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Goddess of Nuts PBUH
How long does it usually take antibiotics to kick in to cure UTI?
I have been taking keflex for a complete 24hrs. now, and I feel about 90% better. I still have six days of medication to go, but I have had this medicine in my system now for 24 hours and I still do not feel 100% better. Is this normal? Or does it take time for complete recovery? Please help!

You are usually put on the antibiotic for 7-14 days, depending on how bad it is. You will need to finish all of the prescribed medicine. My doctor said to also increase your water intake and drink cranberry juice, unsweetened with it. You should feel better in about 3-5 days, but finish the meds or it will return.

spicy girl 1
Take all the pills that the only way you know you kill the bacteria people sometimes feel better then stop too soon then end up with another but much worse because they caused the bacteria to build a resistance to the antibiotic take all until gone be safe.

The antibiotics are meant as a course of treatment. That is, they aren't going to "cure" you in one day. That's why you are prescribed a week's worth of medication to treat a UTI. You may notice a difference in your symptoms after 1-2 days, but you MUST take the entire 7 days of medication in order to be treated. You should normally see some relief of symptoms after 2-3 days, so you feeling 90% better already is a bonus for you. The problem with antibiotics is that when people start to feel better they decide they don't want to take their medication anymore because they think they're already well. Not so. Please continue to take your medication until it is all gone. Otherwise your infection will not go away.

it will take about a week to fully recover from it, in the mean time drink as much fluids as possible, water, juices..it will help you feel better faster.

You will need to finish the whole prescription for you to be 100%. You should also try drinking cranberry juice and lots of water. It will help you to feel better!

Abby M
It takes time. But you can feel better by drinking lots of water with lemon juice or cranberry juice. The acid knocks out the nasty little buggies. Feel better.

Take all of your antibiotics unless you are having an allergic reaction. This sounds quite normal, but make sure you take all of them! It might come back if you don't take them all. It always takes time to get better. Good luck and get well soon!

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