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 What are the dangers with medications that slow your heart rate?
With some medications they slow down your heartrate. Does this have any adverse effects or pose any dangers?...

 What could cause a person to have normal blood pressure in one arm and low blood pressure in the other?
So, Here's the deal. Been having spasms in my neck and back for a while, so I went to the doctor to have it looked at. They of course do my blood pressure, which is always around 120/70 give ...

 Am so freakin worried about my fiance's surgery tomorrow!?
My fiance is having surgery tomorrow.. He has some blockage in his heart. And they gonna do a triple by pass on him tomorrow morning at 530 am. Am so worried about this and i don't know what to ...

 My husband was told at some point he will need aortic valve replacement...?
My husband was recently diagnosed with severe aortic stenosis, he is 31. We are currently awaiting a test called the T.E.E which will show the doctor how severe his case is and how soon he will need ...

 Blood pressure increases when standing.?
laying down My b.p. is around 85/60 when i stand it raises almost immediately. My last reading was 181/116 upon standing. after sitting it dropped only slightly to 151/114 pulse was 129 ...

 i have aortic stenosis and will be have open heart done soon should i have a second opinion?
i was born with aortic stenosis. i have been waiting since i was born to have my open heart done.my mom wants me to get a second opinion for some reason. my regular doctor has sent me to see a ...

 Do heart patients have to sleep immediately after eating!?
I was told by my FIL that heart patients have to sleep after eating as there will be too much strain on heart after eating food.Is it true?...

 Anemia? Cause of low blood pressure?

 What are the pros and cons for Reveal Monitor implant (heart)?
my friend just had an heart attack and the doctors think he should put get a reveal monitor implant. So if anyone out there has a this or know anyone who had this can you please tell me about it and ...

 Is there a specific medical test to determine blockage in arteries?
Both my husband and myself have had parents who died from heart attacks at age 50. We are 47 and do take very good care of ourselves. I know about stress tests and other heart tests but is there a ...

 What do i have? please answer?
I been coughing for a month or two and yeah it comes and goes and its getting really annoying, sometimes i have shortness or breath and i cough ever ever 5 mins. I read online that coughing has to do ...

 weird feeling in neck?
it started today,

on the right side of my neck under my jaw like where the artery is i keep getting a weird feeling
like the blood is pumping too hard or something
it doesnt hurt ...

 what causes high blood pressure for teenagers?

 AED's and manual defibrillators?
What are the shock levels for an AED. On automatics, I know there are three levels...what are they (numerical).

Also, I know for manuals you can adjust the number of joules higher or lower....

 Electric shock through arm?
Hi! I keep getting this electric shock threw my arm. It starts in my shouldures and goes down to my pinky finger. its quick but feels like someone is tryint go stab me. its been happing quite ...

 how long does it take to know if you had a tia?
my daughter is 14 an had the syetoms of a tia an the dr said she might have had one but could not tell right now now she weak in her left side ..I was wondering how long will it take for them to tell ...

 Has anyone had a microwave endometrial ablation. I had one 3 weeks ago and I`m in terrible pain still?
I`m also bleeding more now than I was when I came out of hospital. I was given antibiotics 2 weeks ago and there is still no change. I`m suffering terrible cramps. I`m really wishing now I had never ...

 my wifes father died at a young age due to heart attack, her uncle did and her aunt has a messed up valve in?
her heart so my question is , is there a test that can check out her heart since this might be a hereditary medical issue....

 WHere to buy Niacin?Now?
I live in Bangalore,India.Where will I find Niacin pills(flush ones or otherwise)?
Any place you know of?
I am not interested in online buying....

 Is it possible for someone's pulse to be 147?
I took a home blood pressure test using a machine and it showed that my pulse was 147 is this possible is it accurate? my blood pressure is 136.76 but my secondary pulse showed 147 is this dangerous??...

What does "Borderline ECG" mean?
I have ECG's monthly and they have always been "Normal" or "Otherwise Normal" but today I got "Borderline" what does this mean and should I be concerned.

(I take them monthly as part of treatment for Anorexia, not for an actual heart condition)

ECG's shows wave patterns only. There is a normal range of patterns which an experienced doctor will be able to say whether normal or abnormal. But for a machine slight variation in pattern may be difficult to interpret. So if it cannot say for certain that it is normal or abnormal it will report as borderline ECG. Just have it read by a doctor and most probably it will be normal.

gangadharan nair
The ECG is interpreted as "Normal", or "Abnormal". Occasionally the term "borderline" is used if unsure about the significance of certain findings.

Borderline ECG doesn't mean anything - what else did the report say?

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