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sally m
I'm 14. Having a Blood Test soon. Will it hurt me ? PLEASE ANSWER?
Mummy is taking me for a Blood Test.

What will happen ? Will it hurt ? Can mummy stay with me ?


Yes, it WILL HURT!


Just imagine..., that you HESITATED!

Ohhh, the sweet, lingering AGONY!

Your Body in Convulsions, flailing wildly, your Skin shivers, your Nerve Endings Taut!



A it doesn't hurt

B. Look at the nurses chest instead

C. You can't study for a blood test

Richard W
You're 14, not 4.
If it bothers you, don't look while they do it.
They take a very small needle & draw a little blood from your arm.
It hurts less than a misquito bite.
Quit worrying.

I was scared during my first one too. It's not bad at all. Have you ever gotten a needle for vaccine remember how that felt? It's only a little pinch then it's over before you know it. Yes your mom can probably go with you the nurses are good about that type of thing.

no trust me. its fine! it might hurt a little but if you have a little scrape before this isn't going to be a PROBLEM AT ALL! don't worry!

dont be scared it wont hurt the worse part is the thing that they tie your arm with your mom can stay with you and do not watch look away

I too hate needles and yes tell them you want your mum with you!!

I will be honest sometimes they hurt sometimes they don't!

Drink a litre of water before you go because it will pump your veins up and they will be easier to get too and wont hurt as much

Try not to get too stressed about it because will make it worse take a MP3 player with you or something.

Tell them that you are not good with needles they are normally pretty good

good luck honey

it won't hurt. it's just one second, maybe less. make sure you breathe. take a deep breath in when their inserting the needle and you won't feel anything. make sure you eat and drink water before you take the test, apparently this makes it easier for them to draw the blood ( i have no idea how!). Good luck.

day dreamer
they will stick a needle either in your arm or the the inside of your elbow. its just like a shot but it will stay in for a couple minutes to draw the blood. you should get used to if after a couple of seconds. it helps not to look at it. and yes your mom can stay with you. mine did

You've never had blood drawn?
Not an issue really. it stings just for a second, nothing compared to the anxiety you are building up worrying about it. Try to relax, its not that bad=)

Just Wondering
It does not hurt THAT bad. Hurts a little. A little pinch. Take my advice.....dont look at the needle when they put it in. As long as you dont watch then u will be fine.

it doesn't hurt. just don't look.

I won't lie to you...sometimes it hurts, but some people are absolutely excellent about drawing blood and you barely know it's happened. Tips for the moment.... Keep your arm hanging down at your side (this causes the blood vessels to fill) When she is ready for you bring you arm up, pump your fist to keep the vein full. Don't watch if you don't want to.... When she is done don't let her put a gauze pad on and tell you to bend your arm at the elbow...this causes a bruise around the spot where she entered the vein. It is better to hold down on the gauze and lift your arm a little. It'll be all over before you know it. Good luck!

ok look the docter takes conton rubs alcohol on your skin to be softer it only hurts because air enters ur skin its like a half a second pinch than u see you r blood go up and trust me that looks cool and iam 11 so if iam not scared you shouldent be =)

mummy of one and ttc babyno.2
a blood test is fine all u have 2 do is look away and talk 2 Ur mum and u wont feel a thing if u keep thin kin about it it will hurt more so best advice is dint think about it and look away from the needle plus Ur mum can stay with u if u want her 2 the doctor or nurse cant say no because ur also under the age of 16 u have 2 have a parent in with u but ul be fine

Allen Z
just a little bit. But i had one when i was 2 and after 2 seconds it did not hurt.

Look the other way think of boys or something be done in no time, just a little sting, good luck

samantha l
no worries about the needle ..... I too hate needles just turn your head a look away! It feels like a little sting it's really not that bad....you will get thru it ;0

i agree with u
im 14 and i have to get one soon
but i really dont know
just keep thinking it will inly hurt for a sec
i had a nurse miss with a needle at least 3 times

look away so that you don't see it comming.

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