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 what hurts more spraining something or breaking it?
for example would spraining your ankle hurt worse or less then breaking it?...

 Can someone please tell me if I am eligable for long term disability under the state of Florida legal terms?
I have Plantar's fasciatus ,Tarsal tunnel, Foot strain ( all in both feet),spur (left foot only), Split Ligament in (right hand w/ pins and anchors in my hand from surgery),poor range of ...

 Can you tell me how to get rid of long lasting muscle aches?
Or how to make it less painful. I have over used this muscle in my shoulder but I have also given it rest for 5 days now... so what do I try next?...

 heelp please?
im a student working for my hours in a clinic and i was helping a patient today and some of her blood spilled on my arm i had no cuts or nothing where the blood spill can something happen to me??????...

 A friend of mine had a spinal tap today and is experiencing some paralysis. Could this be temporary or not?

 bad back pain?
i landed on my back last saturday night when i went sledding with some friends and it still hurts. i can't lift as much and it somewhat hurts to bend over. is it something that will heal over ...

 could one really live with a gun shot to the head?
in arecent conversation with my dad ths came up and it makes me wonder. he beleives that abraham lincoln could have lived if the doctors didnt probe around in his head. he says he knows someone who ...

 running injury?
Running injury? i have recently started running track, and i don't know what's wrong, but my legs hurt soo bad on the inside, about 1 1/2 inches above my ankle bone. there are bumps on ...

 why do i have a sore throat? and what can i do to make it stop hurting?????
ITS ONLY ON MY LEFT SIDE!!! and its so frustrating!!!! my goodness. i need answers asap..please help me..im just about ...

 Workout query.?
My wrist hurts when I lift weights. What seems to be the problem? Is it how I hold the weights? I'm now using wrist protective gear....

 Why do my shins hurt so bad?
I m 20 years old... hate running but I do play basketball on occasion and volleyball alot... I also jump pretty high but my shins dont hurt any oher time but after im done playing and have sat down ...

 Are ice baths effective for muscle recovery?
I am a runner and I am considering ice baths after long runs....

 shoulder op?
ive to get an op on my shoulder to remove a 5inch growth in my shoulder joint. been told its a 6mnth recovery period? anyone had this done? dont really know what it involves, havnt asked in case it ...

 Why is swelling considered a bad thing?
For example, when somebody gets a bump on their head or a joint injury, one usually ices the injury to make the swelling go down. Why is that? It seems to me that swelling is the body's ...

 i got my nose pierce a week ago with a silver stud now i have a dark coloring redish bump?
what the best and fastest why to remove the bump im going to my country in execly three weeks for vacation i don't want my family back home to see that nasty bump. also i remove my nose stud i ...

 Is there a way to speed the healing of a fracture?

 I used to run and have quit for 7yrs now feet hurt.?
I used to run 10 miles a day 5-6 days a week for about ten years. I moved and got a job and dont run anymore(for about 7 years I havent been running)now my feet hurt all the time especially after ...

 I broke a rib .?
The doc says I'll be out of commision for 4-6 weeks . Is there anything I can take to speed up the healing process , I need to be up and about in 2-3 weeks max . I am resting and everything but I...

 Has anyone ever sprained or boken their wrist(s)?

 Blood Circulation?
I've had poor circulation for a large majority of my life. It runs in my family. Cold feet-cold hands-cold nose and cold ears. I often experience a little numbness if I don't wear ...

Can you break your adams apple?
A friend of mine took a pretty good spill on his mountain bike and said afterwareds his throat hurt like he was sick. A CAT scan showed he fractured his orbital which is healing but he still complains of his throat. Its been a few weeks and he can spot small traces of blood every so often when he coughs. He also mentioned his adams apple "clicks" when he moves it to the side with his fingers.

ricecube, In fact, you can fracture your larnyx or Adam's Apple, and I'm very glad that, if your friend did so, he isn't dead. You see, breaking the larnyx can, and often does in serious cases, lead to swelling that can completely block the airway. The person can suffocate. In serious cases, the larnyx has to be fixed in place with a metal plate to allow it to heal right. As it heals, the victim must be intubated so he can breathe. Obviously, your friend has not had that bad an impact on his larnyx, for which you both can be very grateful. Get him to a doctor, and tell him NOT to move it. You wouldn't want him to make the break worse, if it is his larnyx. Go now.

mine "clicks" when i move it to the side but im fine. it is possible to break it. it fact its actually fairly easy to break. i know of a move to break it with one punch

Absolutely and this is the hyoid bone that is frequently broken when someone is choked by another. I work with forensic medicine and we see that all the time. He should see an ear, nose and throat specialist.

Tyson boy's dad
No. But you can severly damage it like crashing your mountain bike. It takes time to heal. Nothing more to it

Yes its possible, he needs to take this to a doctor and be examined.

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