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 Can psych meds cause pancreatic cancer?
My friend got it and hes only 23 but has been on psych meds since he was a kid. I'm freaking out and about ready to throw my psych meds ...

 I don't know what to think of anything?
Like I've been so stressed about keeping up with school work. And there's all this drama, my friend and I like the same guy, rumors are being spread about both of us. Lately, I feel so ...

 How do I get myself out of moderate depression?
I would't call myself depressed. Depression is a serious condition, and I'm hardly contemplating suicide. But I've been down for the last few weeks. I don't like living in a ...

 should cutting stop u from allowing u to have a girlfriend?
Well i cut myself and my girlfriend said that she wont go out with me untill i stop cutting and i was wondering if i if that is resonable....

 I think someone's accusing me of molesting a child?
Someone told me "Hey, this person told me that you did something bad to someone else." (This usually implies child molestation in my community.) Maybe she said this because she was mad at ...

 I used to cut myself a few months back..?
On my upper thigh because I would never want anyone to see. I havent cut since October. But I have small faded marks on my thigh.. you can't really see unless you look hard but it bothers me. W...

 Cure for hypophrenia? Please answer, help is needed.?
Hypophrenia: a vague feeling of sadness, seemingly without cause. I am usually so warm spirited and uplifting, but for the past couple of days I have been sad and misserable for no apparent reason....

 crying in sleep over a boy?
so me and this kid has a thing awhile back... like Sept-december.. then he randomly stopped talking to me and is for a fact mad at me.. but won't tell me why.. but anyways consciously i don'...

 How do I get happier/more possitive?
Today just hasn't been a good day and I think I'm PMSing.. I'm usually very spirited and uplifting, but nothing can seem to make me happy right now. I need to relax, relieve stress, ...

 How to stop my anxiety?
Ive been feeling depersonaliZed. People say it's an illness but it's not I panic at night though and it takes me a while to sleep, I get all anxious and start. Crying. How to fall asleep ...

 Do i have dyslexia? or is this normal?
When i read i tend to skip words (actually i involuntarily try to guess the next words, most of time i do guess it right tho), this happens a lot when i'm reading something in my first language, ...

 ocd is it possible to have ocd fears about tons of things?
i have been diagnosed with anxiety but i believe i have ocd as well i worry about my pysical health everyday which leads me to look up illnesses i also worry about my mental health and think ...

 Being Positive? How has it helped you?
I'm bein postive in getting this girl I like. How has it helped you financially, relationship wise, or in athletics. T...

 lately I've been feeling overly paranoid, and I keep thinking I see shadows behind me. help?
its getting scary its been happening for the past few days when I'm walking up or down the stairs, I literally run as fast as I can, because I'm scared somethings coming after me help? ...

 what kind of doctor deals with self harm and suicide thoughts in teens?
i would like to know the specialist name for doctors who deal with teens who have trouble with self harm and suicide thoughts....

 Could this mean I'm depressed?
I've had the following symptoms; -Sadness and hopelessness -Irritability -Frequent crying -Withdrawal from most friends -Loss of interest in things that use to make me very happy -Not ...

 Is it bad to throw up because you're full?
Well, I was eating a really good meal, one of my favorites. Ravioli. And I guess I ate too much because 10 minutes later I felt so sick. I decided I would force myself to purge because my friend told ...

 What are mental institutes like?
I`ve been depressed lately (I`m 13). Like, cutting, suicidal thoughts, etc. I took counselor for, like, 2-3 years. Didn`t help. I think I need to go to one, but I`m not going to tell someone. What ...

 FUN:DDo you belive that society holds a negative or positive view of an individual with a mental illness?
please explain your logic... very interesting question and i need opinions so ...

 Do you belive that society holds a negative or positive view of an individual with a mental illness?
and explain your answer and logic please :D...

∀⊥∃ Roya文
What can too much stress cause?
I worry about things that you could not even imagine what a 15 year old would worry about,Its things i'am worrying about that wont happen until iam 60.I worry about my looks,health,Job,Future,Grades (Sometimes),What i can do with my life,Not being able to do things on my own ( I am very antisocial,But can still stand on my own,But struggle) I worry if i cant get the job i always desired.When my hair gets messed up i become discouraged because i like to look nicely everywhere i go.I also dont do much with my life nor let loose and worry that if i become really old i would feel i did not do anything enjoyable with my life. And the most impotant thing i get depressed or stressed out is that iam not good at anything but sitting down worrying.There are a hundred of other things i can list,But its to long. Today my heart has been hearting a bit,But nothing serious.

When I get stressed I can't sleep, that's my experience,

don't do this. It's not worth it. You'll get heart disease my friend. Just think good thoughts...because when you get stressed (too much), you send bad chemicals floating through your body. It's like a poison. Don't believe me? Ask a doctor or try it out yourself. Keep stressing (being sarcastic here) till you can't take it anymore, or you are in soo much pain that you just want to end it and ...well you know. that "hurt"? in your heart? it's a start, so watch out. Life, people and ... unfortunately...my own experience.

I highly recommend that you watch the National Geographic's Stress: Portrait of a Killer. It goes into detail how stress is a natural element that is overused by humans in today's society. We were given the stress response to use in life or death situations. Unfortunately, many people use their stress response constantly. All day long, people worry about school, work, being stuck in traffic, and things you say you are worring about. Our bodies are not built to be constantly stuck in that fight or flight response, so the tolls on our bodies can be deadly. But please, don't stress out about being too stressed out after you read this :-) Netflix has the special on instant que.

Headaches, more frequent colds and flus because stress weakens your immune system, sleep problems, anxiety, and eating thrown off. Those are just a few i know of.

Sam I am
I used to worry WAYY too much! I would stomach aches and had to take meds for it. It was terrible!! The best way to stop worrying (worked for me so well!) is put a rubber band on your wrist. Everytime you think of a "what if" (what if I get cancer and die?!) (what if my house floods?!) stuff like that. You pop your wrist. HARD. After a week or two I stopped worrying so much.. I mean, everyone worries but this helped the unessescary worked go away.

stress cause sickness. placebo cause sickness. I think you have both :0.

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