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 is astigmatism hereditary?

 I have sore glands on both sides of my neck just under the jaw what?
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 Is it very painful to have a doctor remove an ingrown toe nail?
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 How can I cure the terrible itching from my hands and legs?
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 what are the factors of the internal environment must be homeostatic maintained?

 Trying to find Mapa Professional Ultrane 551 gloves in UK please advise where?

 what does grapefruit do to your pressure and sugar level?
what does grapefruit juice does to your pressure and sugar level?...

 My Eyes are started to goes to bad condition since I wear spectacles. What's the reason? Can you explain?
Can any help my eyes by useful answers? If you do I will be very thankful to them....

 Who is the publisher and where are they located for Joseph Glenmullen?
Wrote the book Antidepressant S...

 what are the conditions of spanish hospitals like these days?

 What do I do about this masquito bite???
NM-It's 6!!! 3 on one shin, 1 on the other, and one on each knee!!! HELP! What are chiggers? As for the rubbing thingies, is it like a toothpaste-like "liquid", because if it's ...

 What does an enlarged spleen mean?
I went to the doctor with my friend last night because she was having flank pain on the left side and really bad back pain..Well the doctor told her that she had an emlarged spleen.. Has anyone ...

 what would be reasons why your doctor would recomend a tonsilectomy?
My tonsils have always been a problem for me. Nothing serious, but when i was small i would always get fevers and the cause was swollen tonsils. Not so long ago i had a sore throat, but it was ...

 are there any possible dangers with using aerosol spray cans?
i work with these spray cans all day and i've heard they can cause brain damage. Is it true?...

 Who over sees narcotics & substance II drugs? How many levels.....examples of??
This is extra credit for a class( Medical Law and Ethics)...

 why is my neck always red and i dont have high blood pressure?

Why do I get so sleepy after eating sweets?
If I eat a cookie, ice cream, cake, etc., I get sooooooo sleepy! Almost as if I have been drugged. I absolutely have to go to sleep and when I wake up I feel very tired and weak. What is this?

When you eat simple carbohydrates such as the sweets you described you have a sudden elevation of your blood glucose or blood sugar level and you will feel really good. Have you ever heard of a sugar buzz? That's what they are referring to. You may not always have this feeling but if you do, the problem is that it does not last long, because the body responds by the pancreas producing a lot of insulin to stabilize the high sugar level. This is a normal reaction by the body to maintain homeostasis or normalcy. The problem the the sudden drop of blood sugar, you have feelings of sleepiness and being very tired. This is a normal body function. But sometimes with diabetics this process is over exaggerated or doesn't work at all. So it you haven't done so already you probably should have a fasting blood glucose level to make sure everything is ok. Talk to your doctor about it. But what you are describing sounds like your body doing its job. It's just always good to check things out.

I don't have any answer for this, Bcoz I am like u

When you consume simple carbohydrates (sugars), your blood glucose rises briefly, but falls sharply_ then you want to nap or eat more sugary junk. You should try to get your sugar from whole, fresh fruits and vegetables. That way you also get plenty of fiber

renee b
Because you ate the sweets, the sugar in your blood went up. And what goes up, has to come down! When it did, you crashed.

Your blood sugars are probably too high, See your Doctor

It is probably your blood sugar dropping. After the rush of refined sugar surging into your bloodstream there is a letdown...when it is gone people often feel tired. Not sure if this is your problem, but i know this exists.

It is because of all of the sugar in the foods you just ate.

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