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 Feels like i'm not with the world?
Well, sometimes when i get tired, usually when i'm not home, I feel like i'm half asleep. But it also feels like i'm not there, like it's not happening. It's hard to explain. ...

 I have a weird phobia how can i get rid of it?
I have had a phobia of being sick (and sick in general) since i was about 3 when i had a bug and was sick all over myself and my bed at night. This triggered my sick phobia also a phobia to the dark. ...

 I had an unsettling dream that shot my biological clock?!?
Mmkay. So a couple days ago...i had unsettling dreams all night. They werent borderline nightmares....i don't clearly remember all of it. I dont think it really matters...but when I woke up, I ...

 Could I know of someone's death?
I didn't relise that other people didn't see this but I see a auras around people a translucent one, Im not sure if it is an aura but I thought everybody saw it until I read somewhere that ...

 hpno-therapy / hypnosis for anxiety and panic attacks ?
hi has anyone had hypno-therapy or hypnosis for anxiety and panic attacks and did it work ? what were your experiences i would be interested to hear many ...

 Any advice on how to stop doing my ocd rituals?
The anxiety is so strong and makes me feel sad and like crying....

 Please help i think i always get stuck halfway on a thought?
i mean i think there is something wrong with me (u may think it is normal but i doubt it). When I am thinking about something (it could be anything) i very often "get stuck", not as in ...

 What are the chances my cousin will develop schizophrenia?
He has ADHD. His family has family tree has many people with mental disorders: uncle has bipolar and cousin have ...

 Why do i feel this way about my crush? Have i blown it with her?
Ok, so i may have just blown my chance with the best thing that's ever happened to me. About 2 weeks ago i told her that i liked her and she said we were just friends and i was ok with that. HOWE...

 How do I break out of this lifelong loneliness, anxiety and depressed moods?
I'm a 25 year old guy and for as long as I can remember I have suffered from depressed moods, negative thoughts, feelings of isolation and anxiety. I think it was triggered by my childhood- ...

 how many kids commit suicide due to bullying?

 Why do i feel like crying for no reason?
I feel really lonely lately and miss my ex boyfriend, I'm also eating loads and have no motivation to do anything I feel scared and just want to be hugged and keep staying in bed all day. I also ...

 Im feeling really depressed and im having trouble avoiding thoughts of suicide please help me?
I was watching alot of celebrity youtube channels like disney stars and things and I just feel extremely depressed because i dont have that kind of fun, amazing life. I do have alot of frends, i dont ...

 Why things always doesn't go the way that I planned?
Everything I planned don't go the way I wanted, it whether ruined or done with something wrong. Anything for example I planned to get my driving test done and pass before the new year, as I ...

 Could my fiancee ever fully trust me again after my womanizing past? Advice?
Im 31 and im a LT. in the military, I was also in a relationship with my ex fiancee for 6yrs but we broke up early last year. She ended things with me, saying i was a womanizer and she always caught ...

 Do I have a mental disorder?
Ever since I was like, 5 years old, I've had a little obsession with cutting things. Paper, clothes, hair, bedsheets, myself, anything as long as I can snip scissors through it. It's ...

 i think i might have depression?
i think i might have depression, as we have been learning it at school and over half of the signs apply to me. i also did a test at school, which i lied on as i didn't want my friends to see, so ...

 Am I going crazy or already am I?
I have never had any real good friends. I have acquaintances but no one I will miss when I graduate high school. I haven't invited anyone over and my parents are noticing. I feel really lonely ...

 If you get residual schizophrenia can you get regular schizophrenia again?
It's for a character in a story I have to write for school, but I cannot seem to find if you can go back into full blown schizophrenia again after developing residual schizophrenia....

 I am so depressed, help...?
- Unlike some other severely depressed people i know, i cannot cut myself or bring myself to commit suicide, i do not know if this is cowardice or just my sub conscience saving my a**. -Also, i do ...

Not sleeping for just 24 hours?
Okay so since it was Holiday i decided to sleep at day time and stay awake at night and now School is coming closer i want to be able to sleep at night time again. So im gonna stay awake for 24 hours and sleep aat night like normally. Ive only done this once and it's my first time are there any SERIOUS side-effects if yes what are they and if no then are there any SMALL side effects? and what's the worst thing that vould happen?

Why Bother
Having bad sleeping patterns for a long time like months or whatever may be bad for your health but I have never experienced major health issues and i go for way more than 24 hours without sleep sometimes and other times i sleep for over 18 hours at a time. Like I said if you make it a habit to mess up your sleep over a long time it could effect your health but since your just talking about one day your fine.

True cali guy
Not sleeping can cause side effects. Depending on the amount of time you stay up depends on the side effect. Staying up past 20 hours is when side effects begin. You will feel drowsines, possibly dizzy, weak, loss of appetite, fatigue, and somewhat impaired judgement. (the last one doesnt really get bad until afer 48 hours of no sleep. There are no serious side effects of staying up only 24 hours, but do no do it often as it can ruin your circadian rythem. Also little fun fact, the world record for no sleep is like 7 days. After 3 days your body will begin to hallucinate and you may have difficulty moving certain muscles, after 4-5 days of no sleep your body may shut down on its own, forcing you to sleep no matter what your surroundings are. But to anser your earlier question in one sentence, no you are safe :)

I've done this three times (more like 36 hours) so I know all about the side-effects. You will obviously feel quite tired. If you lay down you will fall asleep involuntarily. You want to make sure never to drive without proper sleep, it is just like driving drunk. You may begin to feel paranoid and even have some hallucinations (not as serious as it sounds, just some shadows and the feeling that someone is behind you/watching you). You will feel nauseous for sure, that will happen rather quickly. If you do stay up it important to drink plenty of water even though you won't feel like it. Coming from someone who has tried this three times, it is not a good idea at all. You won't be able to get up when you plan on getting up because you will be so tired. Given a few days you will be right back to where you started. It is not worth the nausea. Instead, you need to go to bed one hour earlier each night and get up one hour earlier each day. Even if you can't sleep, be in bed at a set time. No television, computer, or caffeine two hours before bed. Read for a while if you can't sleep. Do this until you have reached the bedtime you need to have. Set your alarm and don't hit snooze when you need to get up, just get up. Before you know it you'll be back on track. It won't be easy because your internal clock is messed up now but like I said, stay consistent and you will adjust eventually.

Just relax!

well ist 50 50 when u do this, either you die or you fall asleep

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