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is my blood pressure of 210/122 in the middle of the working day normal or freakish?
when 135/70 is common when at home and relaxing

See your doctor ASAP.

Normal for a person looking to have a STOKE at work.See a Dr soon

go to the doctor or check your presure device

go straight to the hospital
or call emergency
you can have a stroke

I am surprise you still alive. Tell your boss,he'll give an easier job OR will fire you. Good luck!

technical difficulties
what is your diet?

does diabetes run in the family? have you had your cholesterol checked?

are you overweight?

how much water do you drink during the day?


get a blood panel also... lipids and potassium at the least.

i had crap like that and i almost died and went blind for a couple of weeks.

just so you take my suggestion seriously. that's essential hypertension dangerously close to malignant hypertension (which i'm dying of)

taking care of these things don't mean you have to take prescriptions all your life or at all.

diet, hydration.. getting a little blood work to see if there's anything that needs to be aleviated or increased can improve your situation.

it's dangerous to have a level like that even if you're working.

and 135/70 is borderline hypertension. though your diastolic is doing very well.

probably simple changes in diet and hydration may do the trick but don't take my advice only the part where i say see a doc. it's painless no one is going to be mad at you.. white coat hypertension is so common so don't worry if it's a wee high at the office.

so on.

see a doc.. make sure everything's ok.

because if you don't and there is a problem it's only going to bite you in the rear end sooner or later.

do it for you and those that love ya.. YUP that's what i was told. i'm glad too.. i'm still alive and not in dire pain... and i feel much better than i ever had before.

That's at a dangerous level, call your doctor and make an appointment immediately. You are in danger of a stroke.

That's pretty high. You need to take a chill pill or something. Don't let your job get to you so much.

a healthy blood pressure is far less than that, i didnt even know a human could have that high of blood pressure.

not good

Unless you are an elephant, I think you have what is commonly known as a 'Problem' there.

I'm curious as to 'how you know (in the middle of your working day) that you know what your BP is'..?

Personally, I'd suggest that you contact a Doctor as soon as possible.

Your top number is the systolic number, which is the pressurized number, (well blah blah)this should not get above 200. get a appt. with physician.

Your blood pressure is high, grasshopper74, but I'm sure you're already aware of that.

Why, might I ask, was your blood pressure checked? Were you already aware that it could be high?

There are many reasons why your blood pressure could be high, such as stress, heavy manual labour, obesity, exercise, etc. etc.

Without wishing to alarm you, you should really be speaking to your doctor about this. It may be that you require medication to bring down your blood pressure as you could be at risk of a stroke, or heart attack.

Speak to your doctor!

Depends on what your work is. If it is a highly physical activity (e.g. involves lots of running) then it might hit that high. Otherwise, please follow the others' advice and get it checked out by a doctor ASAP, or change your lifestyle: http://www.healthranger.org/

You need to get that checked out ASAP.

210/122 is NOT HEALTHY!

If your BP is significantly high even when resting, then you have a lurking issue. Unless your BP is documented in being that high, then call the doctor and get an appointment, because if you don't you could stroke out at anytime.

Sounds like you are going to blow a gasket. Probably at work. Hope they've got a good occ. health dept. Are you well insured?

The answer is nearly always in the question!

But seriously you need to get that blood pressure down.

Do you have stressful job and do you eat properly and exercise regularly. If the answer is no to all three questions, then I suggest you change your lifestyle pretty quick or you'll end up having a stroke. And oh are you overweight if so lose that weight. Get to the doctors first off and let him read the riot act to you before he gives you medication to bring your pressure down. Medication won't cure it but it will help to control the rest is down to you..

shirley e
You better get yourself to the doctor or have a stroke.

get a less stressful job before you go into chronic kidney failure

yeah I am pretty sure you know the answer already

You need to go see a Dr and quick!


it sounds like stress. The top figure is the ouput and the bottom figure the return (?? I think, if remeber right). Importantly it's the bottom figure (122) that Dr's are generally concerened about,

But, it depends on age diet ect.

I'd get it check out though,

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but...................Not good! It's freakish! Get you butt to a doctor Stat!!!!!!!!!!!

High blood pressure causes quite a lot of damage to the arteries; among other ills. I would - if I were you - get a medical check quick: and get the appropriate handling: you are not ready for what comes of leaving this unhandled (can effect kidneys too)
Don't put it off.

a b
It's way to high!! It's treatable with medication, just go to your doctor.

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