


in order to stay completely protected in the sun... shouldn't we all ..?
do all of the following when we are outdoors...

1. wear sunscreen
2. wear a hat
3. wear sunglasses
4. uv umbrella offers more area protection from the sun say, a hat

but then, u dont rea... Read More


Horrible stomach problems, no answers.?
Since I had my third child in october I have been having some problems with my stomach.. here are my symptoms.

sulfur belching (burps that give a horrible rotten egg smell)
horrible upper stomach ... Read More


Luxuria Ira England
Traveling after a tonsillectomy...?
I'm having my tonsillectomy on the 17th and then getting on a plane to go to RI from NJ? Is that okay? Will the plane ride have any bad effect on my throat afterward?... Read More


Never hungry anymore. What could this be?
I'm not taking any medication or anything. I used to always eat a lot and be hungry over the summer and now ever since winter has hit, I am never hungry anymore. I just eat because I'm suppo... Read More


im about to go to trail for a medical malpractice case and my lawyer just quit on me i don't know what to do?
shes had my case for 3 year when i would call her she would tell me everything is fine we have all the tools to sink them she would tell me they are digging a deeper hole for themselves and know when... Read More


I don't know what to do please help?
ok so I've been sick since Friday night with a horrible cold. This morning at like 6 I felt like every time I moved I was going to puke. Then the nausea would go away and I would be hungry, then ... Read More


C4 Snake
When i burp it makes my chest burn and mouth water.... any ideas?
... Read More


How do health care facilities use electronic (or computerized) medical records (EMR)?
... Read More


I haven't slept in a little over 48 hours and I'm not tired. What's going on?
I haven't had any caffeine or anything and I'm not tired at all.... Read More

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