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 I was going to kfc for lunch?
I went to kfc to lunch in my local town shopping centre so i bought one of those hot rods box thing and it tasted wonderful. But after i had eat my hot rod i threw the coleslaw away cuz i hate it, i ...

 To pop or not? My blister, that is?
My blister's getting bigger and I really need to know by 3 hours from now.

Help relieve the pain, the bubble... should I pop or what?...

 Funny excuse for a black eye?
My 12 year old brother got a black eye from falling off his skateboard. He wants a funny excuse for tomorrow when he goes to school. Any ideas?...

 will taking ibuprofen for a long time ruin your stomach lining?
i was in a car accident and still in pain but i don't want to ruin my stomach....

 my foot hurts soo bad!!!! omg!! omg!!!!?
i was running around my playroom for excersise until i suddenly stepped on a dumbell (weights) and my foot hurts worse than spraining an ankle. i don't know what to do OW!!! IT HURTS EVEN NOW!!!...

 What can I do for my sprained ring finger? HELP?
Today is thursday, august 30th, and I sprained my finger doing cheerleading (stunts) on sunday, august 19th. It is kinda puffy at the knuckles. I can move it until it hits 90 degrees...my mom also ...

 help me my sister got hit by a tennis bat in her eyes??!!!!!!!!!?
we were playing and my sister hit her in the eye now she feel dizzy and her head got red spot over her eyes i am just nine years i dont now what to do?????!!!!!...

 I got a ring that is too small stuck on my finger!?!? can someone help?
I put a ring on my finger that is too smalll now it's stuck!!:(I tried oil to get if off but my finger is swallow what can I do?????please help!!...

 whats worse sprain or broken?
bad sprain not bad ...

 What is the worst place you can hurt on your body?

 h0W CAN i??.....??.....?
how can i break my ankle in, like, an hour. i think it is kinda sprained already. i have a little swelling and a little bruising. pain doesnt bother me. i want a reasonable way. and dont tell me its ...

 Can I walk with a sprained ankle?
Yesterday I sprained my ankle, and it hurt so bad the first hour or two I couldn't stand/walk on it. Now there is no pain at all standing. Only when I lift my heel to walk I get pain on the ...

 If you were able to get away with not wearing shoes at all,would you?and go completely barefoot?

ok i was eating noodles at lunch and i didnt know they were boiling hot. so when i ate them i burned my tongue. now i cant taste savory things. i cant taste sweet things though. my tongue still hurts....

 i already asked but i need more answers. i got hit in the nose bad what do i do?
soo i was at softball practice and the ball took a bad hop and it was going so fast i didnt have time to react. it hit my nose hard and it was bleeding for about 30 minutes. its clogged up now it ...

 What's wrong with my knee?
I'm seventeen years old and this problem arose when I was fifteen and playing on a varsity soccer team. I stopped playing after that but my knee continues to pop several times when I bend and ...

 what's the best way to break your arm? ?
i wanna break my arm really bad, don't ask....

 A few questions about cutting wrists?
Ok, I have 3 questions, so if possible, try to answer them all (For a better chance at the best answer):

1. If people cut their wrists for attention, and not to kill themselves, why do it ...

 what if you cut your wrist?
then you started feeling light headed.
it stopped bleeding and now 3 days later it feels weird.
What do i do ?...

 Have you ever broken a bone?
I haven't but for the people who have:

How much did it hurt on a scale of 1-10

Which bone did you break

How long did it take to heal

How did you get ...

How do I get put on disability from my doctor?
I have a herniated bulging disk and every job I try my back just hurts more and more. I am now having trouble walking. I have also developed depression and anxiety. If I go to my doctor do you think I could ask him to be put on disability. I have to have an income.


You need to take a description of your job to the doctor and explain why you can not perform the duties. Must doctors will complete the paperwork needed by your employer. If you are unemployed then you need to go to the social security office and file for disability. You will need to provide records of the disability treatment and a letter from your doctor explaining what the disability is, whether or not you can work, or be retrained in another field. Also your doctor will have to determine whether or not this disability is permanent. If it is they you will have a fight on your hands. You will be denied at least once and may have to get a lawyer. It took 4 years before I received my disability, but I received back pay for all but 5 months of the time. That is a regulation put forth by the government. As for lawyers you hire one and they get 25% of your back pay. The government sends them the check. Good Luck

you need to go to the social security office, start there, then they will send papers to your doctor to be filled out.....

its really hard ,most doctors won't put you on disabilty

Ya know....herniated bulging disks can be fixed with surgery now days. I dont know if your doctor would put you on disability unless there is no cure for your health problem and there is no way you could work, even a sit down job. Talk to your doctor about your options with your back to correct the problem.

UNI Panther
You have to be seen by a doctor to be considered disabled. Usually, people have gone to their doctors numerous times before this happens. And getting disability isn't the easiest thing in the world to do. They will need to see that you can't even do a sit down job of some type which is hard to prove because if one isn't at work, then they're going to be sitting down at home a lot if they can't walk or stand for very long.

A doctor can put you on disability but you have to meet certain criteria in order to qualify. You also need to make sure that you are just not giving up on getting better. Living on disability is not always the answer. Leading a more inactive life will only cause more problems in the long-term. Use disability as a short term solution but do not rely on it. Continue to work hard on getting better so that you can be more health and productive and then rejoin the work force.

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