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 how did you quit smoking?
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 Any tips on how to get to sleep?
Please Read ALL INFORMATION before answering

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 does anyone know how to cure a hangover?
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 How can I get to sleep easier?

 Today I Have Felt I Always Have To Pee.. I'd Pee And Have The Feeling To Again Right After I Pee..Help?
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anyone can offer advice for stopping smoking, i am quitting on 4 may 2007 and would like some suggestions?

Helly T
i recomend the patches, i have now been on them 4 7weeks and they do work, you will need willpower aswell, and do try and avoid stress. good luck ('',)

Hey why wait untill May 4th ? Quit NOW !!!!!!

Sort of silly and only works for some people, but make a list of the reasons you want to quit, and carry it around with you. Whenever you want a cigarette, pull out the list and read it. Basically this will occupy you long enough that you can get the craving under control.

Also, unfortunately, don't go to bars or go to only one's which are no smoking. It's so great to smoke and drink at the same time.

nicotine patches r brilliant

Pleasant Peter Perkins
We are all different of course...but I really did find the patches the best way to deal with the chemical addiction.

When I get urges, I pretend I am dragging on a cigarette and breathe the imaginary smoke down deep into my lungs and hold it there for a few seconds and then breathe out. By the time I have done all this...the urge has gone.

Also...every morning make yourself enjoy that you don't have to remember your cigarettes. You don't have to go outside to smoke ever again. You can be one of those self righteous people even though you deny that you ever would be!!!!!!

Theres loads of stuff....I wish you every good fortune with it!

Out og curiousity and because this question is already answered..

Why 04/05/07?

Use the patches. They do help. Good luck


patches i done it cos my wife told me she was pregnant best thing i have ever done good luck plus get something for your hands a stress ball is a gud idea

Best action would be to visit your local pharmacy and join the smoking cessation programme where you blow into a device and it measures your blood carbon monoxide levels and then they will give you nicotine replacement products with the correct strength for you.
With regards to payment, the service is free and the product (gum / patch) that you receive will be the same price as a prescription charge currently ÂŁ6.85 which works out cheaper than buying the stuff over the counter. Also if you don't pay for your prescriptions then this would also be free.
Good luck.

Jane F
No doubt you'll realise by now with all these answers that everyone needs to approach this differently!

I'm a serial giver upper!! I give up every 12-18 months and can usually last a few weeks.
I find setting a date important, it helps you get in the right place psychologically. It's also important (for me!) to have a substitute behaviour... I use nicorette gum initially and move onto ordinary gum, mints and sugar free sweets.
The important thing is to use the substitute behaviour whenever you get a craving or moment of weakness. Just say to yourself... "I'll just try this first to see if it helps" and cravings usually pass quite quickly if you can distract yourself with an activity.
The downfall with me is alcohol!! I always convince myself I can just have a few ciggies when I'm out and I won't smoke again!!! (Absolute nonsense for me!!)
Another tip... don't avoid others who smoke if you can help it. I actually find it helps to prove to myself that I can be around ciggies and not smoke them. But beware... rules don't always apply when you've had a few drinks!!

Good luck!

Don't give up giving up!

Martha Y
The only advice I can give you is Stop now and take Vitamin C it will clean your system of Nicotine it work for me 25 years ago best of Luck

Good for you for planning and setting a date(Good start), get rid of all your ashtrays matches lighters etc the night before and plan how you are going to handle it, it's all about changing your routine.

Also call 01268 464511 and they can put you in touch with yuor local smoking cessation clinic which is the way I quit after 25 years of smoking!

Good luck you can do it


john g
As has already been observed, you REALLY HAVE TO WANT to give up.
The first morning after you've stopped, you'll not only miss the actual nicotine, but also the ritual of lighting up and having all your paraphernalia to hand - cig packet, lighter, ashtray. Believe me, that'll be the most difficult to get used to - no longer reaching for a cig.
I strongly recommend that you get hold of a copy of Allan Carr's book 'The Easy Way To Stop Smoking'. It really helps you realise what a foolish habit it is and gets you to look at other people lighting up and recognise them as the idiots they are.
Plus, you'll be quids in!
The very best of luck.


Black Orchid
Use the clear patches they worked for me put them on in the morning not the night because they sometimes cause nightmares im still a non smoker 16 months later
Its the best thing i have done

Try using Allen Carr’s Easyway To Stop Smoking. You can buy the book, watch the DVD or attend an Allen Carr Clinic. All Allen Carr therapists have been smokers and have used his method to quit. Providing you have an open mind, you will find this method not only easy but enjoyable. It doesn’t have to be traumatic. Smokers make it hard for themselves because they don’t go about it the right way. Check out the website www.allencarr.com.au to find out more.

I smoked 3 packs a day for 15 years. You can try any of the above mentioned ideas (mostly the patch) but remember a crutch is a crutch.It is hard but I quit cold turkey.Woke up one morning and said I am stronger than a cigarette. That was 28 years ago.I have never had another. Do I still want ? occasionally. Alternatively you can go t any cancer hospice and spend a day. Reality is a good teacher. GOOD LUCK . What ever method you use remember if at first you don't succeed try again.

Where can I park
My husband smoked for over 42 years, a heavy smoker too.

He used an 'Nicorette inhalator' it stops the craving as you get your nicotine fix, and it also gives you something to do with your hands.

(Worked for me too!)

Good luck, but you must have some will power too, find a reason to give up - health is one of the most important reasons.

Whos your mama?
Mind over matter.

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