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 ADHD/ADD treatment options?
What kinds of ADHD/ADD treatment options are there besides medication?...

 My cousin feels nervous whenever her parents are away?
She's ten years old and for a while now she gets nervous whenever her parents go outside or go out to work for a drive. They have never left her, the family isn't dysfunctional at all, and ...

 What are the symptoms for ADHD and ADD?

 Diagnosed bipolar w/psychosis, my behaviors seem to repeat every 6 months?
why is this. Everytime i think im getting better, i end up having a huge crash of depression. I always tell myself nothing is wrong. however i found a question from my old account feeling exactly the ...

 How do some first time smokers not get addicted?

 Is compulsive lying for attention linked to any mental disorders?
For instance, is there a particular disorder in which a person will do just about anything to get some sort of attention?

I know of Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy, are there any others ...

 what is systematic desensitization? what are different types of S.D. and their relative merits and limitations?
under what conditions S.D. is not recommended?...

 How do I wake up when I'm in a nightmare?
Whenever I'm in a nightmare I try to wake up, but I just can't do it. Anyone know how I can wake up?...

 Is this depression or anxiety? Stress?
I get frustated a lot, for no reason. I become in a bad mood, again, for no reason. I am constantly stressed out. I clench my teeth at night. I've been developing headaches every once in a while ...

 Do you think crying makes someone look weak or strong?
I say strong...I won't go into detail because we will be here all day lol...but i'm curious what others believe...

When a person crys about something they truely care about......

 How true is love at first sight, or In my case ONLINE love at first sight?
I've been married to a alcoholic and pill abuser for 4 years now. I'm moving out on my own. It's this guy I've been talking to for months now off and on online. Everything seems ...

 Why should I still exist?
I have been verbally bullied for 4 years in a row (6th- 10th). I am in the 11th grade and I'm still the most bullied person at school. I am constantly laughed at when someone makes a joke about ...

 how long does it take effexor to get out of your system?

 How can I treat myself from complex PTSD?
I have complex PTSD, dissociative disorder, and dissociative amnesia.
How can I treat it by myself? I`m in therapy, but I want to do more.

I was abused in my childhood, I don`t ...

 I am a psychic but also have a mental illness and also aspergers syndrome?
LIke I get visions but also repeated thoughts that are overwelming what should i do?...

 Why on earth, can't I write today.. I simply cannot follow a thought?
They were peeking through windows.. Watching all the fun
tentatively crept in the open door they found
stifled in the rooms inside, craved the morning sun
out of curiosity, thought ...

 What am I looking for?
I feel like for the first time in years I have the chance to think, I've always been so concentrated on making it into an Ivy League college and then medical school. Now that I'm going to ...

 I need help with an issue please!?
Hey guys,

Well I have a small issue:

I have just started the new rowing season (its winter here in New Zealand) and I have a new coach.

I have been anorexic for the ...

 My mind is spinning please help me ? I will give out 5 stars to the best answer!?
Recently I lost my mobile phone, then I started thinking about what was on the mobile. I began thinking maybe there was naked pictures on the mobile. I took some naked pictures on my computer before ...

 i need self confidence help !!?
i have a chronic pain condtion im unable to work and im a single mom and right now you are thinkning im glad im not her lol i have on and off issues with my confidence especially in social settings ...

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KidkID Moe
Will There Ever Be a Ture Cure For Anxiety?
because im on prozac 40mg & 2011 is the year i finale get serious in a relationship & today i was at the mall & when i sent a cute girl...i couldn't speak because i had like thoughts ... Read More


Nobody that you know
I seriously need help?
Now,when I use Google Chrome,there are random tabs that pop up,and then Norton says it blocked an attack on my computer.It crashes a lot lately,and I don't know what to do.I really need to fix th... Read More


carnt stop dreaming about self harming (i stopped doing it as much)?
ok i stopped self harmed month ago (was doing it for about 2 years) because my girlfriend asked me 2 stop and i did allot but over the last week i been having dreams of me doing it and of why i starte... Read More


French prince - Fier d'être français.
Help!! I can't take life anymore, can someone help me?
... Read More


Someone please help me! PLEASE!?
Where can I get free instant online counseling....?
Any website please!... Read More


Does anyone have avoidant personality disorder?
do you take medication for it? I'm asking cause I have this.... Read More


possession and the dying birds?
I am very very scared. I have posted here before with symptoms I may have relating to bipolar disorder but I had a very scary experience last night. I have been horribly frightened and saddened by the... Read More


Am I a germaphobe? Or the beginnings of one?
Lately I've been feeling like I can FEEL bacteria on my skin, especially my hands.
During school, I have 8 periods that are mostly 50 minutes long. I HAVE to wash my hands after first period, th... Read More


Greg S
plz help!!! willa doctor phone my phycharitrist that i have seen before about depression and aneixty, and get?
a doctors note from him saying that i am depressed and everything, i haven't seen him in years, the reason why i need this note is because im planning on moving and the people thats going to help... Read More


Hopeful Spirit
Does anyone here take Zoloft?
1. How long does it take to work?
2. Why was I feeling fine for the first week, and this week, my anxiety is coming back?
3. I had bad headaches from the pills last week, but now, I'm not expe... Read More


Ben Putsch
My dad is an alchohlic who is just self medicating because he is bipolar, how do i get him to take the meds?
i want him to take the bipolar meds so he dont drink, but he has too much pride wat do i do... Read More


Hayley C
Why is my friend not eating?
My good friend (his name is Javier) for some reason won't eat anymore. He's 16 and he was short and skinny to begin with but he lost like 20 lbs and he just looks downright sick. We all invi... Read More


Am i Weird or just scary?
i love trance music..its dancing music my favorite # is 0 and my favorite color is white and movies...u guessed it Horror hahaha and i love seeing blood idk y but yeah...also i dream alot and draw all... Read More


How would you diagnose Holden Caulfield?
From Catcher In the Rye.
Just wondering.
I've been rereading the book lately.... Read More


Ghhg Dfgfdfd
Difference between ssris?
Ive been on zoloft and paxil for generalized anxiety disorder and both didnt work. What is the difference between the ssris? If you have tried these drugs and they didnt work, which drug worked for yo... Read More


Paxil, why did I get really dizzy from it?
I've been suffering from mild depression and anxiety issues for awhile. I have recently been going to see my family doctor and a psychologist. My family doctor put me on Paxil last month, and he ... Read More


Is there something wrong with me? ?
During the night I was hearing bangs and creaks and to me this is normal so I just went to sleep. Then suddenly I woke up again to like a screaming sound. And this didn't wake up my father , only... Read More


What type of disorder is this?
A person has in the past had blurred vision, anxiety and irritable. Afraid of knives and hallucinates knives when in contact with people.

Unable to give eyecontact, eyes not fixed.

I had felt li... Read More


The Anti-Follower
What happens if somebody finds out I'm suicidal?
I've been extremely depressed for over a year. I've been seeing a counselor, but it hasn't really helped. I'm a High School student and I only have one adult I feel like I can talk... Read More


Why do I get depressed every night?
I'm bored.

YES I could do lots of things like Facebook, call friends, LIKE RIGHT NOW i'm talking to my 2 best friends. But i'm really bored. Every time it's night time, I sudde... Read More


Pink ♥ Roses
Question about panic attacks?
if you are a person that suffers from them, do you ever feel like you're in a fog, almost like a dream like state when you're in one? I noticed how forgetful I was. and every little thought ... Read More


I'm thinking about doing drugs again?
i can't stop thinking about drugs! i've had a bad trip from 81mg of concerta and i still won't learn, i've gone to see 4 different psychologists and they won't help. last nigh... Read More


I really hate myself?
Not much too it. I hate everything about myself, I had the worst day ever...
I wish I could just go to sleep and like not wake up...
Its not just one day, its everyday. I have actually not had a good... Read More


Engagement ended after 7yrs together, Did my ex fiancee do this to spite me? Advice Needed asap?
Im 32 and my ex fiancee is 24, We where together for 7yrs and engaged for 2, We broke up 2 weeks before Xmas gone. Before we broke up we didn't really speak to one another and would fight about t... Read More


Slowly descending into madness?
I am 14, I hate my life, I hate my school, I hate the people there. I have confidence issues, and I dont know what to do? I feel like the character Pink from the movie Pink Floyd: The Wall.
I need so... Read More


Can a pregnant woman attend a funeral?
If you are pregnant and the baby of one of your dear friend's passed away from stillbirth, is it okay for you to attend the baby's funeral if you are pregnant? Because your friend is grievin... Read More


Im trying very hard help?
Im trying to be nice to everyone at school but because i get teased and threatened no-one likes to talk to me.
Im a nice guy dont get me wrong but im trying my very hardest to be nice to people and y... Read More


PS3 Slim
Are Facebook "Friends" To Blame For This Woman's Suicide?
A woman announced on Facebook that she was going to kill herself before she took her own life on Christmas Day. So why didn't any of her 1,082 "friends" stop her?

Simone Back, a 42-y... Read More


Wants to try cocaine. HELP.?
First of all I'd like to say i've never tried drugs before in my whole life. I suffer from OCD and depression. Sometimes I just cant cope anymore. I feel I'm somehow obsessed about drug... Read More


How would you tell your parents that you did self harm? and what was your story, if you have one?
I'm not that close to either of them, I find it hard to talk about this stuff. The problem is I'm going on holiday in a few months and they wont go away they have been there since round abou... Read More

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