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 My sys mmHg is 164, my DIA mmHg is 106 and pul/min is 93?
hi, I am 18 yrs old boy...........
I checked it 4 times and that was the average
my heart is pounding right know
i don't if that's ok or not
Am I going to be alright?<...

 Is my blood pressure ok?
i have a cold right now but got it checked. im 21/f

systolic - 132
diastolic - 89
pulse - 71

is it ok?...

 Need to no if this a medical condition?
what does it mean when a parent says there 18yr old has a mentality level of a 14 yr old. isthis some kind of medical condition....

 Can Green Tea Cause Indigestion?
My mum has started to drink a cup of green tea each night (she has never drunk it before), but since then she has started to have really bad indigestion. Burping alot and a pain in her side, (she ...

 How fast does your heart have to beat for an heart attack?
im just ...

 What's wrong with me?
my heart beats really fast even when I just get up from off the couch. also if I breath wrong my heart skips a beat. I'm always out of breath, and I can't even walk up the stairs. what ...

 I had chest pains in middle school and now my heart's rhythm seems all off...?
9 days ago, my heart went super fast for about 30 seconds and I almost passed out. I hadn't done anything but walk for the past hour. 4 days ago, my heart did the same thing and I had been ...

 Kid with high blood pressure?!?
My little brother who's 9 has high blood pressure. The doctor told us he has to lower it but she didn't tell us how to do it. He exercises everyday. Anyways my question is how can he lower ...

 low blood pressure????? help?
110 over 66

114 over 71


109 over 76

took 3 readings in 10 min

i am 22 6 feet and 177 pounds

bad or good blood pressure?...

 why do people overestimate the risk of cancer and underestimate the risk of heart attacks?

 From what part of the body is blood being returned to the heart...?
...as it rushes through the pulmonary veins? Through the Vena Cava?...

 My blood pressure is 150/80 is this bad for my age?
I'm in the 11th grade and i'm 16 years old, i'm 5'10 and i weight about 195-200 lbs.

today, i donated platelets at my school and the nurse told me that my blood ...

 my heart beats at a accelerated rate at times for no reason?
also it feels like its hard to breathe and it very faintly hurts. please help 10 points to best ...

 Is it Hypertension(highblood)?
It all started last month.i started feeling dizzy.had often headache at the right side/back of my head.even the back of my neck hurts. there was a time everytime i move my face/cheek and my ears felt ...

 What does high blood pressure feel like?
I mean can you physically feel it?...

 in heart deseas plzzzz answer me plzzz help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 10 pts?
am about 36 years old and these days am sooo worried about someone and my heart beating is so0o0o fast its puming fast alot. am so scared is that normal plzz help i dont want to see a doctor but if ...

 Sometimes I smell and I have allergic reactions to milk?
I think i am allergic to milk because of some of the symptoms ive been having with it...and i cannot smell or taste very well recently my extended family and people at school have been saying i smell ...

 What are stages of a heart attack?
what are the symptoms of a moderate heart attack, severe heart attack, etc..

i'm concern on Heart Attack because I have Heart M...

 Whats this irregular stinging at my heart/near my heart?
Every once in a while, doesn't matter if i eat or not, I get these random occasional heart stings that last a couple or seconds to a few minutes that feel like something inside is jabbing at my ...

 Can you see blockage in a CT Scan?
Can a doctor tell if there is artery blockage by a CT scan of the chest?...

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open your heart for them?
let your heart tell you that your in love... Read More


Just had a anxiety attack help!!!!!!!?
OK, I have just had like a 1 minute anxiety attack, it feels like I am gonna have a heart attack. My chest tightened up, My heart is raising. while I was having the anxiety attack, I got dizzy, my hea... Read More


Major aims for therapy for mycardial ischemia includes which of the following?
impaired myocardial oxygenation

decreased myocardial oxygen demand

coronary artery vasoconstriction

decreased myocardial circulation... Read More


heartburn affect the digestive and cardiovascular systems?
... Read More


What happened to VideoURLS|Bypass Megavido Time Limit?
whenever I wanted to watch TV shows I missed, I always used VideoURLS because it didn't have the Megavideo Time Limit. Well now megavideo has changed it so I can't use it anymore. Does anyon... Read More


Leah & BIlly J
could this be angina?
ok im 23 and since i was about 18 ive been getting this chest pain. tightness feeling in my chest, almost feels like acid reflux, and it shoots into my back between my shoulder blades, and it shoots i... Read More


Cardiovascular disease?
Describe the variety of emotional and/or mental responses a person may experience after discovering they have cardiovascular disease?????

please HELP DUE TOMORROW... Read More


Is an umbilical hernia similar to a leaky gut syndrome?
I was diagnosed (its not hard to tell) with a herniated umbilical over a year ago. The doc said to just leave it alone if it is not bothering me too much. There is no pain involved but an almost const... Read More


ep study and ablation?
I am scheduled to have an ep study ablation tomorrow, but I am moving a week later and I am going to be moving heavy items. The doc said I can rescheduled or keep the apt. I am having trouble deciding... Read More


Anyone had the Bentall procedure?
Hi. My husband is 29 years old and was just diagnosed with Marfan's syndrome. Due to Marfan's he has a dilated aortic root (4.9 which is twice what it should be) and will be having the Ben... Read More


I'm wondering about heart pains or chest pains?
I'm 15. When I was 3 I had surgery to close a hole in my heart and I currently have a heart murmur and sports asthma. I've been expirencing tightness and sharp pains on the left side on my c... Read More


why heart does not get tired?
... Read More


How do i calm my heart beat down?
my heart is beating really fast for no reason even though i am only studying, how do i calm it down?

I know by a fact that my mom has heart problems but i dont know if thats what affecting me, i wa... Read More


Please help! Has anyone here ever had CHAGAS disease?
Please tell me if you took Nifurtimox or Benznidazole. Their severe side effects really worry me. Have you looked into natural remedies? I am very concerned about the effectiveness of treatment since ... Read More


I have been on cozarr for a week for high bp.While i feel better I still dont feel right?
Last night while bowling I got very hot Tonight I feel short of breath and have pain in my left shoulder collar bone and arm. When I exert myself I feel like my heart is racing and my pulse is up. I... Read More


I am doing atkins and doing 90 mins of cardio at the gym each day. Is it posible to gain weight by workin out?
I have been told that while in ketosis, if you do cardio every day, your muscles being to store water. I thought cardio helped you dropped weight... Read More


cholesterol level 4.6 UK measurement?
Fasting Test Cholesterol Level 4.6, Blood Sugar Level 4.9, UK measurement Age 65 - Good or Bad ??... Read More


Sound like Long QT Syndrome?
I have very frequent heart palpitations, girlfriend even felt it when cuddling with me (skipped/ abnormal heart beats), I am often dizzy, I've had episodes of syncope in earlier life, I get extre... Read More


Leaking Tricuspid valve question?
My Husband went to the Cardiologist after an abnormal EKG. The doctor told him he had a mild leaking tricuspid valve common in smokers. Didn't give him any medication and said it wasn't re... Read More


Isis is demonstrating in Cairo
How dangerous are Angioplasty operations?
... Read More


im 14 almost 15 why do i keep having this nervous feeling in my heart?
Idky I keep having this feeling like it will go away but then it will come back. I started getting this feeling when I started talkin to this girl or whatever. This feeling is like am I straight or bi... Read More


how to help anxiaty attacks?
... Read More


Anyone out there under 50 after heart bypass surgery?
I have a condition which has resulted in needing this procedure and, although my recovery has been great and life is opening up again, the only people I can find to talk about this are predominantly m... Read More


Chris T
Do cardiologist prescribe vicodin, or other pain medication like that?
I recently went to the doctor for severe chest pain and severe shortness of breathe. I told the doctor nothing helps, pain creams, OTC pain relievers, they don't help. So I mentioned how bad it h... Read More


My mom needs by pass surgery what is involved?
I am wondering what exactly is involved with a double (possibly triple) bypass surgery? What is the recovery period, restrictions, and more important what is involved with the actual surgery. My m... Read More


what is pre-infarction angina?
and what it leads to?... Read More


Dr. D
Why does cardiac overload occur sometimes postoperatively for a right pneumonectomy?
I couldn't find any details on why this would happen. I hate it when the books say things happen and don't give enough explanation. Thanks for any replies!... Read More


my heart beats rapidly and my hand and sometimes leg trembles whenever i am nervous is this normal?
... Read More


Normal blood pressure and pulse for a 16-year-old girl?
I'm 16, 5'5" and 102lbs. I quit smoking like 6 months ago and was never a heavy smoker. I don't do drugs, I don't take pills or special medication. My blood pressure would som... Read More


paige f
Will my dog live with Heart Failure?
The vet first said 2 months ago that he had inflammation in his mouth. So he gave us medicine but he still wasnt getting any better. Then the doctor says that his heart is to big and that fluid is in ... Read More

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