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 some advise please?
last night i felt very tearfull, down, palpitations dizzy any thoughts please ...

 im i depressed??
okay im almost 23 on Wednesday. (lol) well anyway i don't know if im sad or depressed. i just had back surgery in September 19 of this year . i have NF TYPE (1) and other than that im a pretty ...

 I feel so guilty for cutting and making myself throw up...?
I am an (almost) recovered bulimic and a recovered self injurer. Sometimes I feel so guilty for doing these things at one time, even though I don't do them anymore. Two of my friends knew about ...

 How can I cure a terrible hangover?Do you suffer from it as well?

 what happens when you get hospitalized for major depression?
im a 23 year old male i suffer from major depression recently iv just split up with my girlfriend and i just feel so low i carnt think i carnt concentrate my heads spinning i just feel so low i don�...

 When suffering depression, is it better to talk to somebody or sort it out by yourself (e.g.?
go through all of your negative emotions and let them all petter out)...

 Have i got ocd? Has anyone else had obsessions like these?
I think i have OCD please help.
My main fear is that something bad will happen to my family - especially my younger sister like dying in an accident or getting reallly ill or something. I have ...

 my 19 year old daughter is having surgery right now and I am nervous, what can I do to pass the time.?
she has had surgery many times but I still get nervous, you would think I would get used to it, she has. but Im still not. My sister took her this time to the hospital because her car is better than ...

 How can I get my mom to understand this is SERIOUS?
So I've needed some type of counseling for depression for over a year now & social anxiety (but I've needed that all my life)...somehow she never took me. It's almost like she ...

 Anxiety?? Depression?? Suicidal??
Anxiety?? Depression?? Suicidal??

Why do i feel like this?
Serious answers only please....

 Do I have mental illness?
Okay when I was a baby I used to have fits. And when I was young well about 5-9 I think I used to hold my poo in I know it is wrong but please help me.
Do you think I have mental illness
I ...

 Does Bi-Polar Disorder include physical violence toward women?
My pregnant daughter's fiance is bi-polar. He has begun punching her, etc. She wont leave & I wonder if his bi-polar disorder is related....

 how do you get over a bad day?
I choked today at lunch. i couldn't breathe. i know that i am not the only one who had this problem. i am upset and stressed from life....

 do u know anything about anti depressants or anti anxiety pills?
my MD. is going to change my antidepressants tomorrow, the ones i'm taking right now are working really good, but i'm extremely tierd all day. I'm taking lexapro and alprozolam for ...

 I don't like to be around people who have mood changes?
It bothers me because they be all nice one moment and then angry the next....

 Can you die from anxiety?
I'm 16 and i have really really bad anxiety and im on Cymbalta and i go to a phycyatrist but im scared that its not working. is it possible to like die from anxiety or something? please helpp ...

 cant sleep?
okay i have had this problem for about a week now and i cant seem to go to sleep i try evrything nothing works.

 How do I have someone committed to a mental hospital?
I think my mother is a schitzo, and I think she should be committed, what do I do? She claims she hears voices and sees ghosts. She told my 14 year old sister that her real daughter was in jail for ...

 Lost all hope? Thinking suicide? Help.?
I see no point anymore, basically my parents abandoned me and showed no interest in me. i have 0 friends due to my social anxiety. im looking for a reason since i know this is ******* idiotic idea.. ...

 Would you date a guy who doesn't brush his teeth~EVER??
He smells, his teeth are all brown and breaking off~he smokes, the doc tells him to quit, says his lungs are full of 'gunk'.He won't quit. We have broke up because instead of wanting ...

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My brother is a drug addict, How can i have him involuntarily committed?
My younger brother is 21. Roughly 11 months ago he was in a very bad car accident and left with chronic back pain. His surgeon and primary care doctor put him on 40mg of Oxycontin and 30 mg of oxycodo... Read More


If you dont sleep, cn that become an addiction? And why??..?
I was wondering because I have sum couple of days that I can't sleep. And when I do I have trouble sleeping I think about things that worry me a lot n I don't know how to prevent those thoug... Read More


Mystic Paradigm
Losing tolerance - mental illness?
Someone I know is lately experiencing a lack of tolerance. He is in his late 50s and finds himself overly sensitive about family matters. He gets emotional very quickly and misses his children who are... Read More


Has anyone's mental illness been helped by Christianity?
It can introduce soundness of mind.... Read More


why am I always happy one day then sad the other?
I know Im not perfect. I didn't have the best childhood either. My mom is not an alcoholic but she does dring (responsibly). I just miss the old fun times I would have back when i was a little yo... Read More


I'm failing highschool becuase of social anxiety?
where can i get help?my counselor isn't helping and everyone thinks i'm a spoiled rebellious teenager.but i really need help i'm not able to function in everyday activities.my mum wont ... Read More


is there anything i can do to make fighting the urge to cut easier until my next appointment?
i was supposed to have an appointment a few days ago and hopefully get medication to help me not feel so bad, but it got rescheduled and is 2 weeks away and i dont think i can keep avoiding cutting, i... Read More


I really think I'm depressed?
Okay, my grandpa just died on Christmas Eve, and I'm having a real hard time focusing and dealing with things. But the feeling of being depressed was even before he passed away. I'm 13, my p... Read More


ms. pretty girl rock
should i be in a mental hospital???????????? answer?
ive had had mental health problems my whole life i suffer from chronic depression, an anxiety disorder, and chronic loneliness i like being by myself and hate being with people being alone doesn'... Read More


will this pass??????????
about 3 weeks ago i got back from my vacation. i was sad at first, and tired with jetlag but then i got over it, or so i thought. but recently i just don't feel the same as i used to! i am always... Read More


Should I go to therapy? I honestly don't know what to do...?
I took this bipolar quiz online, and "high probability" is a score of 25+. I got a 44. I know I have/had a lot of similarities with other mental illnesses too, like avoidance disorder and bo... Read More


Is it a disorder to have a very negative anxious view of lofe?
And how can I make myself more positive?

I don't seem depressed. I am a doer and always busy with family, exercise and eat healthily.

But I snack when stressed, get very aggressive and verb... Read More


What is this compulsion called?
I've got a strange compulsion for appearing fearful ( even though i'm not really fearful) in presence of other people, voices of girls and sometimes even voices of girls, pretty much everyth... Read More


Wellbutrin making me have mood swings/intense emotions...?
Has anyone else had this happen to them with Wellbutrin (or any other anti-depressant)?

I am so tired of it, I want to call my psychiatrist and be taken off of all medicine because the only thing ... Read More


Mirtazapine help and advice?
I have recently been taken off Fluoxetine capsules (2x20mg daily dose) and since they were not working my GP put me on Mirtazapine tablets (1x30mg dose at night). The first night of taking these I fel... Read More


what are protaxos for and what the side effects?
my mum is 68 years old. Recently i took her to a physician for pain in a abdomen. Upon checking we were told that the pain actually comes from her spine and he prescribe this protaxos 2g half the sach... Read More


What is Avoidance Disorder?
Is this serious?
XBriquet, please finish your answer. Also, is it dangerous?... Read More


I want to commit suicide?
I am 13 y old and my life is horrible. My older brother ran away today and it was cause of me . My mom just got glasses and he was making fun of her and he wears glasses to and so i told him they look... Read More


Microsoft Mike
Will this anxiety go away?
I'm 18 years old with no medical conditions. Last night, I smoked two cigarettes in a row. I was having trouble getting a full breath of air afterwards, and I thought it might be due to mucus. I ... Read More


Am I having a seizure or a dream?
I am a 23 year old male and over the past few months I have been awakened in the middle of the night by either a dream or a seizure-like event. I will have a dream, not the same one every time, and al... Read More


I was just molested and i don't know what to do please can someone help me?
I was hoping that it was all a nightmare. On December 30 I was molested and last night. I was hoping that I was just having a bad dream but I now know that iut wasn't and I feel so bad. PLease so... Read More


Skylar Jayne ♥
Trouble Sleeping, Because I'm Scared ?
I watched this program called Escaped & It really freaked me out, I went to sleep for an hour, but then woke up all hot & sweaty. Then I couldn't get back to sleep for ages & I woke u... Read More


any natural things to take to help with anxiety? (herbs,pills?)?
I cant take samE
or Chamomile, both make me sick.
any other things that will help me?... Read More


My short term memory is so bad due to drugs. Any way to make it better?
I let my dirtbag ex boyfriend have too much influence on me. for 1 year i smoked weed almost everyday.. and sometimes more than once a day. i've taken massive amoutn of ectasy. i've done cok... Read More


I suffer from chronic sleep onset insomnia. How can I adjust my sleep cycle without pills?
I've had chronic sleep onset insomnia for years. Lately I can't fall asleep before dawn. I'm unemployed so sleeping half the day isn't as inconvenient as it could be, but I don... Read More


Help me! im begging!!?
it was my new years resoloution to not cut myself this year..i cracked. i was clean for a few months. i cant believe im getting back into this cycle. its been this way since i was 11..so 2 years..i ju... Read More


Is being a psychiatrist stressful?
I need to know what are the disadvantages and advantages of being a psychiatrist( please don't mention the education or the difference between psychologist and psychiatrist i understand that)
I ... Read More


Need help with eating disorder :(?
I've lost nearly 2 stone in weight in 3 weeks! I can go days without eating and when I do eat I only have a mouthful and throw the rest away, I've been in hospital because of my weight loss ... Read More


Has anyone taken Celexa (Citalopram) and Wellbutrin together?
I am trying to lose weight and I don't want to gain weight because of SSRI part of Celexa. I have taken Wellbutrin before.... Read More


Intense self hatred
HELP I'm terrified she'll say yes..?
OK this is gonna sound weird but please bear with me.
There's a girl i like and i wanna ask on a date. However im absolutely terrified. I'm scared of asking her a little but i'm mostly... Read More

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