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 Can I get a medical weed card for having mono?
I am in really bad pain all day. No spleen pain luckily. Really achey all over my body and excruciatingly painful headaches. :(...

 I need HELP, I have insomnia !?
I have Insomnia and have been taking Ambien for years now. I had to switch to a new doctor because of my insurance and she wont prescribe me ambien even though i have had extensive testing done. So i ...

 How To Know If You're Lactose Intolerant?
is it like diarrhea, nausea, vomiting? i get a horrible stomach ache 5 minutes after drinking milk with diarrhea. does that mean i'm lactose intolerant?...

 Does anyone else have Mild Cerebral Palsy?
I was born early and now struggle with mild CP and walk with a limp. I guess Some times I feel that there is so many questions I have that only a person with CP could answer....

 Fibroids How long does it take to shrink them?
I 28 yrs old from California and while I was staying with my parents I went to a Gyno was told that I have 3 fibroid tumors 2 size of a lime and 1 lemon. I was taking some natural pills called, F...

 Kidney stone passing?
I don't drink a lot of soda but i had a single cup last night and i ended up having a kidney stone at 2 in the morning. I'm not sure how long it takes for the stone to pass but i left the ...

 What to do when you feel numb in life?
I feel so numb and unhappy, im 15 years old, and i know im young for dating. but i had dated a guy about 7 months ago, and loved him alot and our relationship was very deep, but i had to move. my ...

 If an anorexic goes into treatment and slowly eats up to healthness again will she not over gain weight?
if an anorexic goes into treatment and slowly eats up to healthness again will she not over gain weight?
and can she gain her curves again? without fatness?

give me a real answer. im ...

 Is it bad that I feel guilty about eating?
I am 13 years old, 5'3, and I weigh about 120. My friends make fun of me and say I am fat. I know they're just joking but it hurts. And, I really want to be skinny. I feel fat. It's ...

 Where Should I Go to Get Stem Cells for My Brain?
How much will it cost/ should it cost?...

 What happens if a laboratory loses your urine sample in the mail?
The Indian clinic I go to sent my urine to a different lab for further testing, but the place they were mailing it to never got it!...

 What causes spina bifida?
Does spina bifida have any genetic links, or is it all environmental or chance factors during development?...

 can someone tell me what to do about this?
im 15, i had my tonsils and adneoids out 4 days ago, my pain meds (liquid vicodin) havent worked so ive been bearing through this with no meds, its ok when im not doing anything but when i go to ...

 Is it normal to feel dizzy once in a while? ?
Right now I feel very dizzy and light headed. Almost as if I'm going to pass out...I get scared and begin to hyperventilate and get very hot. Is this a panic attack?...

 What is wrong with me?!?!?
I get these cramps below my stomach and bloading.

I have a uti but I been taking medication. I am 14 years old to. I have an eating disorder as well could it be from purgng?

I ...

 Tourettes Syndrome and Medical Marijuana?
So I have recently had a realization and it has to do with treating Tourettes with Marijuana. From grades 4th to 9th I had been plagued with different ticks and twitches, had no idea why I could not ...

 Blood Shot eyes??????????????????????
Okay heres the story:

So last night, i took out my contacts. It was then when i started to notice a burning sensation in my eyes. it hurt very badly. My eyes continued to do this when i ...

so yesturday while i was in class i noticed that it hurts when i swallow..this has happened to me before but by drinkin lemon and tea it ended..now i have it again nd from doin research im scared ...

 what is the prognosis and etiology of OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder)?

 What would cause strange fluctuating fatigue?
For about 3 years, I've had fatigue that varies. For 3 weeks straight, I will be so exhausted that I cannot walk more than 15 feet. For a couple weeks later, I will feel like my body is asleep ...

How evil can I be
Why do I feel so tired and irritable all the time?
I am new to this state, and have felt very depressed since being here. My job never lets me get on a regular sleep schedule. When I sleep its not enough or way to much. I haven't made freinds here. So i do spend my days alone.

This had been happening since April.
Could this be caused by lack of sleep or depression?
Alot of times I feel like I want to throw up.

I had bloodwork done back in august and the doctor just told me to sleep more.
She told me there was nothing wrong with my blood and no infections.

I even had an abscess in my armpit and asked about it and she said whatever caused it is gone now, because my blood came back fine.

What can this be? I feel like i have severe anxiety and depression

I am a 20 yrs old male.
I know i am to young to feel this way.

Could it be bipolar or some disease?

Please help Thanks

Oh baby u must be in my head.... Kinda going through the same thing, I moved in Sept, I have a totally screwed up sleep schedule cuz my 1 yr old is an insomniac but my 8 month old sleep fine so shes up early, so I get like no sleep lol...

I feel like I am just waiting for life to get back on track all the time but have little to no motivation, I just started taking an anti-depressant, but it takes like 6 weeks to take effect so again Im sittin waiting.

Iv been trying to get out more or at least do something that makes me feel good about myself, bleach my teeth, change my hair, workin out again... small things i can control, and i do feel a bit better.
I bet if I could nail down some sleep I'd be tip top....

I dont think u have a disease or bi-polar, just the blues... maybe tell ur doc u wanna try a low dose anti depressant

Not bipolar. You are just tired and depressed from moving to a new place. Like the doctor said try to get more sleep and remember to eat and hydrate yourself. Like everything else it would be that you just need to adjust to a new environment

Lack of sleep....and I think depression is your culprit. Look into seeing a psychiatrist for further evaluation. They can hook you up with some meds and possibly some sleeping pills. Good luck!

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