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 is it true if you press your ankle somewhere your period starts?
i want my period to start because it is three days late and im going camping in two! where exactly do u have to press?...

 how to remove a scar on my forehead?
there is a 2cm long scar on the left corner of my forehead which you cant see that much especially because of my hair on top sometimes. I had it since I was 5 when I fell on a slippery as **** floor ...

 So bored.....Jus wondering....?
if you make a fist but put your thumb inside the fist and hit something really hard....what would you break?

i know the question is weird but i was watching a&e nd it jus made da ...

 Should I wait till the bleeding stops?
I've been cutting firewood in my back yard and have accidentally cut off my right hand with the chainsaw. Should I go to the hospital now or wait until the bleeding stops?...

 How to care for a deep bruise?
My friend was in an accident and has a huge green and purple bruise on his shoulder. he says it's really swollen and colorful.
Any recommendations?...

 how do you heal an ice burn?
i was eating some ice and then my first one stuck right to my tougue.
i was bleeding afterwards and hurts :(
what do i do?...

 how to tell if you sprained your knee or seriously hurt it?
I was at ice hockey practice and i took a hip check and apparently i think it got me in the knee and the rest of the time when i was skating it felt like something was loose or hobbley in my knee. N...

 How to get a functional ACL brace?
I'm having an MRI done on Saturday because of ACL laxity suspected by my doctor. My question is, if nothing invasive is done about it by the orthopedic specialists, will they prescribe some sort ...

 My 6 year old cousin is in surgery?
My little 6 year old cousin that i'm extremely close to, cut her main artery in her leg after running through a glass door. Shes currently in surgery, and has lost a lot of blood. Is she going ...

 Cheer practice.....?
ok so i injured my left knee 7 weeks ago and have been in an immobolizer since. I started PT 2 weeks ago and have some movement back in my knee without pain. I have practice tonight and i'm ...

 If you fell from a cliff which part of your body would be the safest place to land on?
If you were going to land on a hard and stony place?...

 I think I broke my toe, why can't it be treated?
Is it because its a small area? What's the point of just taping toes together?...

 Workers Comp Knee Injury Question?
Ok, so in august of 2008 my fiance fell off a ladder that was connected to a building about 15ft high. This did happen while he was at work, and he fell straight on his right knee. He went straight ...

 can a broken ankle after healed cause you to not be able to wear high heels?
I broke my ankle about 3 months ago and was told i was fully healed about a month ago. But i still experience pain from walking time to time and still cannot wear high heels because my ankle is not ...

 I cut my foot with a broken candleholder?
About 2/3 days ago, i got up in the middle of night and stepped on a broken candle holder and cut the center of my foot. its about a half inch wide and its pretty deep. i have it wrapped up and its ...

 i can cut my wrist and bleed to death but if my arm were trapped under a rock i could ampute it and not die?
like wtf..how does that work? Aron Ralston cut part of his arm off, which is way above the rest. Does it take time to die via cutting wrist?...

 If you got stabbed by a needle that was a nanometer wide, and it went all the way thru ur skull, wud it hurt?

 Will increasing my calcium intake decrease the healing time for my broken finger?
Any more ideas to help it along would be great....

 My knee is always popping. Why?
Ok so if I have my (right) knee bent for a good amount of time after a while I would want to bend it and it would have that temptation to pop until I put a lot of force when I bend it it would pop ...

 How long will it take for my finger to heal?
I jammed my finger at practice like a month ago, and it still isn't healed. I deflected a pass, and now its messed up. It's bruised and bent out of place. Then today, I was in gym and ...

Should I get surgery to repair a torn meniscus?
I had pain in my left knee for 3 months. I went to my doctor and he took an x-ray and then sent me for an MRI. The MRI showed that I had a medial meniscus tare. The orthopedic that he sent me to confirmed this. As I had to wait over a month for surgery because of my work situation I was on a inflammatory drug prescribed by my doctor. So now the pain is gone and I can bend my knee. So now I don't know if I should have my scheduled surgery or not. The idea that a blood clot could form with knee surgery scares the H out of me. I have a History of strokes in my family. What should I do?

I would wait until you're ninety and then have the surgery because then your kids will be grown up and you wont have to worry about supporting them. The grandchildren will be off to graduate school so they wont need you. The great grandchildren will look at you as an old man and so they wont want to play and hang around you; and your wife will be dead. If you get a blood clot then it wont matter.

I would let your dr. know about your family history and ask him how bad the tear is in your mensicus and you can decide from there.

I had a torn meniscus. I do NOT recommend surgery. I have had more problems after surgery than before. Just wait and let it heal on it's own.

Paul L
idk...my friend jumped off of a 10 foot cliff and tore his meniscus and a month later he was fine...its been a year now and he has forgotten all about it.

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