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 what is wrong with me?
this has been going on for awhile... I attempted suicide once. i took 48 sleeping pills. one of my ncos(non commisioned officers... was in the military) found me and took me to the hospital. i still ...

 Serious side-effects of cutting?
I used to cut, and relapse occassionally....

Someone told me that you can get nerve damage???
What does that mean exactly?? help please?

and dont tell me not too, i know ...

 What mental illness makes people think they are really vampiers?
Iv looked all over the internet but all i can find is bull sh1t blogs and stuff of people who actually think they are vampire so im wondering what makes some one go so crazy to think they are one, ...

 Why do all living things NEED sleep?
How has there not been an evolutionary advancement to remove sleep.. i would think it would be ideal that the longer a species is awake the more it would be able to hunt, explor, etc... Sleeping ...

 thinking about dieing,sometimes killing myself but I wont really do it cus I'm somewhat a religious person?
when I get mad at anyone I pretend I'm killing them, that's normal right? O_o

my other similar question

 I am on zoloft?what should i do?
i started with 50mg, now im on 100mg.

I want some more though, because i don't feel like it is working. Does anyone know what comes after this dose? or would they switch me to ...

 Why does xanax make me very irritable and angry?
I tried taking xanax a while back and it was amazing for curing anxiety even tho anxiety has been a problem for years. But it is causing me to be extremely irritable and I get very angry for no ...

 whats your opion on add/adhd medication?

 i'm so afraid of death- how do i distract myself?
i'm an atheist and i fear nonexistence for eternity. it's eating me inside out and i can't sleep, can't think straight. it worries me day and night. i know it's pointless, ...

 How do I get to sleep when I'm afraid to?
I an 15 years old and I can't get to sleep by myself in my moms house. I know this isn't normal, but in my dads house I'm fine and when I'm with my mom I need to sleep with her. H...

 Some strange thoughts that I've been thinking?
Ok, well I've been thinking like this for a while now. It's not bad I just do it all the time and it's starting to make me feel abnormal for thinking like this. It doesn't harm ...

 Sleeping problems :/?
I wake up and I'm exhusted because I wake up at 6am for school :( ughh it's horrible but anyways I'm so tired during the day that I can barely keep my eyes open. The I get home and do ...

 My parents know about my eating disorder..?
For my 16th birthday, my dad and step mom (who live in another state) rented me a hotel room and they were staying in the same hotel, but on another floor. Me and my friends got drunk and my parents ...

 I have a problem and I'm not sure what it is?
For years I have had a problem with circles. Not all circles, but for example what bothers is, a group of small circles, bunched together. Its much worse when they are open circles. I have the same ...

 is this inapropiatte?
i sip frozen yogurt through a straw.

 Wellbutrin experience and depression?
I am considering a second trial of Wellbutrin SR and am wondering if Wellbutrin has worked for anyone who experienced emotional apathy, insomnia or hypersomnia (generic caused insomnia but after ...

 Do I need therapy because I panic?
Lately I will be at school and I will have to call my mom to make sure the house hasn't burnt down. And when I can't sleep at night I pack a box of things that I wanna grab in case there is ...

 after 15 years of doing cocaine,drinking,xanax,vicodin, will the paranoia and anxiety ever go away?
Please help?...

 How do I want to be happy?
I think I'm depressed and I don't want to be happy, I'm addicted to sadness. I don't want to be happy. But I WANT to want to be happy. Sorry if I make no sense....

 what exactly is anxiety?
just curious and wanted to know what is was and what all "anxiety disorder' ...

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Do you think it is OK for someone who has had a major drinking problem in the past who has now quit....?
(and caused a lot of problems b/c of it) who hasn't had more than just a glass of wine in almost three years do you think it is ok for that person to have a few beers at a company Christmas Party... Read More


Mia Panto
Okay, please don't judge me. But is there some possible way that....?
I might be a witch? I know that sounds really far fetched and all. But I have recently turned 13, and I use to be good a guessing things and strange things happen around me. But since it was my birthd... Read More


Why does noise stress me out so much?
I really need some advice - I was diagnosed with depression nearly 3 years ago and am on citalopram for that. For several years, I have had real issues with sounds and I just can't deal with them... Read More


Jimmy Dougan
Do I have Major Depressive Disorder?
Sorry, I know this is a long but please help me:
In march/april I began to feel really unhappy in school, however I still am, especially with the new year starting. I just hate life. Everything about... Read More


What is the name of the disorder where you wake up screaming?
... Read More


mentaly ill ??? :S pleease help me?
i have this problem which first started in year 6 (im year 9 now) and it involves self harm.
i get really down and i blame myself for things that i know i didnt do or isnt my fault but i think so an... Read More


Why do I hurt myself and have paranoia often? Is this Depression?
I get very upset often, mainly when I'm alone. I've began to hurt myself through burning and punching things. Why do I keep doing this? Am I clinically Depressed or is it something else? I&#... Read More


Do think that I am Bipolar?
Well, I've always had depression.. But never went to the doctor so never got pills.. but now I'm starting to feel like it's more than just depression. I feel like I don't know how ... Read More


Mike Allen
Why can't I show my emotions?
I can't show my emotions, not even if I'm on my own. I can't seem to be able to cry, no matter how much I try and when I do feel upset I used to just bottle it up automatically but now ... Read More


Is there any logical explanation?
So...I have a strong feeling that there is something psychologically wrong with me.

I have frequent mood swings, almost daily now, and they're severe. I also suffer from depression, usually h... Read More


Larry Birglur
Is caffeine really worse then doing heroin?
My health teacher said that caffeine is just as bad as heroin. If I go and shoot myself up with heroin it would be like caffeine?... Read More


Lelelo Sam
when will zoloft kick in HELP?
i took it for 3 years and it worked great at .5 i went off of it for a month and now back on it. its been 4 weeks and it still hasnt worked so my docter is uping me up to 100 for 4 days and then 150 a... Read More


Sam Melissa
How to get them out of my head?
My boyfriend if 18 months recently met a "friend". Within a week he had broken up with me and started dating and sleeping with her. It has been 2 1/2 months and they are already moving in to... Read More


How to Forget About Scary movies?
I Cant Sleep Or Even Be Alone With Out thinking About (Paranormal Activity) Or Any Scary Movie Really... I REALLY NEED HELP Please Help Me
Im only 12 :'(... Read More


Josh Shanahan
I am wanting to know whether I should buy Abnormal Psychology: An Integrative Approach or the DSM-IV-TR?
I am currently a year 12 student however my main area of interest is in clinical Psychology with mentall Illness and Disorders, I am definitely going to buy at least one of them and is wondering which... Read More


I feel depressed .. helpp?
i think im depressed because of school

i used to talk a lot, and i was confident, outgoing, and talkative..
but nowadays,i feel like i have nothing to say.
i feel like a loser,
everyone hates m... Read More


What would you think about someone that was trying to get certified to teach high school math & science?
I know someone like that. They have a degree in chemistry; minor in math. They said you only have to take the test once you get certified in one area. She is currently in the grad program to get certi... Read More


Anna Nolastname
The people who socially abandoned me are just taking over my life, I'm just losing it and it's getting worse?
I feel as if I'm angry at everyone all the time. I think it all started when I was in 6th grade and all the people who I was friends with met other kids and I was all alone. they were those freak... Read More


What is happening to me?
Last night I was having a ton of trouble falling asleep. I had gotten into bed at about 11. I had laid there for about 20 minutes, when I realized it was just going to be "one of those sleepless ... Read More


Help please!!! I don't know what is wrong!?
Ok, so I got my ears pierced in August of 2010. Every time I take out my earrings to clean them and my ear the next morning they have that ball of puss and whatever. I end up trying to push it out, bu... Read More


if i handle meth would it show up positive.?
the reason i am asking is because i do testing and just wanted to get better informed due to some of the urine providers excuses that they use. One stated that he/she handled the Meth and it got into ... Read More


Family trouble, its killing me. what do i do?
I'm so confused right now... I have no one else to turn to at this point except all of the lovely people on yahoo. I'm just... ugh I don't know my life is literally going down the drain... Read More


Why can't I sleep when I want to!!?
Ugh, so I have been waking up every single night for almost two months. And I don't mean waking up once. I mean at least three to four times. I'm going long periods of time without sleeping,... Read More


self harm. people are asking?
OK i have been a self harmer for years i don't tell people its not there problem its mine ( i don't do it because of so people know ) people have asked about new ones on are i always just to... Read More


How do you get rid of a food addiction?
... Read More


The uncoordinated one
Your personality? Anyone? Help ?
So lately I've found a little bit bout myself
If anyone has this personality please tell me lol im curious
So ive ALWAYS noticed that I can tell when people are sad, or hiding something or ev... Read More


Anonymous Questions
Can you break out in hives from anxiety?
I was having a panic attack today and I got hives mostly on my hands, sort of up my arms, and on parts of my neck and other places. Was it a hive? Because they were like slightly raised bumps of skin ... Read More


Thready Sparrow
can i just give this one up?
i have never succeeded at anything i have ever tried. including but not limited to dating (24 year old virgin), college, career, friendships, sports, acting, writing, you name it, i have somehow faile... Read More


Jennifer Valentine
Where can I find good information about mental illnesses of today?
I ave been studying mental health on my own for a while but, the books I have been using recently are from the 70's and 80's. I like reading about the rawness and the history of the mind and... Read More


What do you think is wrong with me?
In any exam ,I keep forgetting to write things that I obviously know . For example, I forgot to write about suicidal tendencies in depression, I have experienced that, i obviously knew that,but i stil... Read More

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