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 If hepatitis c relapses what else can be done?
My friend just found out that her hep. c is back. The Drs. say that she has a couple years left. Is there anything she can do to put it back in remission, or live longer?...

 i was bit by a hamster and now i feel sick?
on oct 1 i was bit by a hamster and on oct 2 my throat was really hurting and i had a headache all day and now on oct 3rd i noticed the pain in my throat is caused by a lump on my neck which feels ...

 Airborne Epidemic Question...?
Okay, I'm adapting something I wrote in tenth grade, a romance that dealt with yellow fever, into something modern. I'm having a hard time finding a disease that will fit, though. I need ...

 Is it safe to buy a house where the previous owner had recurring meningitis?

 whats that disease when?
when your neck/throat gets bigger and bigger?...

 is molloscum contagiosum dangerous for a new baby?
My 3 yr old son has molloscum contagiosum. It's on his back and a couple on his chest. I don't know if it's going to spread anymore. I am 33 weeks pregnant and i don't know if ...

 My campus is infested with parents. What should I do?

 I think i might have mono, but im not sure if i have strep...?
My doctor said i was negative for strep throat, but ive started noticing a white blotch at the back of my throat, and so im not so sure if she was correct...what are some other signs that i might ...

 Is it possible to completely prevent yourself from catching a cold?
Aside from not going ...

 where can i get a copy of my childhood shot record if the hospital i went to is now closed?

 Can viral meingitis turn into bacterial meningitis?
If you have had viral meningitis and are still recovering can it turn into bacterial ...

 what is herps? any idea..?

 does fire kill all germs?

 do i have mono maybe?
my ex girlfriend has mono and today in spanish class she licked and finger and touched my elbow lol im just wondering if theres a chance of me getting it just because of ...

 a question about hospitals?
My friend just gave birth today and im so excited. She in einstein hospiatl in the bronx. My question is will they let my 1 year old in the recovery room? The Mom didn't have a csection so she�...

 if i have tonsillitis what are the chances that i will have to have my tonsils removed?
on a scale of one to ten how bad does it hurt to have your tonsils removed one being slight pain ten being very very ...

 Do I have a cold or the flu?
My symptoms are... * Extremely sore throat * Fever that got to 105 at one point * Diarrhea * Dizziness * Congestion * H...

 Bladder Infection Medication?
My girlfriend has a bladder infection and no insurance. How much does medication usually cost without insurance? She has tried cranberry pills, water, and drinking cranberry juice. She has had the ...

 lymphnode and epstein barr question?
I am a 21 yaer old male, and abou 3 months ago went to the doctor with swollen lymph nodes in my groin, neck and underarms. They said i had Epstien bar, but my mono spot was negative. I still to this ...

 What would happen to me if i found a cure for HIV/AIDS?
i wanna find cures to diseases that are not treatable....

What is Infantitis? Is it contagious?
My cousin and her baby were over for the weekend and her baby had a whole body rash even inside her mouth. She told me that the doctors said its not contagious but to find out she went to the docs again and he said its INFANTITIS or something close to that. Help dont know what it is!!!

No, not by a long shot! 12:40 PM: InfantitisI watched a special on Discovery Health called "1000 things found in the human body". Very intersting, yet very scary. I am the type of person that should never watch Discovery Health because everything I see I swear I have. One thing in particular caught my attention, infantitis. This can happen to anyone, man or woman, which makes it even more freakish and scary. Apparently this rare condition is reported about 6 times a year all over the world. What happens is a child grows inside of the body, or at least parts of an infant. One man was reported to have a tumor, but upon inspection and operation it turned out to be parts of a maturing human! When the doctor reached into the mans abnormally sized tumor HE GRABBED A HAND! A FREAKIN HAND DUDE! Ecchhhhh. Unfortunately I was blessed with the knowledge of infantitis during a terrible bought of stomach fright, and I was sure I was one of the 6 cases of 2003. No worries though, it was just a bad turkey burger that took me out, but still, just the thought makes my skin leak (sweat). So the moral of the story? There isn't one, just don't freakin watch the Health channel if you are suffering from anything, at all! You'll have pink eye and think that your eyepiece is mutating into a slug or something, or at least I would. Current Mood: scaredComment on this--Wordinafire More »

tim D
Yes its contagious, and should run its course.

P. J.
You know, My niece went to the doctor with a rash today and was told the same diagnosis. Guess it is a new one on me. I thought I knew all of the diseases.lol She also has strep. Hope your cousin's baby feels better.

Hand-foot-mouth disease. Usually caused by a virus called coxsackievirus. HFMD is moderately contagious. Infection is spread from person to person by direct contact with nose and throat discharges or the stool of infected persons. A person is most contagious during the first week of the illness.

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