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 Why do i feel this way about my crush? Have i blown it with her?
Ok, so i may have just blown my chance with the best thing that's ever happened to me. About 2 weeks ago i told her that i liked her and she said we were just friends and i was ok with that. HOWE...

 How do I break out of this lifelong loneliness, anxiety and depressed moods?
I'm a 25 year old guy and for as long as I can remember I have suffered from depressed moods, negative thoughts, feelings of isolation and anxiety. I think it was triggered by my childhood- ...

 how many kids commit suicide due to bullying?

 Why do i feel like crying for no reason?
I feel really lonely lately and miss my ex boyfriend, I'm also eating loads and have no motivation to do anything I feel scared and just want to be hugged and keep staying in bed all day. I also ...

 Im feeling really depressed and im having trouble avoiding thoughts of suicide please help me?
I was watching alot of celebrity youtube channels like disney stars and things and I just feel extremely depressed because i dont have that kind of fun, amazing life. I do have alot of frends, i dont ...

 Why things always doesn't go the way that I planned?
Everything I planned don't go the way I wanted, it whether ruined or done with something wrong. Anything for example I planned to get my driving test done and pass before the new year, as I ...

 Could my fiancee ever fully trust me again after my womanizing past? Advice?
Im 31 and im a LT. in the military, I was also in a relationship with my ex fiancee for 6yrs but we broke up early last year. She ended things with me, saying i was a womanizer and she always caught ...

 Do I have a mental disorder?
Ever since I was like, 5 years old, I've had a little obsession with cutting things. Paper, clothes, hair, bedsheets, myself, anything as long as I can snip scissors through it. It's ...

 i think i might have depression?
i think i might have depression, as we have been learning it at school and over half of the signs apply to me. i also did a test at school, which i lied on as i didn't want my friends to see, so ...

 Am I going crazy or already am I?
I have never had any real good friends. I have acquaintances but no one I will miss when I graduate high school. I haven't invited anyone over and my parents are noticing. I feel really lonely ...

 If you get residual schizophrenia can you get regular schizophrenia again?
It's for a character in a story I have to write for school, but I cannot seem to find if you can go back into full blown schizophrenia again after developing residual schizophrenia....

 I am so depressed, help...?
- Unlike some other severely depressed people i know, i cannot cut myself or bring myself to commit suicide, i do not know if this is cowardice or just my sub conscience saving my a**. -Also, i do ...

 Depressed and struggling with college and life...?
I'm depressed and can't cope with my college work. I leave it to the last minute and sometimes can't do it full stop. In high school, I was an A* student and got 2 As and 8 A*s in my GC...

 14 and my mom died!!!?
I'm 14 and 2 weeks ago I lost my mommy to cancer. Its been the hardest thing ever. It happened as soon as I got out of school on the last day of semester before christmas break. For a couple ...

 5-htp for depression stopped working?
this is the third time around i try 5 htp to cure my depression/insomnia and it worked great the first few doses and i had vivid dreams but would still wake up during the night(probably because ive ...

 Boyfriend on Heroin - do I stay or do I go?
We met about 7 months ago and instantly fell in love. He was so nice, so loving, so caring, great with my kids (I have kids from previous marriage), treated me like a princess. We had so much fun ...

 i am going to kill my self i need the best way?

 What strategies can you use to avoid abusing a dexamphetamine prescription?
I am about to go back on dexamphetamine 50mg/day after a 9 month break. While the medication improves my quality of life enormously, it is also, unfortunately, my favourite drug to abuse. This is ...

 Is this kind of anxiety normal?
Recently I've been faced with the typical stresses of a high school senior. College applications, holding a fairly strenuous job, maintaining a high GPA, several elective classes that require a ...

 what would of been a reason that i was annoying in junior & senior year of high school?
i can honestly say that the start of me liking pain was at some point in 11th grade by hitting my arm against the rows of lockers until i got to my class - at the same time though it annoyed some and ...

>>> oyea
How can i sleep? And wake up earlier?
its nearly 4am im 15 yr old boy and i got school tmmrw i have to wake up at 7am!!. :(. Its a new term and xmas holidays just finished i wake up at 1-2-3 in the holidays. So how can i sleep and wake up early?. Its like an lil voice in my head thinking of things plz help

Hi Bobby ,have a bath about half an hour before bedtime nice hot drink and lie listen to some chill music before going to sleep and relax you will drift off and waken @ 7 am as your Alarm goes off!

Hi there, I go through extreme periods of Insomnia (not sleeping) and then I crash out and suffer with Hypersomnia (excessive sleeping). I am on sleeping tablets. One I can recommend is a medication called Zolpidem. Knocks you out in 20 minutes. Ask your Doctor for future reference if you cannot sleep. But to wake up in the morning.. set your alarm. Lin. xXx

Clare P
Turn off everything electronic. TV, computer, ipod, everything at like 9:00 pm. Get in bed and start reading a book or comic or something. You'll be out in no time.

James Dzintarnieks
With regards to your thoughts staring at a blank piece of paper may help as there is nothing to read or think about. Another thing is to listen to plain instrumental music without any singing. The best way is to go to bed early that way you will rise early.

How about going to sleep earlier than 4am? it helps if you go to sleep at like 10pm because then you get more sleep. so you wake up earlier. plus you should just set your alarm.

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