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 Help...depression...i think?
i've been left alone at home since age 7 because my parents go to work and im currently 16. i dont mind now about being alone but my parents are really strict and my dad is extremely strict on ...

 What do you do when stress consumes you?
In the past year I've been lied to, betrayed, I've failed others, I've lied, cheated, tried my best, done my best, excelled, failed miserably.
That's just the beginning. I ...

 Why do I want to be sick?
For some reason I really want a really serious illness. I want to be in hospital sad and lonely and scared. People coming to see me.
What is the matter with me?...

 What are good hobbies and talents for kids with ADHD?other than sports and art?

 What kind of depression is this?
I don't know much about depression and what and I'm just wondering what type of depression this is? (i'm sure its depression) anyways theres days where i can feel okay and then all of ...

 where should i go from here?
I have been having ALOT of distressing problems lately. I wrote a 4 page detailed outline of my problems. I set an appointment with my psycologist, and she believed I was experencing Hypomanic and ...

 wondering if i have a mental illness?
i am very antisocial i really dont care what happens to people i have enough problems with the voice of tthe other always in my ear trying to get himself in control of my body i forget long periods ...

 can anyone make sence of this? really need your help?
i know i ask ALOT but i am just trying to build up an idea so i can go to the drs half knowing what im on about! here are my symptoms :

Mood shifts, appear to cycle, sometimes can change ...

 trapped in selfharm? please help!?
i had a slight eating problem before which went on for several months.. it started with dieting and then making my self throw up and then starving myself , feeling guilty, crying for hours because i ...

 Why Do I Feel Like This?
I have shortness of breath, hazy-dazed feeling, I'm desireing skin contact, I'm really anxious, and I always get an uneasy sensation in my stomach as well. And down there it's all wet ...

 My psychiatrist is weird?
He prescribed me ativan .5 mg and zoloft 50 mg 45 days ago and ive been on those meds. Both havent worked and now i go back to him and he doesnt change my meds, he just gives me zoloft 100 mg and ...

 I am so very Angry..Please Help?? :(?
I am really angry for no particular reason and I have a bunch of homework to do..mostly learning :P
I can't concentrate at all :(
I'm not gonna be able to learn in this mood..>:...

 Is this what a panic attack feels like?? PLZ HELP!?
Okay i see the in-school therapist and she's told me she thinks i have anxiety problems. I'm even afraid to go to sleep at night. So anyway, the other day my friends were all pressuring me ...

 I am 35 years old and ocassionally experience memory loss, maybe once or twice a week.?
Can someone with experience on any supplement that have helped them contact me and give me the name of the supplement....

 do you think i have OCD?
i wash my hands a lot more than my friends seem to,2-4 times after i go to the toilet,before i eat anything,after i eat,about 7 times straight after coming out of the shower after touching certain ...

 what are the potencials signs for abuse or harm?

 What are the best stress reducing spa treatments?

 I have been taking zoloft for about ten days now, and have had diarreah for three days.?
Is this common for the diarreah to start now, ten days into taking the meds? I have had it for three days running, and wonder if maybe I should change meds, or do these side effects wear off ...

 how weird is it that i sleep in a wardrobe?

 Can a lack of sleep cause adderall to be less effective?
For example, sleeping about 5 hours for three consistent nights....

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Will a teenager who is laughed at and called "weird" by her peers become depressed?
My neice is seventeen and she has been laughed at and treated differently for some reason by her peers since she was thirteen. They also call her "weird." For the past two or so years I have... Read More


Tiggy Mcgee
Effexor Withdrawal - People with experience only!?
Greetings! Here is the significantly abridged version of what I am experiencing now on day six of completely stopping my 37.5 mg Effexor XR prescription:

-When I move my eyes from left to right, I ... Read More


my sister has crazy rode rage..?
ok so my sister picks me up from school. at a red light, there was a car full of teens behind us.. idk what they did wrong. but she just started screaming out of no where..

& then she speed ch... Read More


Engagement ended after 7yrs together, Did my ex fiancee do this to spite me? Advice Needed asap?
Im 32 and my ex fiancee is 24, We where together for 7yrs and engaged for 2, We broke up early november. Before we broke up we didn't really speak to one another and would fight about the littles... Read More


cindy gramlich
Anyone been thru withdrawls from Ambien?
I have been taking ambien cr 12.5mg for 6 mths.I took my last one last night,I lost my insurance so cant go to the dr for more.I have read all the horror stories about the withdrawls,just wandering i... Read More


how to deal with depression?
i have real bad depression issues and it keeps getting worse what do i do... Read More


stressed and want help/someone to talk to?
im an 18 year old boy, a senior in high school, i get kinda picked on and called a sissy when im not, i take it as a joke but it hurts me, i never cry but today the tears finally spilled, i love my ho... Read More


is it weird that i want to do this....?
well i was randomly flipping threw radio stations and i stop upon this talk show..
it was a Christian one .. i normally don't listen to those types of things ..
but then i heard what th... Read More


seeing people who aren't there. ?
first off.
im 13 and was diagnosed with Lyme disease, all the way up to neurological problems(tingling in fingers) with extreme fatigue and the sortttt.
i've heard that u can get bipola... Read More


Why do I like to see people happy, rather than seeing myself happy?
I try so hard to make ME happy, but for some reason I thrive to see the joy I can bring to other peope. I now this cant be a bad thing, but to some level could it be? I have been suffering from depre... Read More


went into shock mentally?
my ears started ringing and whatnot. had to lay down, felt lightheaded etc.

This was right after an injection...It didnt hurt or anything, but something happened mentally. Why is this?
because pain... Read More


Bill Clinton
is suicide inevitable for some people?
... Read More


Joy Totheworld
I NEED HELP! OCD 'complications'?
I wear a latex glove on my right hand every day, because I have a small cut (which is now a paper cut) on my finger. I don't trust band-aids. Now, I have another cut on that hand, and I have no i... Read More


How can I cope with my failure?
I recently discovered that I did not get into a school that I dreamed of attending and I took this very badly. my self-esteem is completely shattered and i feel completely hopeless. i have read all th... Read More


Borderline Personality Disorder?
Hi I'm 14 years old and i suffer from intrusive thoughts. I don't need to tap or count or anything its more of disturbing/inappropriate/gruesome thoughts/images that i feel coming on someti... Read More


I may be bipolar? Depressed?
I'm a little concerned with the way i've been acting. Of course, being a teenager I get really bad mood swings, but they're gotten worse and prolonged.
I'll have a "good"... Read More


Am I strange for doing this?
I cry when I look at the sky in the summer when it is big and blue. I feel sad for some reason. I think “It’s so big and vast...and empty.” I guess i’m just strange. It could also be because o... Read More


What does a nervous breakdown feel like?
How terrible must a person be feeling until they reach a nervous breakdown? Does it rarely happen?

If you've ever had one, can you share your experience, and/or how to prevent it?... Read More


kay kay
does owning a new hospital bed mean death a time to soon or what?
does losing blood from something broken not healing up mean death right fast like or what?... Read More


more than daydreaming... schizophrenia?
I am 19 years old and have always been a daydreamer, but for the last 3 years, my daydreams have become more vivid, and I find myself talking to myself and acting out situations even when I am alone. ... Read More


Does anyone have synesthesia? How is it for you?
Do you have this condition? What kind?
Oh! We have similar kinds. One of my strongest is the grapheme-color. Every letter and number has it's own color and personality. Also, months, weeks and ye... Read More


Bad sleepwalking/sleep terror issues?
Hey guys I have a problem. My step mom has these really weird sleepwalking issues and its getting worse and worse. Tonight I heard a loud banging upstairs and I went up to check it out. My sister told... Read More


Issues with cutting... but don't freak out.?
To make a long story short, about a 15 months ago I began cutting myself due to a lot of stuff that was going on, mostly anxiety about school, friends and family issues, etc. I did it for three months... Read More


Who should I see? I have serious anger/aggression problems, never physical though...?
Alright, here's the situation.

I have some serious paranoia, frustration, stress, and anger problems.

They have really taken a toll on my current long term relationship.

I want to fix al... Read More


what is basic different ocd to ocpd ?
I like to know basi difference OCD AND OCPD because my friend is confusing, his symptoms showing both... Read More


Vanessa B
what to take on my days off desoxyn?
I take desoxyn for ADHD works great.When my tolerance goes up, I take some days off so that it works for me again.On those days off I am back to my"normal"self again&can't focus,fin... Read More


What does it mean if someone walks outdoors?
for a total of 2-3 hours a day b/c it makes them feel good and they want to loose weight b/c they eat a lot?... Read More


Is there a way to control Schizophrenia?
Is there a way to control schizophrenia? Because I have hard time swallowing and the doctors said nothing is wrong with my swallowing. So help me.... Read More


Has anyone ever taken Paxil ? Share your experience?
My doctor just put me on it, and i wanna hear other peoples stories.... Read More


Jessie Wallace
I'm planing on going to the doctor to get prescribed to a sycotrist .

No doubt , I know I have anxiety & depression .

My question is .
Is it hard to get the mess ?
And do they wo... Read More

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