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 My urine is Yellow, is this OK? if not, why is it like this?

 Whats a way to help me fall asleep and stay asleep?
I need help cuz i wanna finally be able to sleep without having to take pills....

 Why there is always a polite notice in public toilets to wash your hands? Don't we already know about it?

 how do i go to sleep when i'm wide awake?!?
okay. this week i have work in the morning(11 a.m. or 12) on a few days and yesterday i went to bed at 4 a.m. and woke up around 6 p.m.
today i work at 11 a.m. and i need to get to sleep NOW so ...

 Don't you think accidentaly standing on an electric plug with no shoes on really bloody hurts?
Its one of those that makes all youre head go hot then cold, its so painfull, i wish it wouldn't happen!...

 My throat hurts after smoking?
Three days ago i had my first cigarette (Camel Crush) it wasn't the whole one though, maybe 5 puffs. Just today my throat started hurting, but only when i swallow. Does this have to do with the ...

 What do you usually do when you can't sleep?

 Does anyone else find it near impossible to get out of bed in the morning, however much sleep you get?
Doesn't matter if it's 4,5,6,8,9,10 hours sleep, I always feel exactly the same when the alarm goes off- it hurts to open my eyes and I feel a little sick. I am always late because I can ...

 Having a bath?
How long do you stay in the bath for?

Do you:

1 Stay in the bath till the water goes cold
2 Stay longer and add hot water as the water gets ...

 Can I still smoke these?
Ok I had a pack of cigs and I forgot about them and put them in the washer like a dummy and they were all wet so i let them dry. are they ok to smoke now?

id hate to waste a whole pack of ...

 is there anyone else who can't be bothered to wash?
its just too much ...

 do you have your blood pressure and cholesterol level checked on a regular basis?
Do you realise how important they are? I nearly typed impotent but changed it....

 How do I persuade my mum?
I would like to get a check up at the doctors but my mum keeps saying I don't need one and won't book me a one. How can I get her to get me a check up? (Persuasive tactics needed......

 Is tea/coffee healthy when taken with milk?
I've read so many times about the benefits of tea but i'm confused. Are all these benefits only there if tea is consumed simply by brewing in water or is it ok to add milk?

 I cant sleep please help!!!?
its been months since it started and no matter how tired i am i just cant sleep i get really tired so i go to bed early and it still takes me hours to fall asleep does any one have any ...

 I'm giving blood will work allow me the day off?

 how did you quit smoking?
planning to stop on monday, been a smoker for thirty five years, any tips would be most welcome, got a months supply of patches and lozenges, is it better to keep a packet of cigarettes in the house ...

 Why mosquitoes love me so much? Please note I 'm not stinky and I never wear perfume while camping!!!?

 I'm coughing up blood?
I've just coughed up some blood in some clear phlegm. It was just a little stringy bit of red in the phlegm, but I am a bit worried. I was out last night and have been smokling quite a bit ...

 Waking up?
Please help: a lot of nights I sleep so heavily that I sleep through my alarms in the morning and I oversleep. It doesn't seem to depend on how much sleep I get or what quality it is, and the ...

Is there something good for really dry lips other than chapstick?
Dryness is on the lips and on top of lip also has Ashma.

Edward S
cow dung it doesn't fix it but it stops you licking your lips.

I Like Ike
Carmex lip balm

Vaseline works really well.

Vaseline works wonders

Reality Check!!
Vaseline- all the way!!! Carmex too!
(Especially at night)

carmex.....works wonders...(its not just for cold sores!!!)

Pam H
Blistex, Carmex are both good. Aveeno makes a good lip balm. Also, drink more water.

John H
nut butter

I'm a carmex fan myself.

Carmex is great

Grants a tractor luvr!

petroleum jelly

Carbolated Vaseline.

Look Away, I'm Hideous

well.. i heartly recommend you frenchkissing :) works like a charm

? B3autiful ?
this is the kind i use and its only about 2.00 a jar..or whatever that little container is

Mario M
Vaseline or lick your lips

Alicat ♥s ♫♫♫!!
I love Blistex...it is medicated and works well!

Personally? Chapstick doesn’t really even help that much, I’m just addicted to it. Seriously, whenever my lips feel dry I just automatically reach for it. But, for the treatment of dried/chapped lips? Carmex. I prefer the kind in the tube not in the round thing.

Blistex just gives the same soothing feeling as chapstick but doesn't really make my chapped lips better.

Neutrogena Lip Moisturizer.... this stuff is amazing. For me, it works much better than chapstick & blistex.

m&m collector
dab a little Vaseline on them this has been around for many years and it works

Blistex is the only one that I use. Its the new one in the gray tube its like liquid not the wax stuff...

Aloe-Vera juice strait from the plant

good luck- and good health

other then chapstick use Vaseline or as other companies call it petroleum jelly. it works very well. other then that drinking lots of water in a day so your lips wont chap at all. =)
hope that helps...

Deffo Blistex, and buy the one in a pot, not the glossy lippy thing, thats useless. I had really bad lips for a week, got the blistex in a little tub and 3 days later my lips were fine :)

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