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 I had an unsettling dream that shot my biological clock?!?
Mmkay. So a couple days ago...i had unsettling dreams all night. They werent borderline nightmares....i don't clearly remember all of it. I dont think it really matters...but when I woke up, I ...

 Could I know of someone's death?
I didn't relise that other people didn't see this but I see a auras around people a translucent one, Im not sure if it is an aura but I thought everybody saw it until I read somewhere that ...

 hpno-therapy / hypnosis for anxiety and panic attacks ?
hi has anyone had hypno-therapy or hypnosis for anxiety and panic attacks and did it work ? what were your experiences i would be interested to hear many ...

 Any advice on how to stop doing my ocd rituals?
The anxiety is so strong and makes me feel sad and like crying....

 Please help i think i always get stuck halfway on a thought?
i mean i think there is something wrong with me (u may think it is normal but i doubt it). When I am thinking about something (it could be anything) i very often "get stuck", not as in ...

 What are the chances my cousin will develop schizophrenia?
He has ADHD. His family has family tree has many people with mental disorders: uncle has bipolar and cousin have ...

 Why do i feel this way about my crush? Have i blown it with her?
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 How do I break out of this lifelong loneliness, anxiety and depressed moods?
I'm a 25 year old guy and for as long as I can remember I have suffered from depressed moods, negative thoughts, feelings of isolation and anxiety. I think it was triggered by my childhood- ...

 how many kids commit suicide due to bullying?

 Why do i feel like crying for no reason?
I feel really lonely lately and miss my ex boyfriend, I'm also eating loads and have no motivation to do anything I feel scared and just want to be hugged and keep staying in bed all day. I also ...

 Im feeling really depressed and im having trouble avoiding thoughts of suicide please help me?
I was watching alot of celebrity youtube channels like disney stars and things and I just feel extremely depressed because i dont have that kind of fun, amazing life. I do have alot of frends, i dont ...

 Why things always doesn't go the way that I planned?
Everything I planned don't go the way I wanted, it whether ruined or done with something wrong. Anything for example I planned to get my driving test done and pass before the new year, as I ...

 Could my fiancee ever fully trust me again after my womanizing past? Advice?
Im 31 and im a LT. in the military, I was also in a relationship with my ex fiancee for 6yrs but we broke up early last year. She ended things with me, saying i was a womanizer and she always caught ...

 Do I have a mental disorder?
Ever since I was like, 5 years old, I've had a little obsession with cutting things. Paper, clothes, hair, bedsheets, myself, anything as long as I can snip scissors through it. It's ...

 i think i might have depression?
i think i might have depression, as we have been learning it at school and over half of the signs apply to me. i also did a test at school, which i lied on as i didn't want my friends to see, so ...

 Am I going crazy or already am I?
I have never had any real good friends. I have acquaintances but no one I will miss when I graduate high school. I haven't invited anyone over and my parents are noticing. I feel really lonely ...

 If you get residual schizophrenia can you get regular schizophrenia again?
It's for a character in a story I have to write for school, but I cannot seem to find if you can go back into full blown schizophrenia again after developing residual schizophrenia....

 I am so depressed, help...?
- Unlike some other severely depressed people i know, i cannot cut myself or bring myself to commit suicide, i do not know if this is cowardice or just my sub conscience saving my a**. -Also, i do ...

 Depressed and struggling with college and life...?
I'm depressed and can't cope with my college work. I leave it to the last minute and sometimes can't do it full stop. In high school, I was an A* student and got 2 As and 8 A*s in my GC...

 14 and my mom died!!!?
I'm 14 and 2 weeks ago I lost my mommy to cancer. Its been the hardest thing ever. It happened as soon as I got out of school on the last day of semester before christmas break. For a couple ...

Conscious during sleeping?
Alright I have this problem when im sleeping I will be falling asleep and its like minutes after i go to sleep i go straight to dreaming, but its weird its like im conscious during these dreams and when i try to wake up it is like i cant move im conscious but i cant move my body, cant open my eye lids and its like something inside of me is boiling and then all of a sudden i can wake up. Any suggestions of what this might be?

True cali guy
Sleep comes in stages, stage 1, stage 2, stage 3, and the 4th stage REM sleep. your body bounces around in thes stages going 1,2,3,4,3,2,1 and then just keeps repeating. During REM sleep your mind is semi concious and this is what causes you to dream. It is also called the paradoxal stage in psychology because your brain is active, but your motor nerves are shut down (except in the case of sleep walkers). What seems like minutes in a dream can be hours in real life as you bounce in and out of REM. The average cycles of REM should be around 5-6 in a healthy person. As for the boiling, if you wake up with sweat and you don't remember your dream, then you might have suffered a bad dream, causing increased heart rate and sweating. Also your dreams can incorporate your surroundings in order to insure your survival. For example if you left something hot next to you when you fell asleep, you might suffer a nightmare of you being on fire, and would wake up to see that there was a hot object next to you. Hope I helped out, as i was a little confused by your question

You are conscious about dreaming? You are lucid dreaming. Can't move yourself during sleep? Very, very common. It's called sleep paralysis, if I spelled that correctly. Everyone gets it, it is as natural as sneezing. It protects you too. If you feel like you are 'boiling' you are probably nervous, after your brain recognizes that you want to wake up, you suddenly have power to move. I'm talking with experience here. I get these a lot.

Go research lucid dreaming. That's what it sounds like you're experiencing.

Matt T
So you're conscious and you can't move when you just wake up? That actually isn't too uncommon. While you are sleeping your brain is releasing a sort of paralysis inducing chemical. That way you don't act out your dreams and hurt yourself. Just wait a moment and then you should b able to move. Nothing serious.

I do have some answers myself but I really recommend joining the forum DreamViews. They have a lot of information on this (sleep paralysis and lucid dreaming) and are much better at explaining the details.

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