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 I just found out my 41 year old boyfriend is doing meth.?
I have been with him for over a year now, and I am 28.. I thought I FINALLY found the perfect guy. Come to find out he does meth. But only like once a month, or once every couple months. I have kids. ...

 Do you think that I have Tinnitus?
Ever since I was younger, (I am now 17) I have been hearing a sound that sounds like screeching or buzzing in my right ear every time I hear a really loud sound, like at a concert, or yelling. When I ...

 What is wrong with me?
Every couple of days I get hit by waves of nausea, dizziness, shakiness, feeling like I have a fever when I don't, aches and pains, severe fatigue, memory issues, cognitive brain function ...

 How to unplug ears?????????????
Last night i went to the emergency room for severe ear pain and was diagnosed with an outer ear infection. Ever since yesterday night, my ears have felt very plugged, almost as if they have a suction ...

 crutches for Dysautonomia?
I have a type of dysautonomia called POTS, which makes my legs very weak, and tired. Would forearm crutches make walking easier?...

 what are scientists currently studying for alzheimer's disease?

 i keep getting random head rushes?
i'll wake up in the middle of the night to stretch and as soon as i do i get really dizzy like i stood up to fast. it's starting to happen a lot more frequently and im not sure what is ...

 How did you get rid off puddi ?
Me and my friends are really hooked on puddi.
We eat it almost every day, spend way too much money on it, and ruining our physical condition, social lives, and i'm worried we won't get ...

 I'm just curious. How can you distinguish the symptoms of Parkinson's Disease and symptoms of nerve damage?
My dad has Parkinson disease and I'm very curious. How can you distinguish it really? I mean I don't really want one sentence but maybe a bit extra information to back-up your answer please?...

 Lump behind right ear?
I'd say it's about 3/4 inch wide. Slightly painful to press on but not too bad and it's kinda hard. I heard something about a swollen gland or something being a possible cause. I'...

 Constipation! Help me, please! :( 15 year old girl :(?
Hey guys! :) I am 15 years old, (115 lbs, 5 2 just in case you need to know) and I have been struggling with constipation for as long as I can remember. But in the last couple months it has gotten ...

 What are the characteristics of a seizure, and what are stroke-like symptoms?

 What is the significance of changes in early proliferative phase, secretory phase, and early menstrual phase?
Also the uterine glands are less apparent, and the spaces between glands contain leukocytes....

 Has anyone ever TRIED to perform surgery on a terminally ill patient?
Just wondering......

 I have severe pitting edema in my right ankle (and some in calf). Began early Oct. No Injury/blood clot. Ideas?
MRI(pelvis) ultrasound(full leg), blood tests came back normal. Recently I have noticed slight pitting in my left ankle as well. Doctors are clueless. I had a miscarriage 3 months ago. Compression ...

 can a doctor please tell me what's wrong with me?
dizziness,nausea,weakness,"pins and needles" on my right arm and leg,loss of appetite,and falling asleep during the day even with enough sleep at night are some things i've been ...

 What could be causing me to feel like this?
Lately i have been feeling really restless, all the time.
yet at the same time im exhausted.
i feel lightbodied (not light-headed, like my whole body feels like a feather, and kind of ...

 on which chromosome is autism found on?

 Is my dad an Alcoholic?
Okay so my sisters keep saying he is, but I don't think so...here's what he does:

-He always looks for some reason to cook- and when he cooks he drinks.
-He goes to work ...

 Diabetes? Please help?
I want to know from outside opinions if you think I might have diabetes? I've noticed two weeks ago I've started to really go to the bathroom A LOT more than usual..I have been eating a lot ...

Drink a lot of water and not peeing?
I cant stop drinking water, I can down two water bottles ever other hour.. But im not peeing as much as I should be? Could I be dehydrated? Ive also gone through a lot of stress with school, its finally over but can that have something to do with my unquenched thirst?

No peeing in whole day?
How it possible
If you are getting pain while voiding its a bad sign.
Drinking more water os not a problem at all..thats good for health
But if not getting urine think over it


Maida Malamud
Normally the more you drink a lot of water, you should produce a lot of peeing.

Here is some biological explanation about this mechanism;
Whether it's very hot, the heat activates the thirst system in the hypothalamus gland which signals the kidneys to reabsorb water what would ordinarily leave your body as urine. By having a different chemical, it guides the kidneys to reabsorb sodium and because the old saying goes (in which sodium goes water follows). Therefore if your body retains sodium, that will cause the body to reabsorb water. Reabsorb means fluids and things like sodium have alread been released through the blood vessels in to the kidneys which can be delivered through various tubules before coming to a large main one that takes the fluid, which is then referred to as urine, out of the body. Reabsorbing is taking those things the blood has released and bringing it back into the bloodstream. Reabsorbing water keeps you from becoming dehydrated. When this occurs, the urine you do pass will be of less volume and more concentrated (more solutes or waste products and less solvent or water) and will be darker and have a stronger smell then dilute urine. So, it you are drinking lots of fluids and aren't peeing much, yes you are retaining water. But, like I said above, if it is hot or you are dehydrated, the body's retaining fluids may be a good thing.

Kiran Ale
yes i also drink a lot of water cause its very useful for our healthy life.

Ali Qaim
It is indeed a worrying sign and it has to do with your renal system -- kidneys, bladder and other organs. There is a possibility that they are unable to process that much water or have any other problem. See a doctor immediately.

Also it is not good to drink two water bottles every other hour. It is rather too much and you need to cut it down a bit.

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