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 How can I cure fluid retention in the knees and ankles, that cause a clicking sound when I move them?

 Please please help, I am so so scared?
I went out for a meal last night I had lasange and 2 glasses of wine.
This morning I felt fine but I looked a bit bloated and had a bit of stomach ache.
I had lunch (a sandwhich, crisps and ...

 What's in UK's tap water?

 Is it wierd to stay on computer for 7-12 hours and not get tired?
I love going on the computer.
I usually only go on to look for updates, games, drawing (consumes most of my time), reading.
I do this nearly everyday and frankly, I am having no trouble ...

 Is my hunched back caused by bad posture?
I am 18 and often find myself hunched over while walking and on the computer. When I notice it I straighten my back but I have found that a lot of time I do it without noticing. It's really bad. ...

 Why am I so tired but can't sleep?
I have stayed the past 2 nights up till 2am and woke up at shot 10pm but the day after I have had a really bad headache. I do know why. I decided to go to bed about 5pm last night. It is now 2:00am ...

 has anyone here encountered ear infection?

 Is it dangerous take a benzo everday. I have terrible pain and it helps me sleep?
I have gone to a lot of drs and they can't find what is wrong yet. The pain has started even before the benzos. I have bad stomach pains. It is the only thing that gets me through the day ...

 Does what time you sleep affect your growth?
I heard that sleeping too little would stun your growth. I know about 7-9 hours is good enough but then I also heard that sleeping too late would stun your growth. But what if you sleep at like 12 am ...

 what is wrong with me? please please help I am so scared?
I went out for a meal last night I had lasange and 2 glasses of wine.
This morning I felt fine but I looked a bit bloated and had a bit of stomach ache.
I had lunch (a sandwhich, crisps and ...

 Is relighting cigarette and smoking the short worse for you than just smoking a new one?
I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW that smoking is bad for your health as well as others, so just answer the question...no anti-smoking posts....

 What is the best time to sleep?
What is the best time to sleep?A healthy man should sleep for a
few hours a day?...

 Am i having indigestion, vomitting sensation now due to the effect of eclipse?
My grand father used to fast but I ignored advice from elders ate some meat with a beer can and for the first time I feel like ...

 What are 10 diseases that can be caused by smoking?

 how come every time i wake up my whole face is swollen?
so lately every morning when i wake up, my whole face
is swollen.
i have big bags under my eyes my lips are huge & red!
my cheeks are huge & i cant feel my cheeks.
my ...

 Is it safe to take a multivitamin and a B-Complex vit?
Hi, I studied up on all of the individual vitamins and recommended intake but I want to know from actual people - is it okay if I take a multivitamin and a Super B-Complex? The multivitamin has ...

 Please help me im going deaf:( im only 14!!?
About a month ago i fell asleep on my ear and i woke up in the middle of the night and it felt blocked and was ringing i had experienced tinnitus before but usually after gigs,well anyways i went to ...

 Tips on falling asleep quickly?
It takes for me 20minutes to fall asleep, I'd like it to be 10 or less any suggestions....

 Why babies are put in cradles and swinged?
In what way swinging the babies in cradle help them health wise?...

 Is sleeping on a fumigated mattress safe?
Someone took it upon themselves to fumigate my mattress without my permission and I am pregnant and worried that the fumes and left-over chemicals left in the mattress fibers will not be good for my ...

What does a body temperature of 97.9 mean?
I get hot in my face every night before bed and I take my temperature. It is always 97.9. What does this mean???

Stellar Dawn 2011
It means your thermometer is whack.

moped mama
you are what you eat? what are you eatting and drinking? under active thyroid my temp is low 97.7
w/ thyroid goitor ?.

tara Shrestha
i gite hot i always.n my fack night bed and i tak my temperure.if

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