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what drink is best to avoid vomiting, ginger ale, Sprite or water?
I'm feeling discomfort in my belly and would like to know a quick remedy for it. How can one tell the difference between stomach upset and nausea? Are they the same?

Caity doodle
honestly.. drinking anything like that will not make your stomach happy.. my best advice take some pepto and eat a few saltines.. if you feel less queasy after that try some sprite.

Nick Z
best thing you can do is have soda water, or you can make your own.

Take some baking soda and vinegar (ever made volcanoes)... Well take a glass of water, put a spoon of baking soda to it, and add maybe 20 ml of the standart 5%wt of acetic acid (vinegar). It will create 'CO2' bubbles, and the solution will basically either be your vomit inducer/relief.

Zeek M
i like using Canadian ginger ale lot better then regular ginger ale.

When you are nauseous, you more than likely are also sick to your stomach. When you are sick to your stomach and need to throw up, what is called "The Vomit Center" in your brain pick up on this, giving you a feeling of nausea.

The only other times one can be nauseous but not really sick to their stomach are when they have acid reflux or post-nasal drip. While these things cause throat irritation and gagging, it is not the same as being sick to your stomach.

Ginger Ale is the nest beverage for your nausea. Real ginger has a reputation of settling the stomach. Sprite can be used if you need to burp. Drink water if you are already vomiting and need to keep hydrated.

Feel Better!

An upset stomach can come from many things and before you treat it, you need to find out what caused it. Indigestion, flu, motion sickness, heartburn and food poisoning can all cause nausea and the remedies vary depending on what caused the stomach to get upset.

Gingerale is the best rememdy for an upset stomach or even coke that is not real cold. You can even ulse Gingersnap cookies or crystalized ginger to sooth your tummy.

Jake n' Bake
Sprit or ginger ale should do the trick. Water might make you feel queezy.

drink nothing. alcohol and soda will only calm your stomach for a while, and will come back to you with reinforcements. as for upset stomach and nausea, if YOU can't tell the difference, neither can I...

Ale. Nausea is the feeling of sickness. Like you have to throw up. Upset stomach could be a multiple amount of things. Could be lack of eating, too much eating, nervous about something, anxious, or just a pain in it.

Capital R
Between those three, ginger ale. I would consider 7up to work even better, though.

Ginger ale.

GINGER ALE! i worked in a hospital for awhile we used to give it to pregnant women and older people,to settle their stomach without having to give any actual medicine.it works,the pregnant women especially said it took away that "gotta vomit" feeling.an upset stomach will lead to nausea.upset stomach can be from flu or virus or heartburn,nausea is when u feel ur gonna throw up.usually,upset stomach and nausea go 2gether.ps-dry crackers are also good,or a plain peice of white bread.

They are the same- but there are different causes. Ginger Ale would be your best bet.

A few times when I was so ill I couldn't keep food down, I actually had to take a couple of teaspoons of crushed ice and Coke Classic every 5 minutes to stay hydrated.

REAL ginger ale could help settle a stomach.

Soda will make illness worse.

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