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 over compulsive disorder?
my dad has ocd and i know its triggered by a fear or something like that but when i was really young something happened i don't know what but it changed me a bit i would worry constantly about ...

 how long should i give my self to fight off a cold?
how long should i wait till going too see a docter i have had a tickly cough and cold for 4 days now with a headache. i have been using all selfe help measures thinkable is it time to go and see the ...

 my husband has been diagnosed with having to much creatine kinase in his blood what does this mean please?

 whats best way to come off heroin?
i've been on smack for 12years. i would like to do it cold turkey1...

 My eyes water really easily. It feels like theres something in my eye, and than they just water.?
Blinking for a bit afterward for 10 seconds usually stops it, but it's really annoying. Why is this?...

 omg what is tapeworm? I think i have it?
I am so scared when i go to the toilet in my urine or this squiggly line comes out on the toilet - my mum says its tapeworm. I am so scared now because it looks creepy and i saw the close up pictures ...

 Has anyone had hair loss because of illness? What can I do to cure it?
I had pneumonia and pleurisy in May. Months on and I am still suffering with pleurisy pain and I have a pleural effusion which I am hoping it will clear on its own, now too add to my problems i have ...

 Please help house ridden with IBS?
for the past year and a half I have suffered with stomach and bowel probs and after my second colonoscopy my consultant has diagnosed IBS, he says I have had every stomach and bowel medication ...

 Nose infection??
For the past week or so, I have had difficulty sniffing up and blowing my nose does not help it. Also, I have difficulties breathing (being an asthma sufferer, this could mean nothing, but I have ...

 Can glandular fever lead onto M.E?
And how is it diagnosed?...

 Constant acid indigestion.?
I have been for an endoscopy and there is nothing wrong, no ulcers etc etc, awaiting tests for Helicobacter pylori. Any ideas what could be wrong? I don't eat fatty foods or drink or smoke ...

 stomach problems no one will tell me?
went for a recent endoscopy and when it was all over i was given a letter and basically sent on my way, i thought everything must be ok but as i tried to read the letter seemingly there was a finding ...

 Does drinking water really detox you from heroin?
I smoke heroin. Trying to get off SO HARD!! I know it's logical to say drinking water will help detox faster ... but does it really? And getting into more detail - how specifically will/can it ...

 What's under keith lemon's bandage?

 my hands and legs are all shaky!?
i've had soccer practice and then i've been doing extra running cause bikini season is coming. and i think it's making me shake. is it something i'll get used to? how can i make ...

 help i have ringing in my ears ?
thanks lochmes for you help and sympathy but can you exspand on bio feedback plase any info from anywhere would be appreciated thanks ...

 Could my numb feet be a skin problem?
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 Strep Throat?
I Have Had Strep Throat For About 1 Week And A Half And My Doctor Gave Me An Antibiotic Called Augmentin...But It Doesnt Seem To Be Working At All...I Still Am Getting Fevers And My Throat Hurts So B...

 i am a recovering alcoholic,all i hear from people is the benefits you get for being ill.do you ?
i have been dealing with alcoholism for 4 years,we are not what peole think,i was a binge drinker,i have fallen off the waggon 2 times in four years,but have went straight back to sobriety,my partner ...

 What things can people still do for themselves who have dementia and live in their own home?
I am doing a course on dementia and i am stuck on this question its mainly based on someone with Alzheimer`s....

What is thin blood?
What does the term 'thing blood' mean and how do you know your blood is thin? Like with thick blood, it means your blood clots easily but you have no real way of telling (e.g. symptoms of it) that you have thick blood. So can you have 'thin blood symptoms' at all?

I've got thin blood & my blood finds it hard to clot and I had to undergo an operation. I was bleeding to death and had to have blood transfusions. I was losing that much blood, I needed to have 6 & a half litres of blood transfused into me, I was extremely lucky i'm here to tell the story, extremely lucky. That's alot of blood.

One of the symptoms of " thin blood" I had ,was large , black bruises . I had a very low platelet count.

You are correct, thinning of the blood means that it doesn't clot easily. Some symptoms you get if your blood is too thin are bruising easily, gums bleeding and sometimes if you have a cut, it takes longer to stop bleeding. When you have a low level of any part of the blood make-up which helps with clotting, you can be at risk of bleeding (obviously dependent on how low). In some situations it is advisable to keep blood thin with drugs such as aspirin and warfarin to prevent clots.

Lady Alma of Avalon Grailguard
Thin Blood is a traditional expression for a coward.Thick blood happens in family feuds, and sometimes it can mean a stubborn Pit Bull. He'll grab a stick and not let go, hang the stick in the tree, and Pit Bull still hangs on.. You leave Pit Bull ... Pit Bull Hang On... Hour 2 hours....Pit Bull keeps hanging.....When I heard it I did not believe it, but , when I realized I have a karate ka bone structure, I found out that a lion will break his teeth on parts of my skull. Not that I would go for such a stunt... Somehow I have the Idea the Pit Bull would make my Thick Bood run Thin.

ahsan a
In the scientific language, there is nothing like thin or thick blood. This is a wrong perception. The viscosity of blood remains the same. The changes occuring in the blood r due to the changes in the # of one particular kind of cell, the change in the proportion of different cells, the ratio of haemoglobin etc etc.

Nicole H
see a dr Malaria - Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention ... symptoms and arthiritis pain. Learn about osteoarthritis treatments ... blood tests, including thick and thin blood films, to identify the plasmodium ... www.healthscout.com/ency/68/347/main.html - 65k - Cached Symptoms ... or Cardura, typically used for high blood pressure are also muscle relaxants and ... There is no one absolute treatment for bothersome symptoms. ... www.drrajmd.com/conditions/symptoms/symptoms.htm - 58k - Cached

You're right about "thick blood" clotting easily so "thin blood" is the opposite - your blood doesn't clot easily. If your blood is too "thick" a clot can form in your vein or arteries preventing blood flow to part of your body which is obviously very dangerous. However if your blood is too "thin" and you cut yourself, it'll take longer to form a clot and you'll lose more blood. So basically you need to be somewhere in between. I guess the only symptom of "thin blood" would be if you get a small cut and it won't stop bleeding for ages. If this is the case you should get in touch with your doctor.

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