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Im getting my tounsils removed tommorrow.. Im really worried? ITs my first time bein put to sleep...?
Any words to ease my mind...
i just worried like not waking up and stuff.
i never been put to sleep and im scared...
Im 17 and i get strep alot and i have chronic tounsilitis so i need them out.

Skippy The Wondertard
The good news is that if you never wake up, you wont know it.

ohh haha its okay i got mine removed in aug its fine youll wake up .it will hurt and you may wanna cough blood but the nurse will probably help u.:] hope i helped eat lots of icecream and crushed ice smoothiess yumm lol

ok well take this from me,
someone who had surgery on her hip and has a metal pin stuck in her hip for the rest of her life.

okay well when it happened to me, they take u into the surgery room, and they put this mask on you. you literally take 3 breaths and you're out. out like a light. i know people say that you go to sleep right away but jeesh im still surprised at how fast i went out. thye have u count back from 100 and then u stop at like 97 adn then boom. u fall asleep. it doesnt hurt r anything. you'll wake up, and everything will be over..

but dont be worried. at all. you WILL wake up. think of all the good things....you wont have strep anymore :]

hope i helped :D

Donnie Darko
They gave me anesthesia when I had my appendix taken out, I remember the telling me count from 10 backwards and I don't even think I made it to number 8. Next thing I knew I woke up in recovery, I was in a little pain but they will give you medicine for that. Don't worry you will be fine.

Brian B
being put out is an awesome feeling, u dont even know it happened til you wake up...they count down from 10 and i only made it to 8, plus you get all the ice cream you want!!!!!

theres nothing to worry about really. ive been put to sleep many times and its awesome. i love the feeling before i fall asleep and when im waking up

Well, you kinda just fall asleep like you would at night, but not as long.
Dont Worry!

Christopher H
ive been put to sleep twice and apart from the pain afterwards....it was the best sleep i have ever gotten. I loved the feeling after i woke up. so rested.

dont worry it will be fine removing of the tonsils is one of the most common sugerys so your doctor has probly done is 20 or more times before so dont worry

Just try not to think about it, the odds of someone not waking up from it are highly unlikely. Once you are in the operating room and they start to put you under it will be just like when you fall asleep at night, the only difference is you will wake up your throat will be sore. On the bright side you will get to eat ice cream and Jello for a while. Cold stuff really helps with the pain

You fall asleep very quickly and you should not feel anything during the operation.

It wasn't as bad as I thought is was going to be. I was sort of in a sleeping trance when I was put to sleep. I out of nowhere fell asleep and then woke up feeling very rested and peaceful thinking I had been asleep for hours, but in actuality being asleep for 15 minutes. I remember the conversations the doctors were having while I was sleeping though.....it was really weird, but in a good way haha.

you will be just fine. like the previous answer you just fall asleep. you feel a little funny when you first wake up but you will be fine!

It's an odd sensation to drift off and then wake up somewhere else and the whole operation is over. But you'll have experienced people taking good care of you through the whole thing and you'll be fine. When you check in, they'll probably explain exactly what's going to happen, but you can always ask questions and tell them you've never been under before. The first time you have anesthesia is always a little unnerving, but it's really routine these days and I'm going to repeat -- you'll be fine. Honest.

im 19 and im getting mine out in two weeks.. im worried just like you, i have a great teacher i work for in my life and he is very wise..
what they are using to put you to sleep is no heaver than advil pm..
just in a faster form..

Good luck ill keep you in my prayers and i know everything will go well

The P
hm keep thinking of a really good song you like and imagine yourself playing the song with an instrument of some sort

Ilan B
wtf is wrong with ur country.... here we do it awake, even for babies, its painless wen done by laser..

Nicholas J
i had that operation no worries the operation doesn't take very long and the only thing u will have to worry about is when ever u do get up....man you are going to be thirsty for something cold....have someone get you an XL slurpy at 7-11 for when you get up, avoid crackers, chips, cereal, and anything else crispy or crunchy for about 2-3 days, and get plenty of ice cream =). all in all its just like getting a sore throat, one day you wake up and have it, then another you don't.

here's the deal, its NOTHING!! My mom was put to sleep, she didn't do a think you just get the pill/shot and they leave. you go a sleep in NO TIME! Its nothing! TRUST ME!!!! You shouldn't worry it'll be seconds. Don't TRY to stay up just let it happen! It will be just like sleeping!

you will count backwards from 100 and barely get to 97. next thing you know, is when you wake up and wonder if it's over

My sister had the same thing done to her last year when she was 16. She said that they started counting down from 10, and by the time they got to 7, she was out. She said that when she woke back up, which only felt like a short while later, that she felt fine. She is sooooooo glad that she got her tonsils removed because she would get sick all the time from them. She also said that it wasn't as scary as she thought. You will wake up, don't worry about it. My sister thought the same things that you are thinking, and she turned out better than before. Just relax and know that once your tonsils are gone, you are going to feel a lot better! Good luck and hope this helps! :D

Going to sleep is actually the easy part. I don't blame you at all for being nervous. Everyone is before surgery. You may not sleep tonight thinking about it.

The good news is that everyone is nice. They will treat you well. Once you are rolled into the "OR" operating room, you'll get an IV drip and you'll simply go to sleep. To you it will seem like a few seconds and you are waking up again with a pain in your throat and groggy as heck.

Don't look at yourself in the mirror, you'll hate it. The pain in your throat will be the worst part of the whole thing. For a few days you'll need to eat carefully and only what they tell you that you can eat.

It's going to be fine, but you are normal to be scared.

you will wonder why you were so worried when its over nothing to it. GOOD LUCK

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