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 Cure for hypophrenia? Please answer, help is needed.?
Hypophrenia: a vague feeling of sadness, seemingly without cause. I am usually so warm spirited and uplifting, but for the past couple of days I have been sad and misserable for no apparent reason....

 crying in sleep over a boy?
so me and this kid has a thing awhile back... like Sept-december.. then he randomly stopped talking to me and is for a fact mad at me.. but won't tell me why.. but anyways consciously i don'...

 How do I get happier/more possitive?
Today just hasn't been a good day and I think I'm PMSing.. I'm usually very spirited and uplifting, but nothing can seem to make me happy right now. I need to relax, relieve stress, ...

 How to stop my anxiety?
Ive been feeling depersonaliZed. People say it's an illness but it's not I panic at night though and it takes me a while to sleep, I get all anxious and start. Crying. How to fall asleep ...

 Do i have dyslexia? or is this normal?
When i read i tend to skip words (actually i involuntarily try to guess the next words, most of time i do guess it right tho), this happens a lot when i'm reading something in my first language, ...

 ocd is it possible to have ocd fears about tons of things?
i have been diagnosed with anxiety but i believe i have ocd as well i worry about my pysical health everyday which leads me to look up illnesses i also worry about my mental health and think ...

 Being Positive? How has it helped you?
I'm bein postive in getting this girl I like. How has it helped you financially, relationship wise, or in athletics. T...

 lately I've been feeling overly paranoid, and I keep thinking I see shadows behind me. help?
its getting scary its been happening for the past few days when I'm walking up or down the stairs, I literally run as fast as I can, because I'm scared somethings coming after me help? ...

 what kind of doctor deals with self harm and suicide thoughts in teens?
i would like to know the specialist name for doctors who deal with teens who have trouble with self harm and suicide thoughts....

 Could this mean I'm depressed?
I've had the following symptoms; -Sadness and hopelessness -Irritability -Frequent crying -Withdrawal from most friends -Loss of interest in things that use to make me very happy -Not ...

 Is it bad to throw up because you're full?
Well, I was eating a really good meal, one of my favorites. Ravioli. And I guess I ate too much because 10 minutes later I felt so sick. I decided I would force myself to purge because my friend told ...

 What are mental institutes like?
I`ve been depressed lately (I`m 13). Like, cutting, suicidal thoughts, etc. I took counselor for, like, 2-3 years. Didn`t help. I think I need to go to one, but I`m not going to tell someone. What ...

 FUN:DDo you belive that society holds a negative or positive view of an individual with a mental illness?
please explain your logic... very interesting question and i need opinions so ...

 Do you belive that society holds a negative or positive view of an individual with a mental illness?
and explain your answer and logic please :D...

 Help me decide....WWYD?
So I have no clue what I want to do with my life. I am 23 years old, already been to college for digital arts. I do enjoy graphic design, 3-d animation, anime, music, all that kind of stuff. But I ...

 How can i help my bf now thinking he has problems with anxiety and depression.?
i have the same so i know the symptoms but going through rough patch myself has my grandad died end of last month. i love him so much and can't stand seeing him this way. hardly seen him past ...

 Nervous all the time?
I have a nervousness problem. Im always a nervous person all the time for literally no reason. Im stuck in my head, im so tense, intrusive thoughts and just nervous, anxious for no reason. I cant ...

 Is it possible to develop a blood brain barrier disorder where drugs can't penetrate through to the brain?

 is there a mental disorder terminology for being an idiot?

 There isn't much I could do in this situation right or there is?
I'm 22 from brooklyn I have no work experience no friends and I don't feel like meeting anyone now because I don't want to be teased and embrasses that going mess me up in getting a ...

Why do I want to cut when nothings wrong?
I'm not sad, I'm pretty content honestly yet I have the urge to cut myself. I've done it for 3 years and the last time I did it was new years (way to bring in the new year, huh) but I just want to know why I want to do it if everythings fine. It was this way last time I did it to. I didn't know why, I just did it.

Awkward Insanity
Your addicted. When you cut, you feel good, it's a high just like a drug addicts. Each time you cut yourself, it releases endorphins in your brain which calm you down and make you feel good basically. After a while, your brain can't produce these endorphins unless you cut, so it tells you to. Try talking to someone, tell them exactly how you feel. I'm sorry your going through this. Stay strong, it will eventually get better :)

nevershoutnever 1
i think your addicted, i am. ill be happy and having a good day but yet i go insane unless i cut, and everytime i cut i have to go deeper or it just doesnt 'do it' . its a sick addiction and it doesnt help that im addicted to alcohol either ,, try talking to people about it cause if your happy and dont need to cut anymore and its just your body that wants more then it could be good for you to stop. good luck

Sally Jones
try writing out you feelings or working out there are other ways of coping with stress

You want attention. I'm not saying this to offend you.

this sounds weird , but it means your addicted to it . you like the pain . I'm the same way , I like pain but not in the way of cutting .

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