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 my heart hurts anyone know?
MY heart hurts really bad and idk why. I get tired easly and but this time it hurts reallly bad anyone know waht iit might be??...

 what is this pain in my heart?
i keep getting a stabbing pain in my heart either just under my left breast or to the right side of it. It comes and goes but when it does come the pain last for a few seconds and i have to breathe ...

 My heart is beating a little bit faster and it feels funny. Should I be worried?
Like you know that feeling you get in the middle of the night when you think your about to fall off your bed? Well I've had this feeling for a few days, nonstop. I'm fifteen, I've been ...

 Is a blood pressure of 60/36 dangerously low for a 19 year old?
I passed out in the school bathroom yesterday, and I went to the hospital. They didn't really tell me much about how dangerous my blood pressure was or if that was dangerous at all. I am 19 ...

 my heart was pounding for 30 minutes?
Last night i wasn't doing anything physical and i was lying down to go to sleep when my heart started pounding. I could feel my heart beating in my chest and kinda in my neck. (which weirded me ...

 Can I have a heart attack at 17?
I'm really scared right now and I can't sleep cause I'm afraid I won't wake up...I'm afraid I'm gonna have a heart attack...I eat pretty bad...like I eat at a fast food ...

 aortic valve stenosis severe amemia hemoglobin 9.1 ?
Is there a relationship?...

 is high blood pressure a cause for coronary heart disease?
if so how?...

 Can High Blood Pressure due to preeclampsia affect someone the rest of their life?

 Fast Heart Rate & Anxiety?
I can feel my heart pounding really fast.. its making me very anxious and giving me negative thoughts. Is there any way to make it stop? I took 2 aspirins,and drank some water, but now i know i wont ...

 How can I explain to my three year old daughter that she is going to have heart surgery?
She has Coarctation of the A...

 I just woke up and my heart is beating abnormally fast?
2 beats per second. ...

 heart /alcohol???
Lets say i had a miled heart attack from alcohol and i didnt know i just thought it was a little minor chest pain. does that mean that my heart is at risk of disease or is blood clog or is my heart ...

 I get tired easily and my heart beats fast?
I get tired easily and my heart beats around 100 beats at rest. I get tired very easily. I'm not out of shape. I excercise 5 times a week and i have always gotten tired easily. I get so tired ...

 My 75 year old grandmother is having open heart surgery, should I be worried?
I just found out today that my grandmother will be having an open heart surgery in about 2 weeks. She has a few blocked arteries and a faulty valve. She has had multiple surgeries in the past and ...

 Why do I feel like a failure?

 Worried sick about heart attack.?
I'm 6'5", 230lbs. I've had two EKGs, blood work and x-rays in the past month. All of which came back normal. Right now as I type I'm trying to keep myself from panicking. My ...

 what is the normal heart rate?
i test my pressure and it was 143/73 , my pulse was 135 is this normal for both the pulse and the ...

 Is blood pressure reading of 114/70 normal for a 57 year old male.?
My GP who took my blood presure said it is within acceptable range. But when I checked up on the Internet my reading seem to be below minimum figure for both systolic and diastolic range especially ...

 does drinking coffee cause heart disease?
homework help please!!!...

How could I get rid of heart burn?
Just like hOme mAde remides and sorry about the random caps letters,I'm using an iPod touch. The heart burn is killin me....

Frederic Jean
You need to change your diet. Eat a lot of healthy food like fruits/veggies/nuts. Avoid fatty foods and spicy food as well. Stop the sodas and drink plenty water.

To answer such questions, it's very helpful to know the cause - then you can understand how the solution works.

The stomach uses hydrochloric acid to process food. It also uses water.

But when you don't drink enough water, the acid can damage the inside of the stomach lining causing ulcers and perhaps even esophageal cancer in severe cases. The symptoms of an imbalance of hydrochloric acid and water is indigestion or heart burn.

This can be avoided completely by keeping the body properly hydrated.

Dissolve a pinch (1/8 tsp) of salt on the tongue and wash it down with 16 oz of water. Do this 30 minutes before eating. This gives the stomach a chance to absorb the water and then incorporate it with its mucus lining to act as a buffer against the hydrochloric acid at the proper time while the water works with the hydrochloric acid to process the food.

Repeat the salt/water about 2 - 2 1/2 hours after eating to complete the digestion process.

Doing this will prevent heart burn altogether.

Burnt toast. Works great. Burnt black and just eat a little. Sometimes I just use a little bit of bread and burn a corner of it with a match if I am not near a kitchen. Sounds crazy but it works.

maalox, rolaids, anti acids

Milk of magnesia

tod m
problems from diabetes. Avoid sugar and fatty food like cheeseburgers. diet.
get the a1c diabetes test.

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