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 Has anyone had an eye removed? What was the experience like?
How do you find living with one eye? I am thinking of having this done, as I frequently have severe pain in eye ( corneal erosion ) and can't work-well, the acute phase is 1-2 days once every 1-2...

 When my eyes water, my vision improves?
I've noticed than often when I yawn, my vision improves drastically. I was wondering if there was any medical or scientific basis for this. I guess that the additional water in the eye helps ...

 how to remove scratches from eyeglass lense?

 why are my eyes so tired all the time?

 How to make old contacts feel more comfortable?
OK guys my eyes are ok without contacts when im at home. But i start work friday and i need contacts for the job ( so i wont mess up). My contacts are pretty old like 4 months old and when i first ...

 why do i see circles as squares?

 i need help getting glasses and have no why in paying for them at this time i need help?
where can i get ...

 Acid in the eye, chemistry class ?
Today during my chemistry lab class, I was making an ester from methanoic acid and ethanol and while it was in the hot water bath and I tried to smell it, the content blew up into my eye. I washed it ...

 Can -5 rx eyeglasses be done wth flat front lenses?
I heard that they only use fla front lenses for eyeglasses when the rx is -9 or higher....

 which is the good hospital in Bangalore for LASIK eye-treatment for cylindrical power?
Hi All,
I have power of minus power on both of my eyes… 10 years when i tried to take lasik laser treatment, doctors said that i have cylindrical power, so i can not go for lasik.

I ...

 I put the wrong contact in my eye and I can't get it out?
i neeeeed help ive tried flushing it out and everything but nothings ...

 My visions noticeably not as good as it used to be. Why?
It's not terrible, I don't think but it's definitely not as good as it was a year ago.


some things I've thought about might be...
Maybe I'm ...

were can i buy cheap eye contacts that look like those from those zombies that have a "virus"?
i dont wear glasses or contacts is it bad if i use them only for one day (halloween)?...

 whats wrong with my eyes?
hey i started wearing contacts from march 2010 cause my vision was little bad, my number -1.50 in my both eyes and on july 1 i got off a plane and my right eye was super red then i realized the ...

 Colored Eye Contacts?
Do they really exist?

And also, is it possible to get them even if someone doesn't use contacts or glasses, just for the colored eye change?...

 does anyone have any idea what this is on my eye (picture)?
please ignore the eye make up, me and my little sister where being "silly" and drew eyes on our eyelids.

it's been there for a couple of yrs btw.

link to image:<...

 Using expired contact solution. Should I stop using it?
I have a bottle of expired contact solution (expired 2009/05, Opti-Free Replenish if you are interested in brand name). Just wondering for those of you who are eye doctors/optometrists, should I ...

 Will I ruin my eyes if I wear glasses?
have good vision. But my friend bought these reading glasses from the 99 cent store. I want to try them on and see how it would look on me. :p They are not prescribed. Can I wear it? It doesn't ...

 Does the lens of your eye also flip an image left to right?
I know the lens of your eye causes objects to get flipped upside down. I've done an experiment with a magnifying glass at arms length to prove this. I noticed also that the image is flipped ...

 I just got contacts, when will I be able to wear them in school?
I just got contacts yesterday, but I didn't wear them in school today. Is it okay to wear them in school tomorrow? I haven't worn them for 6-7 hours straight, only around 4 hours at a time ...

i got dawn dish soap in my eye, what should i do?
i already flushed it with water & eye drops for 15 minutes, but it still burns. & it is serious if you get it in your eyes? should i call a poison control number & ask them about it? i don't know what to do

Morshu Harkinian
stay calm and allow your eye to transform into a dinner plate.

rinse it with luke warm clean water. No harm no foul.You'll probably;y have better vision.

Usually washing it with water really works but with LOTS of water
wash it out with water!! if it still stings or bothers call the poison control that u mentioned!! eventually ur eye will be fine if u wash it with enough water u wont ruin ur vision if it wasnt a big quantity of dawn

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