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 What causes my eyes to change colors?
my eyes are always blue but when im arond my friend Mary Jane my eyes are shiny look like they have like light "blue lightning" in them (thats what i think it looks like) and light green ...

 How much do contacts cost for a whole years' supply?
An average price range. I know every type is different, I just need a general idea....

 Can laser pointers really blind people?
I was just wondering, and if so, why can't other things such as flashlights or LEDs do the same?...

 Laser Eye Treatment yes or no?
I'm thinking of getting my eyes lasered which seems to be a fairly common thing no a days but i'm still apprehensive about it, can anyone answer the following.
Can they get bad again ...

 what is called stuff come out from eyes after waking up ?

 what happens when you need glasses?10 points best answer x?
heyy x im 13 and i have never needed an eye test tat i can actuall remmeber before but now my mum has booked me an oppointment for the optitions but what kind of this will they do in the test and how ...

 Are contacts expensive? URGENT, 10 points?
I'm thinking about switching from glasses to ...

 Is there that big of a difference between 3.5 and 4.5 for prescription glasses?
I'm trying to get some prescription Oakley sunglasses. The max decenter i have came across is 4.0, but the cheapest i have found had a max of 3.5 for selection. My question is, is there that big ...

 who belives this is a true story why?
theres this blind girl who has a good boy friend and she is always complaining that life would be oh so sweet if only she could see so one day someone offers to donate their eyes to her and she ...

 What are some ways I could correct or make my vision better?
I'm thinking about getting Laser Eye Surgery when I'm older like 25, but I have heard of eye exercises and do they really work? And what should I do to prevent my eye sight from getting ...

 Please help figure out what is wrong with my daughter? Neurology? Migraine? Ophthalmology?
Ever since Monday January 12th my 8 year old daughter has been suffering with severe left eye pain, blurriness, ghost/shadow images and dizziness. She had a severe headache on the 12th, had a CT scan ...

 help pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease??
i have some problems with my sight and i need glasses . i have some glasses but i din't really like them ,so i don't wear them alot.if i don't wear my glasses will that make it worse??<...

 What does it mean when you see your eyes turn red in the mirror?
I was looking in the mirror and I had the light on and I saw my eyes turn red for a second, what does that mean? I'm not sure whether I was hallucinating or not....

 can eyesight b improved by doing eye exercises?
I have 1.0 & 0.75 power in my right n left eyes respectively. I've heard Baba Ramdev claiming that his eye exercises can cure all types of vision problems n one can throw away spectacles by ...

 I shower once a week or shower every other week? ANSWER A.S.A.P?
Okay i shower once a week or every other week is that okay or disgusting ?...

 I just got my first glasses....I have two questions?
I have mild myopia (-1 left eye, -0.75 right) and I just got my first glasses ever. I'm not sure I'm going to describe this right but I will try lol. The left lense reflects light at the ...

 Fresh look 1 day colour contact lenses?
I was going to buy some contacts from specsavers but all they had was the 6 month ones at the cheapest and they were £70.

So now ive found some called 1 day colour and they seem just what ...

 can i use vinegar or anything else in the home to help remove stubborn protein deposits on soft color contacts?

 How often should I have my eyes checked?
I'm 46 and had them checked last year (June), and got prescribed glasses for reading but I'm tending to use them/need them more....

 Why was I told I have to wear my glasses fulltime?
I just got glasses of -2.25 and -2. When I picked them up he said I have to wear them full time. I'm wearing them now because my parents nag me to but I really don't see why I need to wear ...

Can LED light bulbs harm your eyes?
I was reading about blue light hazard. are they safe?

Small LED's do not harm eyes. A large blue light can do damage, whatever it says in the reading. You may be talking Xenon, not LED, whatever, too much candlepower burns our retinae.

Only if you like directly stare at it for some time than it is harmful but otherwise no.

Well, really any light bulb can harm your eyes if you stare at it long enough.

But yes. They are safe to take a quick glance for 5 seconds. They won't burn a hole or anything.

Jack B
They won't directly damage your eyes , but , you shouldn't put that kind of a strain on your vision . You need to use good lighting to read .

only if you inject oxycodone otherwise stare away

Yes, in sufficient power, any light, at any spectrum on the visible, and some of the invisible light spectrum, can cause harm at long exposure rates, or high powers.

The blue light hazard is being examined and I guess we wait to see the results. Not much choice really.

Leds are very low powered and the only danger I see in them would be laser light pointers, which can burn your retina.

Common sense says if it hurts your eyes to look at it, don't! And, never, ever, ever, look into a laser light pointer, or any kind of highly focused light beam. All common sense.

It seems the blue LEDS are particularly bright, to the point of annoying..But not actually harmful in daily use.. Don't go shining blue or white flashlights in your eyes..NO good..

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